The Watchman On The Wall

The Watchman On The Wall
Eph 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Verse 13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Pizzagate and Fake News Part 2

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Reader comment: 
I hope your readers can listen to this journalist who was fired by the Huffington Post because he was reporting that Hillary Clinton had poor health.  He started news reporting through youtube, and now he is undergoing scrutiny.  
Lord, we pray that independent journalism will grow in leaps and bounds, and not decline, and threats to these reporters by those in power will only fuel the fire of wanting to get out more news and more truth to the public. Please protect these journalists, many who are young, who are not Christians, but are revolted by the scandals going on in the White House.  Use this evil that they are witnessing as a means to draw them to You, and may they want to hear the good news of Jesus Christ, and know of His truth which sets us free.  Please use all that is happening in our country and in our world to bring people to Your Son, so what the enemy has meant for evil, You will use for good!  Cause Christians to pray like never before, and to realize that our redemption draws near!  Maranatha!  God bless you, Gwyne
P.S. I posted a comment telling this man to refrain from using a swear word the one time in this video, making him less professional. I wrote that I understand his frustration. I have left several posts witnessing to him about Jesus.  May the Lord save his soul!  I appreciate his zeal and care that he has concerning the scandal of pizzagate.   (8 minutes)……………G
The buzzword "fake news" has popped into the popular lexicon in recent weeks.

I have been using that term for years, though, when referring to the lame stream media.

While poll numbers show that about 9 out of 10 people don't trust the information they get from the  lame stream media, they likely still have no idea just how fake it all is.

Television programing is called programming for a reason. Most of the time  I can't even believe what I am seeing or hearing. It has gotten to the point with the cable channels and the networks that I can't stand to watch them. The average evening TV show is full of stupidity and absolute nonsense. The news constantly has people on who argue with each other. Hey, just have one guest on and let's listen to his her point of view. Nothing but division arises with guests of opposite points of view. Soros and his buddies want all this division and chaos
to undermine society in order to reap huge profits at our expense.

And, the US and every other Western media is no different.

It is literally top down propaganda and bears little to no resemblance of reality.  And, if there is any truth to it, it is so highly skewed to the local agenda that it really should be labelled as fiction.

Meanwhile, on the internet, millions of people worldwide have been easily debunking and exposing nearly all the lame stream propaganda.

And, for this reason, the US and European governments have taken a play out of Orwell's book and decided to label the real information as "fake"… and as governments often do, they're going to use violence (government law) to try to force it out of existence.
Censorship is a government affair and has been initiated most forcefully by the European Union and is being carried out by the world's largest social networks. These networks including, Google, Twitter, Microsoft and Facebook have announced plans to create a censorship database in 2017 to remove "extremist content," mostly at the request of the EU.

The idea is to damp down "hate speech" that makes readers uncomfortable and remove material that can encourage terrorism.

Of course there is no evidence that "hate speech" has negative effects if people choose not to expose themselves to the media that contains it. And the evidence shows that Western countries have done a lot to create the very "terrorism" that the European Union is now so worried about eradicating.

Western governments have been steadily losing control of communications and hope that by pressuring large internet-information companies to build databases to control communications, they can regain power they feel slipping away.

In the US, censorship is being advanced mostly by legislative efforts. The legislation is being justified by the rise of "fake news" supposedly being spread by Russia to influence Western political processes.

The European initiative is more widespread and generalized.  It is threatening US sites with immediate legal action if they don't generate meaningful and systematic removal of all "fake news" and "hate speech."

Over time, US legislative efforts and EU "non-legislative" ones will converge and censorship will involve both company-wide initiatives and legal ones.

According to Yahoo News, the combined, non-legislative database will be put in place early in 2017 and eventually will include companies other than the initial four. The companies will utilize 'hashes' – digital "fingerprints" assigned to videos or photos of extremist content.  These hashes will then alert other vendors to remove the content.

But, what is really going on, is that too much truth is getting out.

Truth about how every war the US has been involved in in the last century was based on a false flag attack or outright lies… the same lies the mainstream media parroted and continues to parrot.  Truth about who was really behind 9/11.  Truth about the global warming fraud. Truth about the satanic rituals and child molestation at the highest levels of government and the elites as is currently being exposed via Pizzagate.

In order to continue to stay informed, many of those who are enlightened enough to recognize the truth about popular social media platforms have sought out alternatives.

Why is CNN's Jake Tapper offended that General Flynn's son is interested in PizzaGate? So what? Millions of Americans are very interested in the disclosures and revelations surrounding PizzaGate, Jake. Why aren't you covering it as a journalist? Why are you instead attacking it? Is there something we don't know?

The establishment and lame stream media are attempting to shut down the PizzaGate Investigation with a false flag hoax shooting. Another failed actor, some Edgar Maddison Welch character decided to "Attack Comet Pizza."

Edgar Maddison Welch Comet Ping Pong Shooting HOAX EXPOSED! MUST SEE!

Pizzagate - the darkest cover-up in history.

If you thought PizzaGate had run its course, think again: Is the Washington Post just a phenomenally biased, poorly run newspaper, or is it some kind of ingenious meta-media troll? In a curious article published earlier, the Post has now put into the public record much of the correct details on the origins of PizzaGate, as they explained succinctly what PizzaGate actually is, and the basis for belief in its need to be further investigated by authorities.

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