The Watchman On The Wall

The Watchman On The Wall
Eph 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Verse 13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Veteran's Day Special Guest Lisa MacVittie

Lisa MacVittie - an American hero and patriot

One of my guests this year for my Veteran's day broadcast will be Mrs. Lisa MacVittie, pictured above. Mrs. MacVittie is a truly a remarkable woman. She was seven years old when her Jewish family fled from the Nazis and walked from Nazi Germany to Switzerland. They then walked through the Brenner Pass into Italy and fled Fascist Italy through the port of Naples, Italy. Since almost no nation on the face of the earth was taking in Jews,  her family sailed to Shanghai, China where her family was once again confronted by a new the Nazi threat.  

From 1937 to 1945 the Imperial Japanese Army brutally occupied China. Germany and Japan were partners in the evil Axis alliance. The Nazis pressured the Japanese to hand over the Jews in China, specifically in Shanghai. The Japanese and the Germans made an agreement whereby Jews who arrived in China after 1937 were thrown into concentration camps run by the cold blooded Japanese. 

Lisa and her family languished in China until 1949 when they were finally able to come to U.S. 

Lisa then became a nurse in the U.S. Army. Mrs. MacVittie is a true patriot and a remarkable woman. I told her the hand of God is upon her and she totally agreed. 

Mrs. MacVittie's interview will be posted on YouTube around 11 November in honor of Veteran's day. You will be able to watch that interview by going to the link below.

The Watchman on the Wall

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Who Is The Mystery Nation In Isaiah 18?

Isaiah describes an UNNAMED PEOPLE or NATION in Isaiah 18. Chapter 18 is almost like a riddle, designed to help us discover who that nation might be:

“Go, swift messengers, to a people tall and smooth-skinned, to a people feared far and wide, an aggressive nation of strange speech, whose land is divided by rivers” (Isaiah 18:2 NIV)
or . . . let us consider the NKJV:

“Go, swift messengers, to a nation tall and smooth of skin, to a people terrible from their beginning onward, a nation powerful and treading down, whose land the rivers divide.”

Here we discover that Cush is prepared to settle, as one of the members of the Southern Confederated nations aligned with Gog, directly with this mystery nation. Cush will sign some form of peace treaty with mystery nation.

The Masoretic Text gives even a more detailed analysis of this mystery nation/people; to wit:

“. . . a nation led along according to someone else’s will, smooth (or hairless), a people feared from himself and beyond, a nation that stretched measuring lines and subjugated, whose land the rivers plundered.” (Isaiah 18:2) (Hebrew Masoretic Text accessed via: Bushell, Michael S., Bible Works for Windows. Big Fork, Montana: Hermeneutica Software, 1996.) 
Thusly, this unnamed, mystery nation is known and described as follows:

1.    A nation whose will has been usurped.

This strange and unusual description goes beyond normal bounds of human description.  First, they are a nation . . . clearly a nation that has caused Cush to be concerned for its own sovereignty.

She is a nation, who by the time of this description, has lost her freedoms and are somehow “led along according to someone else’s will” –we affirm that “will” to be none other than that of Antichrist; to wit:

23When these rulers have become as evil as possible, their power will end, and then a king who is dangerous and cannot be trusted will appear.  24He will gain strength, but not on his own, and he will cause terrible destruction. He will wipe out powerful leaders and God's people as well.” (Daniel 8:23-24)

The sheer force of his will will lead many astray: “Through his cunning he shall cause deceit to prosper under his rule; and he shall exalt himself in his heart. He shall destroy many in their prosperity.  He shall even rise against the Prince of princes” (Daniel 8:25a).

How readily are we reminded of the WILFUL ONE found in Isaiah 14:12-14:
2.    A “smooth-skinned” (or clean shaven) people. 
This phrase/word “smooth-skinned” is derived from the Hebrew word “morat” and connotes “smooth” or “hairless.”  Therefore, we can conclude that they have purposefully removed their facial hair and/or body hair.  The history of a people who has done this is most fascinating.  The art of barbering dates way back; however, in the modern era, it is the USA that laid claim to the earth’s first schools of Barbering (1893) and to this day prides itself as a nation of the clean shaven!  How odd to describe this mystery nation as CLEAN SHAVEN!  Of course, this custom is highly prized by the US military and is, almost across the board, REQUIRED BY THE MILITARY.

3.    The third “clue” as to this nation’s identity lies in the phrase:  “feared from himself and beyond.” 

Although it appears from the Hebrew that this nation’s people could be “afraid of its own government,” it is far more likely that she is a nation feared throughout the world and obviously, therefore, she is a WORLD POWER of the foremost order!  No doubt, those “within her” are fearful, on the one hand, but on the other hand, everyone “outside her” is also full of terror at this nation’s leadership and people.

These verses of Antichrist’s power come to mind:

“A king shall arise, having fierce features . . . he (i.e., Antichrist) shall destroy fearfully . . . so they worshiped the dragon who gave authority to the beast; and they worshiped the beast, saying, ‘Who is like the beast?   Who is able to make war with him? (Daniel 8:23, 24; Revelation 13:4).

4.    “A nation that stretched measuring lines and subjugated”

Rarely has there ever in the history of humankind been an emerging nation state who measured its conquered lands and then, subjugated its native peoples like that of this nation!  In point of fact, the very art of surveying on a massive scale was literally founded by this nation!  And, what of its subjugated peoples . . . the tragic history is unparalleled in the annals of human history!

5.    “Whose land the rivers have plundered”

This phrase comes from the Hebrew word “bazu” and is singularly found only in this passage of the Bible.  However, the word is similar to that of its noun form:  “baz” (to “loot” or “plunder”).  Therefore, the verb “bazu” means “looted” or “plundered.”  Apparently, this land which is divided by rivers is literally FLOODED by these same rivers and that flooding is extensive!

The legendary dividing of the USA by its formidable rivers is known throughout the world.  Furthermore, the incessant flooding of those same streams is without precedence; especially, because of the many cities which line their banks and are exposed to the ravages of their floods!


It is the accumulation of evidence that convinces some scholars that Isaiah’s description of this end-times’ nation and people, can be none other than these United States of America.  Isaiah did not purposefully name it!  Why?  Because it wasn’t even in existence or thought of at the time of Isaiah’s writings—so its peculiar and convincing description is given.

One nation, and one nation alone, can command the fear of all the other nations of the globe!  This people’s will is being usurped as we speak.  Blindly do they follow their leadership until all will is subservient to their commander.  They are a militant people whose clean-shaven character fits their military motif.  They are today’s SOLE SUPER POWER.  Their land was surveyed and their native populations were subjugated.  Indeed, their rivers may have wrought massive flooding but by dent of their imaginative will have they overcome their adversities.

Listen now, listen and see who is this nation:

“All inhabitants of the world and dwellers on the earth:  When HE (this nation) lifts up a banner on the mountains, you see it; and when HE blows a trumpet you hear it” (Isaiah 18:3).

Now, do you see and hear who HE is? 

The transition in Isaiah 17 is now completed.  Damascus is destroyed.  Gog and Magog gather together against “him” at the close of Isaiah 17.  But this fearful and terrible nation, and its awesome and fearsome leader, shall defeat mighty Gog and his allies, Magog. 

And, how shall HE defeat his foes who have mounted such a massive assault against HIM?  Daniel 11:40-45 spells out his tactics and strategies.  At this stage, Israel’s foes are vanquished AND In that time a present will be brought to the Lord of hosts from a people tall and smooth of skin, and from a people terrible from their beginning onward, a nation powerful and treading down, whose land the rivers divide—to the place of the name of the Lord of hosts, to Mount Zion”(Isaiah 18:7).

This finale, this conclusion of Isaiah 17 through 18 is beyond comprehension . . . or is it?  Imbedded within these mysterious and strange descriptions is a final depiction which amplifies the Almighty’s sovereignty over all things earthly and heavenly.  Could we be witnessing the Lord’s USE OF HIS FOE FOR HIS OWN ENDS?  Absolutely!

This “nation powerful and treading down,” this one “which shall be different from all other kingdoms, and shall devour the whole earthtreading it down and breaking it in pieces” (Daniel 7:23) shall yet be used by the Almighty for His Own designs!

The one who treads down shall one day face the following:

“But the court shall be seated, and they shall take away his dominion, to consume and destroy it forever.  The kingdom and dominion, and the greatness of the kingdoms under the whole heaven, shall be given to the people, the saints of the Most High.  His kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and all dominions shall serve and obey Him” (Daniel 7:26-27).

There is reason and evidence to affirm that the PRESENT given by this “treading down nation” shall be given to Israel and that it would be connected to the rebuilding of their THIRD TEMPLE.  The “sequence” of events followed in Ezekiel indicate that this very well could be the case—for immediately concluding the demise of Gog-Magog is the elaborate account of the building of the Temple found in Ezekiel Chapters 40 through 43. 

Yes, some have concluded, due to its unusual measurements, that it must be that of the Millennial Temple; however, there is nothing in the Scripture which would negate the “possibility” that the description borne in Ezekiel is not the PRESENT given by this mystery nation; and yet, is not this dreadful one who allows such rebuilding the same one who BREAKS THE AGREEMENT with Israel in the midst of the 70th Week of Daniel?  Indeed, he is “prince who is to come” (Daniel 9:27).

(1)              The USA may be the “Mystery Nation” spoken of in Isaiah 17 and 18 and is the Babylon, “King of Babylon” of the Revelation, as well as Daniel, Isaiah and Jeremiah. 
(2)              “The prince who is to come” in Daniel 9:27 is the prophesied Antichrist who leads the “Mystery Nation” of Isaiah 17 and 18 and the one who will “pre-position” his forces near the “Beautiful Land” (i.e., Israel) and that most likely, ancient Babylon (Iraq) is the immediate fulfillment of that prophetical phenomenon.

Belo is the latest video of Comet Ison, it is between Mars and our Sun. If Ison survives its close encounter with the Sun we should see it at Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

End Time News and Gospel Message 30 October 2013

We, the American people have begun the countdown to our next Shemitah! We have 684 days, let me repeat 684 days to our next Shemitah on 9-13-15, the 29th of Elul 5775 on the Hebrew calendar. Friends prepare yourself. Time is running short. Let me remind you, America faced its first harbinger on 9-11-01 with the attacks on the WTC and the Pentagon. Our second harbinger occurred on 2008 with the financial meltdown. Harbingers occur every 7 years if a people or nation refuses to repent. To date we have refused to repent before our God. In fact, Tom Daschle and John Edwards and Obama all defied God and said the people of the U.S. would build bigger, better and stronger. This caused Daschle’s and Edwards downfall. Obama awaits his Shemitah. Look carefully at the date September 13, thirteen, of course, is Satan's number. Let me say it again, we a little less than 2 years to repent.

Rabbi Cahn, who wrote the book above, says our next Shemitah will be financial in nature. Obama is facing his personal shemitah, if he does not repent God will cause his downfall. I do not know how or when that downfall will take place but it will happen. If you wish to read more about harbingers and the Shemitah See Watchman Report 13-109 concerning Blood Moons, tetrads and solar eclipses.

Friends, there are 168 days until the blood moons and solar eclipses begin on 15 April 2014/15 Nisan 5774!

On Passover 2014 the first of a series of mysterious astronomical events will occur that will have Christians looking up at the night skies. 

Pastor Mark Biltz made an amazing discovery in 2008. Biltz had been studying prophecies that focus on the sun and moon.  These prophecies are God’s signal to his Chosen people and Christians, like 'one if by land, two if by sea.' "The Hebrew word implies it's a signal for coming or His appearing." Indeed, Pastor Biltz is correct these signals are divine appointments.

In the book of Genesis chapter 1 verse 14 God states the lights in the sky would be "be for signs, and for seasons." 

Over the last 500 years, blood-red moons have fallen on the first day of Passover three separate times. These occurrences were connected to some of the most significant days in Jewish history: In 1492-1493, the final year of the Spanish Inquisition Jews were expelled from Spain; 

Every heavenly body is controlled by the unseen hand of God, which signals coming events to humanity. There are cosmic accidents in God’s universe.

Blood Moon over Antonia's Fortress in Jeruslaem
Friends, take heed and prayfully prepare because the next series of four blood moons occurs at Passover and Sukkot in 2014 and 2015.

In the Old Testament, the prophet Joel chapter 2 verse 31 states, "The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and the terrible day of the LORD come." 

In the New Testament, Jesus is quoted as saying, "Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light. ... And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory." (Matthew 24:29-30) 

Acts 2 states: "And I will show wonders in the heavens and in the earth, blood and fire and pillars of smoke. The sun shall be turned into darkness and the moon into blood before the great and terrible day of the Lord comes." 

"God wants us to look at the biblical calendar, the reason we need to be watching is because God will signal His 
appearance. But we have to know what to be watching as well” said Pastor Biltz. Friends, we need to be watching the Jewish feasts and their correlation to blood moons and solar eclipses. 
Blood moons occur during lunar eclipses. 

In 2014 two eclipses occur one on Passover and the high holy day of Rosh Hashanah, the first day of the seventh Hebrew month. Two more take place in 2015, also on Jewish feast days. Friends, this is not hocus pocus, these blood moons and solar eclipse are based on NASA projections and recorded celestial history.

Friends, now is the time to accept Yeshua Hamashiach/Jesus Christ as your Lord, Messiah and Savior. Every heavenly body is controlled by the unseen hand of God. Get ready for a roller coaster ride beginning in 2014 because Israel’s and your redemption is drawing nigh.

Recently Ohio, Rep. Ron Hood proposed our “Ohio Ultrasound Access Act” (H.R.200). I say God bless Ron Hood.

The legislation would make it law that abortionists perform an ultrasound before every abortion and then present the ultrasound to the mother so she can see and hear her unborn child. 

Our “Ultrasound Access Act” will make a huge difference. 

In other states, like Texas and Virginia where NPLA members helped pass similar ultrasound laws, there have been significant drops in the abortion rate. 

But don’t be confused by the whirlwind of misinformation put out by the abortion industry. Here are some of the real facts about ultrasound laws: 

***  Studies show that up to 90% of mothers who are shown an ultrasound of their unborn child reject abortion and choose life.
***  Currently, abortionists in Ohio are required to show the mother her ultrasound IF they choose to do one -- so many abortionists typically won’t do an ultrasound at all to avoid this illuminating step.
***  In our bill a mandatory 48-hour waiting period after the ultrasound allows the mother to avoid the pressure of making an instant decision in front of the abortionist -- and to hear alternatives to abortion.
***  The “Ultrasound Access Act” also mandates that if the abortionist won’t perform the ultrasound testing he’ll provide the mother with a list of local facilities which will perform the test without cost.

As we work to pass this bill in Ohio, the really exciting thing is that other states are closely watching our “Ultrasound Access Act” work its way through the Ohio system with an eye to passing their own laws next year. 

So step by step pro-lifers are steadily gaining ground and saving the unborn. 

Pray more, work harder, stay informed. 

It’s working and it’s scaring the heck out of the pro-aborts. 


·         In 2008, approximately 1.21 million abortions took place in the U.S., down from an estimated 1.29 million in 2002, 1.31 million in 2000 and 1.36 million in 1996. From 1973 through 2008, nearly 50 million legal abortions have occurred in the U.S. (AGI).
·         Based on available state-level data, an estimated 1.16 million abortions were performed in 2009, 1.13 million were performed in 2010, and 1.06 million in 2011. 
·         In 2009, the highest number of reported abortions occurred in New York (119,996), Florida (81,918) and Texas (77,630); the fewest occurred in Wyoming (≤20), South Dakota (769) and North Dakota (1,290) (CDC).
·         The 2009 abortion ratios by state ranged from a low of 57 abortions per 1,000 live births in Mississippi (Wyoming had too few abortions for reliable tabulation) to a high of 713 abortions per 1,000 live births in NYC (CDC).
·         The annual number of legal induced abortions in the United States doubled between 1973 and 1979, and peaked in 1990. There was a slow but steady decline through the 1990's. Overall, the number of annual abortions decreased by 6% between 2000 and 2009, with temporary spikes in 2002 and 2006 (CDC).
·         The US abortion rate is similar to those of Australia, New Zealand, and Sweden but higher than those of other Western European countries (NAF).
·         In 1998, the last year for which estimates were made, more than 23% of legal induced abortions were performed in California (CDC).
·         In 2005, the abortion rate in the United States was higher than recent rates reported for Canada and Western European countries and lower than rates reported for China, Cuba, the majority of Eastern European countries, and certain Newly Independent States of the former Soviet Union (CDC).
·         Nearly half of pregnancies among American women are unintended; about 4 in 10 of these are terminated by abortion. Twenty-two percent of all U.S. pregnancies end in abortion. (AGI).


·         In 2009, 85% of all abortions were performed on unmarried women (CDC).
·         Women living with a partner to whom they are not married account for 25% of abortions but only about 10% of women in the population (NAF).
·         In 2009, 55.3% of abortions were performed on women who had not aborted in the past; 36.6% were performed on women with one or two prior abortions, and 8.1% were performed on women with three or more prior abortions (CDC).
·         Among women who obtained abortions in 2009, 40.2% had no prior live births; 46.3% had one or two prior live births, and 13.6% had three or more prior live births (CDC).
·         Women between the ages of 20-24 obtained 33% of all abortions in 2009; women between 25-29 obtained 24% (CDC).
·         In 2009, women aged 20-29 years had the highest abortion rates (27.4 abortions per 1,000 women aged 20-24 years and 20.4 abortions per 1,000 women aged 25-29 years) (CDC).
·         50% of U.S. women obtaining abortions are younger than 25; women aged 20-24 obtain 33% of all U.S. abortions and teenagers obtain 17% (AGI).
·         In 2009, adolescents under 15 years obtained .05% of all abortions, but had the highest abortion ratio, 785 abortions for every 1,000 live births (CDC).
·         Black women are more than 4.8 times more likely than non-Hispanic white women to have an abortion, and Hispanic women are 2.7 times as likely (AGI).
·         The abortion rate of non-metropolitan women is about half that of women who live in metropolitan counties (NAF).
·         The abortion rate of women with Medicaid coverage is three times as high as that of other women (NAF).
·         37% of women obtaining abortions identify themselves as Protestant, and 28% identify themselves as Catholic (AGI).
·         At current rates, nearly one-third of American women will have an abortion (AGI).


·         On average, women give at least 3 reasons for choosing abortion: 3/4 say that having a baby would interfere with work, school or other responsibilities; about 3/4 say they cannot afford a child; and 1/2 say they do not want to be a single parent or are having problems with their husband or partner (AGI).
·         Only 12% of women included a physical problem with their health among reasons for having an abortion (NAF).
·         One per cent (of aborting women) reported that they were the survivors of rape (NAF).


·         88-92% of all abortions happen during the first trimester, prior to the 13th week of gestation (AGI/CDC).
·         In 2009, 7% of all abortions were performed at 14-20 weeks' gestation; 1.3% were performed at ≥21 weeks' gestation (CDC).
·         Percentage of 2009 Reported Abortions by Weeks of Gestation* (CDC):
≤6 wks
7 wks
8 wks
9 wks
10 wks
11 wks
12 wks
13 wks
14-15 wks
16-17 wks
18-20 wks
≥21 wks
·         *Gestational weeks are measured from the first day of the woman's last menstruation and not from the day of conception. Though it does not provide an accurate fetal age (which is roughly 2 weeks less than the gestational age), it is the simplest way for an OB/GYN to age a pregnancy since the day of conception is often not known. Hence, if an abortion occurs at 8 weeks gestation, it is actually aborting a 6 week embryo. The images on our Prenatal Development and Abortion Pictures pages are more precisely captioned with fetal ages in accordance with standard teaching texts on prenatal development.


·         In 2009, 82.3% of abortions were performed by curettage (which includes dilatation and evacuation). Most curettage abortions are suction procedures (CDC).
·         Medical abortions made up approximately 17.4% of all abortions reported (CDC).
·         Ninety-six per cent of the more than 140,000 second-trimester abortions performed annually in the USA are accomplished by the technique of dilation and evacuation (D&E) (NAF).


·         The number of abortion providers declined by 11% between 1996 and 2000 (from 2,042 to 1,819). It declined another 2% between 2000 and 2005 (from 1,819 to 1,787) It has remained stable between 2005 and 2008 (1,787 to 1,793). (AGI).
·         Forty-two percent of providers offer very early abortions (during the first four weeks’ gestation) and 95% offer abortion at eight weeks. Sixty-four percent of providers offer at least some second-trimester abortion services (13 weeks or later), and 20% offer abortion after 20 weeks. Eleven percent of all abortion providers offer abortions past 24 weeks (AGI).
·         Most abortions in the USA are provided in freestanding clinics; in 2005, only 5% occurred in hospitals, down from 22% in 1980, and only 2% took place in physician's offices (NAF).


·         In 2008, 12 women died as a result of complications from known legal induced abortion (CDC).
·         The number of deaths attributable to legal induced abortion was highest before the 1980s (CDC).
·         In 1972 (the year before abortion was federally legalized), a total of 24 women died from causes known to be associated with legal abortions, and 39 died as a result of known illegal abortions (CDC).


·         In 2009, the average cost of a nonhospital abortion with local anesthesia at 10 weeks of gestation was $451 (AGI).


·         In 2005, 57% of abortion providers, or 1,026 facilities, provided one or more types of medical abortions, a 70% increase from the first half of 2001. At least 10% of nonhospital abortion providers offer only medication abortion services (AGI).
·         In 2005, an estimated 161,100 early medication abortions were performed in nonhospital facilities (AGI).
·         Medication abortion accounted for 17% of all abortions in 2008 (AGI).


·         Induced abortions usually result from unintended pregnancies, which often occur despite the use of contraception (CDC).
·         54% of women having abortions used a contraceptive method during the month they became pregnant. Among those women, 76% of pill users and 49% of condom users reported using the methods inconsistently, while 13% of pill users and 14% of condom users reported correct use (AGI).
·         8% of women having abortions have never used a method of birth control (AGI).
·         9 in 10 women at risk of unintended pregnancy are using a contraceptive method (AGI).
·         Oral contraceptives, the most widely used reversible method of contraception, carry failure rates of 6 to 8% in actual practice (NAF).
·         Condom use confers protection against STIs, but it does not provide top-tier protection from pregnancy because of breakage, slippage, inconsistent use, and low continuation rates (NAF).


·         40% of minors having an abortion report that neither of their parents knew about the abortion (AGI).
·         35 states currently enforce parental consent or notification laws for minors seeking an abortion: AL, AR, AZ, CO, DE, FL, GA, IA, ID, IN, KS, KY, LA, MA, MD, MI , MN, MO, MS, NC, ND, NE, OH, OK, PA, RI,SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VA, WI, WV, and WY. The Supreme Court ruled that minors must have the alternative of seeking a court order authorizing the procedure (AGI). 


·         The U.S. Congress has barred the use of federal Medicaid funds to pay for abortions, except when the woman's life would be endangered by a full-term pregnancy or in cases of rape or incest (AGI).
17 states (AK, AZ, CA, CT, HI, IL, MA, MD, MN, MT, NJ, NM, NY, OR, VT, WA and WV) do use public funds to pay for abortions for some poor women. About 14% of all abortions in the United States are paid for with public funds (virtually all from the state) (AGI).

Sheriff Nick Finch
Sheriff Nick Finch

An update from Sheriff Mack at the the Liberty County Courthouse in Florida:

Well, I was wrong! I never thought the case against Sheriff Nick Finch would make it to trial, but that is exactly what is going to happen, tomorrow morning, October 29, 2013 at 0900. (Happy Halloween, nothing could be creepier!) The charges against this good man have been so flimsy and frivolous that I was certain a trial would be out of the question. But the tyrants are moving forward with their agenda to stop Sheriffs in their tracks and to make them answerable to the State! This case, this abuse of authority, and the inherent injustice associated with this case, puts everything at stake that we all have fought so long for; the power and independence of the county sheriff and his duty to stand for individual liberties.  
Sheriff Finch did exactly what all of us have been hoping and praying for now for so many years; he nullified a gun charge and the arrest of a law-abiding citizen. So the State, under the direction of one corrupt deputy Attorney General (Willie Meggs) with complicity of an equally corrupt FL Governor, actually arrested and removed from office the duly elected Sheriff of Liberty County, Florida. Governor Scott and Mr. Meggs claim that Sheriff Finch destroyed public records when he released the innocent man arrested by one of his deputies. (You can read more about this case at So of course, they nullified the election of Sheriff Finch who had only been in office a few months when all this occurred. Which begs the question: which is worse, the Sheriff rectifying an arrest of an innocent man and possibly whiting out the man's name on the jail roster or the AG and Governor destroying the election by the people of Liberty county who chose Sheriff Finch last November to be their their Chief Law Enforcement Officer?  
Now we have Sheriff Finch going into the Lion's den with his trial starting Tuesday morning. The jury has been selected. I thought doing so would be impossible. Why? Because if the prospective jurors voted for Finch then that would be grounds for dismissal from jury service. Likewise, if the prospective jurors voted against Finch, that too would disqualify them from jury service. If the prospective jurors were so apathetic as to not vote at all that should also be grounds for disqualification. If you don't care enough to vote in an election how are you going to care enough to vote on a jury?

But still, a jury has been selected and yes, Sheriff Finch puts his life and career on the line for all of us tomorrow. I am here to support him and his good wife in every way that I can. Tonight I will hit my knees and pray for Sheriff Finch and his family. But more importantly, I will pray for truth and justice. I will pray for America and the hope that we can restore liberty one county, one good Sheriff at a time.
In liberty, 

Richard Mack  

Watch the video below, it is not a nice day in the neighborhood.

The video below explains the purpose of my blog.

William Booth, the founder of the Salvation Army, speaks in the video below.

In an effort to separate myth from truth regarding the federally mandated Obamacare RFID chip implantation program, a public awareness campaign has been launched to tour in a number of public schools across our nation. implantation
The operation features a jovial animated mascot, a cartoon RFID chip named “Chippie”. They use the character to demonstrate to their young audience the benefits of having the RFID implanted under your skin.
After a whimsical 30 minute cartoon following Chippie during one of his many adventures, there is a puppet show where children are encouraged to ask Chippie any questions they may have relating to the RFID chip or the implantation process. Each child leaves the exhibition with a “Chippie” stuffed doll, coloring book and several informative pamphlets for their parents to read that may assuage any lingering fears to their children receiving the device.

The videos below are about RFID chips.

Many of them were eager to get implanted with the chip on the spot. “It felt like a pinch”, explained Doug Walker who attended a recent Chippie seminar a Carbon County, Wyoming school.  Holding up his slightly swollen left hand bearing the tiny hole where the needle had been inserted he said. “Now I can get free candy every time me and mommy go to the bank or the grocery store!”, he beamed proudly. “Chippie is my new best friend who lives inside of me!”
There you have it, plain as day. Apparently the kids are clamoring for it. Or so they would like it to appear. Remember first and foremost, this is a world of propaganda when it comes to pushing anything official, so you can generally read the reverse of just about anything they say. And since when are the PTBs out to alleviate our fears? Only when it’s fear of them. And people have every right to be.
And “Walt Eisner” is the creator of this Orwellian character? You think that’s his real name? What comes into your mind when you see that name? Right – Walt Disney and Michael Eisner, Disney himself, the brand, and the former Disney CEO kingpin merged into one name. “Parents, don’t worry, it’s as American as Mickey Rat!” Don’t kid yourself, these subliminal messages are extremely powerful.
It’s quite easy to make anything a fad in this social milieu. Practically all you have to say in this blind leading the blind environment  is “everyone’s doing it!” and into the tank they go. And guess what? Those who refuse the chip will not only be unfavored and frowned upon and considered suspicious, but they’ll be unserviceable. When buying ability is attached to your chip identity and information and you’re not happily going along with the program, its gonna be:

“Off with his chip!”
Walt Eisner, the creator of the “Chippie” character was summoned to speak to parents during the maiden flight of the brand new campaign. “We would like to assure parents that there is nothing to fear with the implementation of this new program. It is something that will inevitably benefit everyone in the long run and there are virtually no downsides. This will create elevated ease, convenience and security in all everyday transactions. With the technology available these days, the program is long overdue.”

If you drew yours a long time ago like many of us have, these successive decisions are simple. However, for those who’ve been ignoring or compromising their convictions for whatever reasons, it’s going to be a lot tougher. When people won’t even consider the idea that something with such serious repercussions and consequences as 9/11 didn’t happen the way they told us, we have a serious problem as a society.
Even Christians who’ve shouted about this chip as the Mark of the Beast for ages are changing their tune, instead being steered by Zionists and NWO advocates alike to believe their real enemy is not a centralized hyper controlling world state, but Islam. How convenient is that?
On the battle goes, but the hubris of this uptick of Orwellian controls, surveillance and militarization is remarkable. Like the old adage how if you tell a big enough lie and repeat it often enough it becomes the truth. Such is our current world.
Don’t take the chip and tell others the same. And beware of their doing it while you are getting “treated” for something or under anesthesia. Have someone with you at all times. They also administer vaccines during those times without your knowledge, or embed smaller chip versions in vaccines, even while claiming it’s a shot for something else. Find alternative healing techniques; that fascist medical system is nasty to the bone.
By the way, I’ve seen some interesting chip disabling techniques on line that seem to have potential if you find you’ve been chipped, or were coerced into it. Search them out and store the information.
Be well. Practice living outside the matrix. There are muscles to be developed but it’s not overwhelming. Live there, speak from there, interact with others from there. Don’t operate from their shifting sands of vague, easily manipulated relativism. Decisions are much clearer and easier standing on a firm foundation of truth.
That’s what keeps the fires of Truth and conscious awareness spreading.
I quote Theodore Roosevelt before his death in 1919 "These International bankers and Rockefeller-Standard Oil interests control the majority of newspapers and the columns of these papers to club into submission or drive out of office, officials who refuse to do the bidding of the powerful corrupt cliques which compose the invisible government."    

The NY Times on March 26, 1922 printed the following quote from --John Hylan, Mayor of New York, "The warning of Theodore Roosevelt has much timeliness today, for the real menace of our republic is this invisible government which like a giant octopus sprawls it's slimy length over city, state, and nation....  It seizes in it's long and powerful tentacles our executive officers, our legislative bodies, our schools, our courts, our newspapers, and every agency created for the public protection"....

"To depart from mere generalizations, let me say that at the head of this octopus are the Rockefeller-Standard Oil interest and a small group of powerful banking houses generally referred to as the international bankers.  The little coterie of powerful international bankers virtually run the United States government for their own selfish purposes."

"These international bankers and Rockefeller-Standard Oil interests control the majority of newspapers and magazines in this country."

Dianne Francis of the N.Y. Post wrote the following editorial on, October 26, 2013
"No two nations in the world are as integrated, economically and socially, as the United States and Canada. We share geography, values and a gigantic border."
What serious problems exist between such close friends that the best solution is to merge the two countries?
* heavy regulations
* security controls
* border police
* extensive drug smuggling
* terrorist threats
* Talks to create joint infrastructure have dragged on for years
* An initiative announced in 2011 aimed at creating a two-country security perimeter, by blending police, immigration, customs and anti-terrorist efforts, has still not delivered results."
And, the answer to all these "problems"?

"The United States and Canada could merge into one country, or follow a European Union model that eliminates the border without merging the two governments."
Now, the tone of this article changes abruptly as she discusses the many benefits of merging.
"If combined, the US and Canada would have an economy larger than the European Union. The two would be an economic superpower, bigger than South America in size, with more energy, metals and minerals, water, arable land and technology than any other nation, all protected by Americas military."
"Citizens of the merged countries would have more options in terms of jobs, business opportunities, climates, studies and lifestyles."
"The US will gain national security, energy and resource independence and create millions of jobs in helping develop Canada’s northern region; and Canada will be able to defend and develop its huge landmass, overcoming lack of capital, workers, technology and military might."

Is this editorial the opening salvo in the global Illuminati effort to merge the U.S., Canada and Mexico into Kingdom #1 that answers to the anti-christ. This kingdom could be called MexUsCan. After all, the Elite plans to reorganize all nations of the world into 10 kingdoms, an action which will fulfill Daniel 7:7-8 and the Book of Revelation.
What about Mexico? "In 1987, Canda and the U.S. signed the Free Trade Agreement and Mexico joined in 1994.”
Nearly every year since 1994, the leaders of the United States, Canada, and Mexico have met to discuss this planned merger. As soon as the political climate favors this merger, you will hear President Obama issue a firm call to action to merge all three countries.
I encourage you to follow two developing stories, without which this merger cannot occur:
* Redefining Citizenship -- Overnight, citizens of these three countries will instantly be declared to be North American citizens. Therefore, I believe the current calls we hear for "immigration reform" will be used as a "Trojan Horse" to merge into the North American Union.
* Manipulating the currency of each nation so it can meld into the new currency of the new Union. Consequently, the American Dollar must decline in value and in acceptability as the "World's Reserve Currency". Already, China, Russia and other leading nations throughout the world are talking about creating a new global reserve currency, thus moving away from the Dollar.

The model of currency transition will follow the EURO plan, where the currency was successfully created that is now the currency of the European Union.


Entertainment Weekly reported on October 24, 2013 that "Captain America: The Winter Soldier was always going to be an intriguing entry in Marvels Phase 2. Winter Soldier looks nothing like the original Captain America. Caps first movie was set in Joe Johnstons 1940s, a propaganda-poster retro-world filled with gruff Army colonels and sneering Nazis. Winter Soldier finds Cap entrenched in the modern age a man out of his own time ... New weapons, new villains, and a whole new situation for the Star-Spangled hero. "
This next quote is very interesting, because it reveals the hidden agenda for which this movie was created; to tear down the Old Order.
"Robert Redford joins the Cap squad as Alexander Pierce, a S.H.I.E.L.D. head honcho 'To build a better world sometimes means tearing the old one down', he says."
This type of rhetoric is standard in New Age / Illuminati literature, where author after author explains how the beloved and the coveted New World Order cannot be established until the "forces of change" knock down the Old World Order.
What is the "force" which will knock down our current civilization? World War III.
Antichrist will literally stride on to the world scene at the conclusion of a Third World War.
Captain America and Robert Redford thus joins a number of public movie personalities fighting to establish a New Order; at least, the script writer is honest enough to admit that the Captain must first destroy before he can aid in the rebuilding. This amazing Illuminati plan will fulfill numerous prophecies as it is unfolded.

Zero Hedge News reported on 26 October 2013  that a potentially major “legal glitch” could cause the healthcare law to unravel in 36 states. The Affordable Care Act proposes to make health insurance affordable to millions of low-income Americans by offering them tax credits to help cover the cost. To receive the credit, the law twice says they must buy insurance “through an exchange established by the state”. But 36 states have decided against opening exchanges for now.
Critics of the law have seized on the glitch. They have filed four lawsuits that urge judges to rule the Obama administration must abide by the strict wording of the law, even if doing so dismantles it in nearly two-thirds of the states. And the Obama administration has no hope of repairing the glitch by legislation as long as the Republicans control the House. This has the potential to sink Obamacare. “It could make the current website problems seem minor by comparison” said a health care policy expert."
Can you imagine the relief from tens of millions of American consumers over the collapse of ObamaCare?


CNBC News reported on 25 October 2013 that "Gas futures are trading around a 52-week low, with the recent sell off in crude and more downside predicted, gas will trade even lower. Two other factors will likely push prices lower than in previous years. First, the Middle East is very quiet on the geopolitical front right now, so there shouldn't be much of a risk premium in this market. Second, let's not forget that Superstorm Sandy happened around this time last year.
So where do I see gasoline going now?
There is no reason why we can't see gas futures trade at least 10 to 15 cents lower from these levels. But $2.40 a gallon should be a good base of support.
That would be great news for the beleaguered American Middle Class consumer!

Let us review, for a moment, a prediction made by Republican Newt Gingrich, writing in Human Events on 7 March 2012. He predicted a gas price plunge, but to a much lower level that $2.40 per gallon.
Here is wht Newt Gingrich said, "... the price of natural gas has collapsed, largely due to an enormous increase in American supplies made possible by new discoveries and technologies ... The reversal comes thanks to the shale gas revolution, improvements in technology that have made it possible to retrieve the natural gas trapped in shale. In the period of just a few years, our estimated supply in North America has gone from less than a decade’s worth of gas left to more than a century’s worth."

Reuter's News reported on March 8, 2012 that "North Dakota has overtaken California as the third-largest U.S. oil-producing state, as the controversial fracking technology boosted shale oil output and cut the Midwestern state's unemployment rate to the lowest in the country ... The state's January oil output rose to 546,050 barrels per day (bpd), up 59.2 percent from a year earlier, after output in the Midwest state's Bakken and Three Forks shale prospects rose some 11,000 bpd to a record 480,700 bpd ... North Dakota, located along the Canadian border, has upended the U.S. oil market since 2007 and its output has eclipsed that of OPEC member Ecuador thanks to advances in horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing. Production has doubled in the three years since 2009."
"Oil companies say there are more jobs than people in North Dakota."
Truly, this news is very good! Oil prices affect retail prices up and down the economic ladder. Lower gas prices mean lower transportation costs, which would allow food retails to go down, all other factors remaining equal. Lower gas prices means that people will have some money left over at the end of the month, thus stimulating the economy greatly.
Can you imagine the Geo-Political advantages would flow from America no longer being dependent upon foreign oil? I can think of several right off the bat:
1) America could become a net exporter of oil and gas, rather than the world's greatest importer. Instantly, our national balance sheet would start to heal. Our government might even become serious about paying off the debt. The reason for the mountains of national debt have been realized, anyway. Our leaders created this huge national debt so they could maneuver this country into a Fascist Economy and create a national consciousness in favor of a One Worl Government, Economy and Religion.
America could become so economically powerful so quickly that she could regain her position of the dominant Economic Babylon of Revelation 18.

Several people were at a party in Arizona when a 27-year-old man got into an argument with some of the party goers.  Eventually the man was asked to leave.  He was gone for a short time but soon returned with a rifle and started firing shots outside the house.
The 27-year-old then started aiming his rifle at some of the guests at the party.  That’s when the 39-year-old concealed handgun carrier drew his firearm and shot the gunman.
The concealed carrier remained on the scene until the police arrived at about 1:30am and the suspect was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries.
Glendale Police Department spokeswoman Officer Tracey Breeden said that the concealed carrier was justified in shooting the gunman.
“This is standard procedure under these type of circumstances,” Breeden said. “Information and evidence detectives have gathered leads them to believe the 27-year-old was not only firing his rifle, endangering partygoers, but also pointed the weapon at other partygoers, endangering them, prior to the 39-year-old displaying a weapon and shooting the 27-year-old.”
The investigation is ongoing and charges are pending, Breeden said.
In the state of Arizona a license is not required in order to carry a concealed handgun.  Who knows how many lives were saved that night because a law abiding gun owner was responsible enough to carry a gun and smart enough to use it when lives were on the line.
This easily could have been a mass shooting in Arizona, but it was all stopped because a good guy with a gun was there to stop the bad guy with the gun.