The Watchman On The Wall

The Watchman On The Wall
Eph 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Verse 13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Antarctica Has A Huge Ice Shelf Split

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Capernaum, Israel Unveiled

Amir gives a brilliant presentation concerning the history of Capernaum.
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2016 Was The Worst Year EVER!!!!!!

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Clouds of War In The Middle East

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California Legalizes Child Prostitution

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Reader comment: Thank You Watchman, 
We Battle against the Falseness of the 'anti-Christ Rule' together 'and out of his mouth went out a sharp sword' of the Truth. 'That with it he should smite the heathen'. The battle against Satan, the 'Fallen Angle' the 'Master of Deceit'.

We each do our part, as we can. I am trying to destroy the False Bases of the different deceits that they use against use and doing it incrementally. They incrementally undermined us, because they could not have gotten away with doing it all at once. The same is true in reverse commonly. Like exposing the falseness and the blood of the Saint's and Martyrs on 'Sheep's Cloth' of the catholic faith. 

Happy New Year in Christ Brother!...........J

O'bomber's Legacy: War, Poverty, Division, Agitation, Islam, and Debt

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Reader comment: The waning days of the Obama Administration have revealed what has always been evident, had the fake news media not covered it up and Democrats had not supported it: Barack Obama is a Muslim, who was elected president on the basis of a fake birth certificate. Everything he has done in office is a fraud and should be thrown out immediately upon the assumption of power by Donald Trump.

While I have always believed this, it was not too much of an issue with me, since the real problem was and is the fact that the un-American Democrats elected him, the anti-American media covered up his real agenda and the globalist Republicans refused to make it an issue. It is not the fraud of Barack Obama that is the problem, it is that there are so many enemies within the populace that allowed it, encouraged it and continue to support it.

So, I have always engaged the real problem, not the symptom of Barack Obama. George Soros is more of a threat to internal peace than Barack Obama. Obama is largely a failure on any number of issues. He did not destroy the United States of America; he did not inspire the race war he so desperately sought; he did not subjugate the United States to the United Nations. All he has done is a lot of my work for me.

He has awoken the Millennials to the dangers of globalist policies. Yes, he has created a nation wherein Special Snowflakes abound, but that is fine, they have dropped their pretense and have shown themselves for the ugly, intolerant, bigoted, hypocrites and racists they are. Even if we have always known this, it is important that those moderate Republican voters now see the evil for what it is. The media is exposed. The schools and universities are exposed. The few that may have always known the truth have now been vindicated.

It will be much tougher for the "news" to effect opinion the way it has since the invention of the radio. Of course, official news organizations, having seen their demise, have lashed out and Obama has effectively "nationalized" the news. It is all a bit of a curiosity at this point, because big changes are coming and their inevitable self-destruction is already written.

Now, protecting the "nationalist" voice is still important. It is vital that we continue to hammer the fake news media for their irrational and hypocritical stances on the public stage; to humiliate them with their own failures. But, Trump will do a lot of the heavy lifting, because they are his natural and insistent enemy and while they continue to attack him, they will become more ridiculous every day.

Make no mistake, Barack Obama is not done with the U.S. It is my opinion that he will try and create an opposing force of militant Islamists, ex-convicts and special snowflakes to disrupt and cause chaos in society, but most of us are far from the battles to be waged in inner cities. The Community Organizer in Chief (COiC) will fail as he has at everything he has tried. He would need to "build" an organization and he is incapable of building or creating anything of substance. Of course, before this becomes apparent, he will do irreparable damage to his own cause, just as he effectively destroyed the Democrat Party. In the end, of course, he will blame all of his failures on his followers, or Russia.

We have much more to fear from our Republican Senators and House of Representatives, who will fight to maintain the globalist vision in the government against the efforts of Donald Trump. I am still not sold on Donald Trump, but, by his cabinet selections, it seems that he is striving to do away with a number of bureaucracies that have long-vexed the American public. By selecting Rick Perry for Secretary of Energy, he is signaling a likely elimination of the Department of Energy since Rick Perry, during his 2012 bid for President proposed eliminating the Department of Energy as a campaign promise. By selecting Scott Pruitt, he chose someone who, as the Oklahoma Attorney General, sued the EPA several times, challenging its authority. Pruitt might be in a position to eliminate the EPA all together. By selecting Betsy DeVos to head the Department of Education, he chose someone who is a strong believer in school choice and has fought against the Department of Education to implement her agenda. She would be in a position to eliminate the Department of Education, or gut it from within.

Granted, there is no election that solves problems, but this one, the election of Donald Trump, might just facilitate some breathing room and momentum to bring the federal bureaucracy under control. If it can be shown that his few activities work and create a better environment for people to have a greater say in their own lives, it might spark a reversal in the minds of people that many things the government does is not necessary and in fact is a great hindrance to them. I had never hoped to see that in my lifetime, at least not on this side of civil war. Whatever gains we might achieve, before we are drenched in blood and divorced from our own sense of humanity, are true gains.

Now, if any of this can be accomplished before the next economic meltdown is anyone's guess......................P


only 20 1/2 days till the end of the Muslim regime!

Russian Foreign and Defense Minister Brief Putin On Syria

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Patriots and friends, 

I have never seen anything close to this with our government communicating with the citizenry.....we need a lot less secrecy in our U.S. government and more openess like this so people hear first hand what is going on.

Obama's Transgender Mandates


In December 2016, National Geographic announced their January edition would feature a nine year old boy who wants to be perceived as a girl. The magazine’s editor wrote, "She has lived as an openly transgender girl since age 5, and she captured the complexity of the conversation around gender. Today, we're not only talking about gender roles for boys and girls—we're talking about our evolving understanding of people on the gender spectrum."
Advocates for sexual deviancy have quickly moved from using adults to promote their agenda to exploiting children as the face of their cause.
Susan Goldberg, the National Geographic editor, should be ashamed of herself for using a young child in such an abusive manner. The overwhelming majority of doctors and psychiatrists label what this child is going through as "gender dysphoria" and National Geographic is lauding it as "beautiful."
Studies show that roughly 40% of those who identify as transgender end up attempting suicide. Is this a lifestyle that should be lauded?
From the beginning of mankind there have been two sexes: male and female. Genesis 1:27 says, "So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him, male and female he created them."

National Geographic is the latest lame stream media company to abandon what it does best to foist a lifestyle in the American public that the medical community identifies as unhealthy. Imagine the pain and psychological trauma gender dysphoria causes children and adults. Rather than abandoning geography to shame Americans into embracing such a lifestyle, we should be helping individuals who struggle with this disorder. That is, helping confused individuals accept their wonderfully crafted and God-given biology
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A Texas court is expected to make a decision before New Year’s Day on one of President Obama’s newest transgender mandates, which would require doctors to provide transgender treatment for kids who desire it.
That treatment would be required under Obama’s federal rule even if the physician is convinced it would harm the child.
The case was brought by the Becket Fund on behalf of the Christian Medical & Dental Associations, the Franciscan Alliance and the states of Texas, Kansas, Kentucky, Nebraska and Wisconsin.
Another case on the issue also has been filed on behalf of the Religious Sisters of Mercy, Sacred Heart Mercy Health Care Center in Jackson, Minnesota; Sacred Heart Mercy Health Care Center in Alma, Mississippi; SMP Health System; the University of Mary; and North Dakota.
The Becket Fund said Tuesday that one case had been heard in a Texas court by U.S. District Judge Reed O’Connor in Wichita Falls about how the Obama plan will impose treatment requirements on doctors “even if the doctor’s best medical judgment is that treatment could harm the child.”
“We made the argument that it’s incredibly improper for the government to invade the important doctor-patient relationship, and it shouldn’t be mandating doctors to perform procedures against their best medical judgement,” said Mark Rienzi, senior counsel at Becket Law. “Personal medical decisions about the welfare of a child should be free from political agendas and interference by bureaucrats.”
The organization explained that the new rule is to apply to more than 900,000 physicians – nearly every doctor in the U.S.
And it would cost health-care providers nearly $1 billion – even though government experts say its own Medicare and Medicaid programs will not cover in even for adults because they believe “clinical literature is ‘inconclusive’ on whether gender reassignment surgery improves health outcomes for Medicare beneficiaries with gender dysphoria.”
Some studies, in fact, warn of harm, the organization reported.
“Yet any doctor relying on the same research or their own medical judgment would be in violation of the new regulation and face potential lawsuits or job loss,” Becket said.
The organization cites a transgender information website that reports “up to 94 percent of children with gender dysphoria (77 to 94 percent in one set of studies and 73 to 88 percent in another) will grow out of their dysphoria naturally and live healthy lives without the need for surgery or lifelong hormone regimens.”
“We’re optimistic that the court will remind the government it simply has no authority to pass this type of law and that it has no business telling licensed medical professionals what procedures are in the best interests of their patients, let alone a child,” said Rienzi.
In November a separate lawsuit had been filed on behalf of North Dakota and additional plaintiffs.
That complaint alleges the demand is invalid under the Administrative Procedures Act, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act and the U.S. Constitution’s First, Fifth and 14th Amendments. It seeks a permanent injunction against the regulation as well as damages and costs.
Becket argued the governmentdoes not require Medicare and Medicaid to cover these same procedures, because Health & Human Services (HHS) own medical experts found the risks were often too high and benefits too unclear.”
“Yet any private doctor who made the same decision about the risks would be in violation of the new mandate and face potential lawsuits or job loss.
The Obama move came after the administration simply changed the historical meaning of the word “sex.”
“For decades, across multiple federal statutes, Congress has consistently used the term ‘sex’ to refer to an individual’s status as male or female, as determined by a person’s biological sex at birth. But in the regulation, HHS redefines ‘sex’ to include ‘an individual’s internal sense of gender, which may be male, female, neither, or a combination of male and female, and which may be different from an individual’s sex assigned at birth.'”
The Obama administration has done this, “despite the fact that Congress has repeatedly rejected similar attempts to redefine ‘sex’ through legislation.”
Federal courts also have rejected such efforts, the complaint note

Friday, December 30, 2016

CNN Spreads More Fake News Concerning Russia

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Happy New Year From The Watchman

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The Jubilee Year

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The War on Cash is all about control, especially central bank's control and it's just one aspect of Jubilee Year developments. Others have yet to be fully realized though we certainly got a foretaste in 2016.
Both Brexit and Trump, as of this writing, are still opposed institutionally and by the globalists in their respective countries. A cross-section of British politicians and academic and industrial leaders oppose Brexit and as a result, Brexit has moved very slowly into law. Britain is still part of the EU for now.
In the US, Trump has won the general election but was confronted after-the-fact, first by challenges to the election itself in various states and a campaign to remove Electoral College delegates from his majority. Now, O’bomber is trying to thwart Trump at every turn. Thank God we only have 21 1/2 more days of the “Great Leader” left. I am sure O’bomber has more machinations up his sleeve. It is becoming quite clear that the Muslim “Great Divider” doesn’t want to give up his perch that he thinks he so richly deserves.

Trump's tenure is bound to be a rocky and even catastrophic one given the forces arrayed against him.
Trump has made a point of opposing many internationalist solutions and as a result, once the challenges to his election subside, he will be held up as an agent of "populism" – and thus racism and protectionism. As such, he and his administration and ultimately the government he leads will be attacked by the globalist, New World Order forces he  opposes.
Some people believe that much of Trump's positioning is rhetorical and this seems to be proven by recent globalist administration picks. He's chosen such men as Rex Tillerson, Rick Perry and Ryan Zinke for his cabinet.
The Jubilee Year is ultimately a time of building. A variety of elements were created that when triggered will make what is already a considerable catastrophe even worse.

Tensions between the US and China will rise, the European Union will subside under a variety of crises and the Middle East will become even more unstable, warlike and chaotic. Will Donald Trump, will provide justifications for creating further wars and economic difficulties? The idea will be that populism is the wrong directionand that wise globalist leaders are needed after all.
Economic issues provide some of the most worrisome near-term trends.
US government debt continues to skyrocket out of control and is currently at $19.8 trillion. It was "only" at $19 trillion in February of this year. And was "only" at $10.6 trillion the first day Barack O'Bomber entered the oval orifice.
This is completely unsustainable and once that bubble pops everything will come down with it.
Generally speaking, 2016 was a year that started badly with a series of market crashes that boosted gold considerably before the Jubilee year itself began to further build out the individual imbalances.
2017 will begin to realize the results of some of these imbalances as the market strains to return to lower and more normal numbers. If the market doesn't realize these numbers fully and catastrophically in 2017, then 2018 will make the reckoning even worse.
It is possible, nonetheless, that the economic and military trends that have been set in play via Shemitah and Jubilee will sustain themselves a while longer before total collapse. But eventually war, economic disaster and sociopolitical chaos will be let loose on the world in a biblical apocalypse. These are trends seeded by Jubilee 2016

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