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The Watchman On The Wall
Eph 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Verse 13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Pizzagate and Fake News Part 2

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Reader comment: 
I hope your readers can listen to this journalist who was fired by the Huffington Post because he was reporting that Hillary Clinton had poor health.  He started news reporting through youtube, and now he is undergoing scrutiny.  
Lord, we pray that independent journalism will grow in leaps and bounds, and not decline, and threats to these reporters by those in power will only fuel the fire of wanting to get out more news and more truth to the public. Please protect these journalists, many who are young, who are not Christians, but are revolted by the scandals going on in the White House.  Use this evil that they are witnessing as a means to draw them to You, and may they want to hear the good news of Jesus Christ, and know of His truth which sets us free.  Please use all that is happening in our country and in our world to bring people to Your Son, so what the enemy has meant for evil, You will use for good!  Cause Christians to pray like never before, and to realize that our redemption draws near!  Maranatha!  God bless you, Gwyne
P.S. I posted a comment telling this man to refrain from using a swear word the one time in this video, making him less professional. I wrote that I understand his frustration. I have left several posts witnessing to him about Jesus.  May the Lord save his soul!  I appreciate his zeal and care that he has concerning the scandal of pizzagate.   (8 minutes)……………G
The buzzword "fake news" has popped into the popular lexicon in recent weeks.

I have been using that term for years, though, when referring to the lame stream media.

While poll numbers show that about 9 out of 10 people don't trust the information they get from the  lame stream media, they likely still have no idea just how fake it all is.

Television programing is called programming for a reason. Most of the time  I can't even believe what I am seeing or hearing. It has gotten to the point with the cable channels and the networks that I can't stand to watch them. The average evening TV show is full of stupidity and absolute nonsense. The news constantly has people on who argue with each other. Hey, just have one guest on and let's listen to his her point of view. Nothing but division arises with guests of opposite points of view. Soros and his buddies want all this division and chaos
to undermine society in order to reap huge profits at our expense.

And, the US and every other Western media is no different.

It is literally top down propaganda and bears little to no resemblance of reality.  And, if there is any truth to it, it is so highly skewed to the local agenda that it really should be labelled as fiction.

Meanwhile, on the internet, millions of people worldwide have been easily debunking and exposing nearly all the lame stream propaganda.

And, for this reason, the US and European governments have taken a play out of Orwell's book and decided to label the real information as "fake"… and as governments often do, they're going to use violence (government law) to try to force it out of existence.
Censorship is a government affair and has been initiated most forcefully by the European Union and is being carried out by the world's largest social networks. These networks including, Google, Twitter, Microsoft and Facebook have announced plans to create a censorship database in 2017 to remove "extremist content," mostly at the request of the EU.

The idea is to damp down "hate speech" that makes readers uncomfortable and remove material that can encourage terrorism.

Of course there is no evidence that "hate speech" has negative effects if people choose not to expose themselves to the media that contains it. And the evidence shows that Western countries have done a lot to create the very "terrorism" that the European Union is now so worried about eradicating.

Western governments have been steadily losing control of communications and hope that by pressuring large internet-information companies to build databases to control communications, they can regain power they feel slipping away.

In the US, censorship is being advanced mostly by legislative efforts. The legislation is being justified by the rise of "fake news" supposedly being spread by Russia to influence Western political processes.

The European initiative is more widespread and generalized.  It is threatening US sites with immediate legal action if they don't generate meaningful and systematic removal of all "fake news" and "hate speech."

Over time, US legislative efforts and EU "non-legislative" ones will converge and censorship will involve both company-wide initiatives and legal ones.

According to Yahoo News, the combined, non-legislative database will be put in place early in 2017 and eventually will include companies other than the initial four. The companies will utilize 'hashes' – digital "fingerprints" assigned to videos or photos of extremist content.  These hashes will then alert other vendors to remove the content.

But, what is really going on, is that too much truth is getting out.

Truth about how every war the US has been involved in in the last century was based on a false flag attack or outright lies… the same lies the mainstream media parroted and continues to parrot.  Truth about who was really behind 9/11.  Truth about the global warming fraud. Truth about the satanic rituals and child molestation at the highest levels of government and the elites as is currently being exposed via Pizzagate.

In order to continue to stay informed, many of those who are enlightened enough to recognize the truth about popular social media platforms have sought out alternatives.

Why is CNN's Jake Tapper offended that General Flynn's son is interested in PizzaGate? So what? Millions of Americans are very interested in the disclosures and revelations surrounding PizzaGate, Jake. Why aren't you covering it as a journalist? Why are you instead attacking it? Is there something we don't know?

The establishment and lame stream media are attempting to shut down the PizzaGate Investigation with a false flag hoax shooting. Another failed actor, some Edgar Maddison Welch character decided to "Attack Comet Pizza."

Edgar Maddison Welch Comet Ping Pong Shooting HOAX EXPOSED! MUST SEE!

Pizzagate - the darkest cover-up in history.

If you thought PizzaGate had run its course, think again: Is the Washington Post just a phenomenally biased, poorly run newspaper, or is it some kind of ingenious meta-media troll? In a curious article published earlier, the Post has now put into the public record much of the correct details on the origins of PizzaGate, as they explained succinctly what PizzaGate actually is, and the basis for belief in its need to be further investigated by authorities.

Putin Orders Yoga Pants War!!!

Russian aides said Vladimir is very "hottie" over the photographs below because Trump is surrounded by imported, legal Ukrainian women and is making Slavic women look bad! 

Putin demanded equal rights for his Slavic ladies and he wants a meeting of the UN Security Council. Putin harkened back to Stalin and said he too must protect and defend the "Motherland"! 

Putin also ordered a shake up of the "Miss Russia" contest and he ordered the agricultural ministry to increase production of fat free yogurt, potato chips, soda and butter. Putin also said he will provide generous state subsidies for Hot Yoga spas for women and factories producing yoga pants. Putin also banned Russian contestants from wearing boots. Putin said Russia must enter the 21st century and ordered the increase in the production of high heels. 

Putin said, the Soviet Union lost the race to the moon with the Americans but we will not lose the "yoga pants" war!  

Pictured below is Trump's bevy of Ukrainian women who worked on his election campaign and Putin's 2016 Miss Russia contestants. 

What Will Trigger The 2nd Coming of Yeshua?

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Fukushima Cesium 137 Present On U.S. West Coast

Highly toxic Cesium-137 – the "fingerprint" of Fukushima – was found in Tillamook Bay and Gold Beach, Oregon.
The terrifying discovery was reported by researchers at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in December 2016.
The 2011 Fukushima nuclear meltdown was sparked by a massive tsunami off the coast of Japan caused by a 9.0-magnitude earthquake. Since then, the entire area has been a dangerous no-go zone.
As giant waves crashed into the plant, huge quantities of contaminated water were leaked.
Cesium-124 has also been detected in Canadian salmon for the first time, reported chemical oceanographer Jay Cullen, who is leading the Fukushima InFORM team at the University off Victoria.
However, radiation levels have not yet peaked as a toxic plume makes its way towards the United States.
The Statesman Journal reported Mr Cullen saying: "It appears that the plume has spread throughout this vast area from Alaska to California.

"As the contamination plume progresses towards our coast we expect levels closer to shore to increase over the coming year.”

Since the March 2011 disaster in which an earthquake-triggered tsunami caused an explosion and subsequent meltdown at the Fukushima nuclear power plant, radiation leaking from the plant continues to contaminate the Pacific Ocean. Japan has already banned fishing anywhere near the area while the United States says the dilution of the radiation in the ocean lessens the danger to Americans. According to Alaska’s Division of Environmental Health“The safety of fish and shellfish from Alaskan waters and beaches are not affected by the nuclear reactor damage in Japan.”
Still, as seen in the map below, the predominant currents carry ocean water, and fish, from Japan to the western shores of the United States.

Should Americans be worried about Fukushima radiation reaching the shores of the United States? Despite the government’s “guessing game” over the potential effects, many believe the danger is real and that in fact, Americans are being sold contaminated fish without full disclosure (or understanding) of the danger to their health
Ken Buesseler, who earned his Ph.D. studying the fallout of the A-Bomb tests from the ’60s, didn’t expect much public concern immediately following the Fukushima accident. In April, 2015, he told The Daily Beast, “I really didn’t expect the U.S. to have a strong response—at least not the public. Initially, yes. There was a right to be concerned those first few months. But about a year and a half ago, we saw more and more calls of people asking about swimming in Santa Cruz, and should they move their homes to be safe, because they had seen visually the debris [from the Fukushima power plant] show up.”
That radiation from the accident reached America’s shores and contaminated Pacific Coast fish is without question.  In late 2014, researchers reported in American Scientist that radiation from the even had indeed reached American shores.
“The evidence is “unequivocal” that the tuna–caught off San Diego a year ago–were contaminated with radiation from Japan’s nuclear disaster.
As proof of the effects of Fukushima radiation on Pacific Coast fish, a geoengineering researcher provides a plethora of photos taken by Pacific Coast fishermen showing a wide range of bizarre damage to oceanic sea life.
Local Environmental Observers (LEO) Network in Hydaburg, Alaska provided this photo showing three different Alaskan Salmon full of cancerous growths. The local fisherman who caught the fish explained:
“On the outside the fish looked fine. The growths looked kind of like individual little salmon eggs, and about the same size. [Other] people were seeing the same kind of growths in their fish as well.
Salmon caught in Alaska filled with cancerous tumors
Local Environmental Observer also reports sick fish with lesions and tumors being caught near Nigliq Channel.
Fish with tumors caught near Nigliq Channel
Fish with tumors

Thursday, December 8, 2016

New Disturbing Reports From Colorado

Watchman, The events going on in Colorado are happening elsewhere, but Colorado, at the moment is what we understand.
The globalist forces are positioning themselves from something big. In previous broadcasts, Paul has said that where you are, when the trouble hits, is where you will stay.  In Colorado, we are beginning to see the truth in that it strongly appears that the powers that be are in the process of cordoning off the Front Range in Colorado. This is part of the continuity of government program which supplants martial law.
I am receiving daily reports from Colorado residents who are notifying me of sighting of foreign troops and foreign troop convoys traveling along the Front Range I-25 corridor.

The entire story is on the video below………P

Paul Joseph Watson
July 3, 2013
FEMA denied a report that suggested Russian forces would be operating inside the United States at “mass events” ignores the manifestly provable fact that Russian and other foreign troops are already active inside the US and have been for at least two decades. 

The federal agency was forced to deny a report published by Infowars on Monday which cited an official Russian government press release that detailed a plan for Russian authorities to be involved in the “provision of security at mass events” in the United States.
“There will be “no exchange of security or military personnel” under a recently renewed partnership between the US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and Russia’s Emergency Situations Ministry, a FEMA spokesman told RIA Novosti.”
“The agreement continues information-sharing meetings and observation opportunities with first responders and emergency managers,” the spokesman said.
This contradicts a June 25 press release issued by the Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defense and Emergencies which said that, “The Russian Emergency Situations Ministry and the USA Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) are going to exchange experts during joint rescue operations in major disasters,” a deal that would include the “provision of security at mass events.” The dictionary definition of the word ‘provision’ is “the providing or supplying of something.”
The admission that FEMA and Russian authorities would “exchange experts” who would be active “during joint rescue operations in major disasters” clearly contradicts the claim that the deal was only about information sharing. Either the press release was inaccurate or FEMA is lying.
The accuracy of the Infowars report was then muddied by it being connected with an unrelated hoax published by a known disinformation website which falsely claimed Obama had requested 15,000 Russian troops for an “upcoming disaster” in America.
Even if we accept FEMA’s denial that Russian forces will be in place at “mass events” in the US, the fact that Russian forces are already operating inside America is proven.
Last year we reported on how Russian troops were invited to the US as part of a Fort Carson, Colorado drill focused around anti-terror training. Aside from learning how to target terrorists in America, the Russian soldiers were also told to go out and mingle with the local community by attending a baseball game in Colorado Springs
The Dept. of Defense subsequently confirmed that 20 Russian Spetsnaz troops were set to train on US soil for a period of three weeks as part of a “formal bilateral exchange program between the U.S. and Russia.” Images of Russian troops working with US soldiers at Fort Carson can be seen above.
The process of acclimatizing Americans to accept the presence of foreign troops on US soil has been ongoing since the release of State Department Publication 7277, which is a blueprint for the harmonization of US and Russian forces under a United Nations framework.
There are numerous other instances where foreign troops have been active on U.S. soil as part of security exchange programs.
In 2008, US and Canadian authorities signed an agreement that paves the way to using each other’s militaries on both sides of the border “during an emergency”. 
During FEMA’s 2009 NLE exercise, foreign troops from Mexico, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom were involved in a major exercise focused on “terrorism prevention and protection.”
Back in July 2010, our reporters covered the Operation Vigilant Guard exercises in Chicago which involved Polish troops training alongside U.S. National Guard troops in drills focused around raiding terrorists and drug dealers.
Alex Jones has documented foreign troops being trained on U.S. soil to deal with “insurgents” since the late 1990’s as part of urban warfare training.
In June 2013 foreign troops from Canada, New Zealand and Japan as well as observers from Australia, Chile, Colombia, Israel, Mexico, Peru and Singapore took part in multi-lateral exercises with US Marines under the banner of Operation Dawn Blitz, during which foreign soldiers staged a mock invasion of a beach in Southern California and then “moved inland for additional training ashore.”
In addition, as Frank Drover details, “Troops and personnel under the command of the United Nations have been training all over the United States in joint exercises that include policing operations and terrorist suppression.”
Drover cites a 1994 UN training mission named Agile Provider (watch the clip above), during which 44,000 blue helmeted UN troops from nations such as France and the Netherlands trained in Georgia, North and South Carolina, Arkansas, and Tennessee.
There were also fresh eyewitness reports of UN troops arriving for exercises in Texas, Florida, Mississippi and Georgia as recently as May 2013.
Watch a video report below from 2010’s Operation Vigilant Guard exercise where foreign troops trained with US Marines in a range of different security exercises. Below Russian Spetnaz troops train with Americans at an unknown location.

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Le Pen - "la re'cre'ation est terminee'" and Italia 5-Star - "Euro Non e' possibile"

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French far-right leader Marine Le Pen proposed Thursday that the children of illegal immigrants should be refused public school places as part of tough proposals to restrict state services for foreigners.
"I've got nothing against foreigners but I say to them: if you come to our country, don't expect that you will be taken care of, treated (by the health system) and that your children will be educated for free," Le Pen said.
"That's finished now, it's the end of playtime," she told a conference in Paris in comments that provoked a storm of condemnation from the Socialist government.
Opinion polls suggest the leader of the National Front (FN) will finish second in next year's presidential election, but she is hoping for new momentum after Donald Trump's victory in the United States.
Le Pen clarified that she wanted to block education for immigrants who are in France illegally, not all foreigners.
Such a move would contravene current French law, which guarantees school places for all children.
She also said that any foreigner using the public education system without paying tax in France would face a bill for school, which would affect European workers based temporarily in the country.
"We're going to reserve our efforts and our national solidarity for the most humble, the most modest and the most poor among us," Le Pen told the conference.
The nationalist FN sees itself as part of a global revolt against immigration, established political parties and globalisation epitomised by Trump's victory last month.
Its leaders regularly criticise the use of France's chronically over-budget social security system for foreigners, arguing that needy French people should be prioritised.
Polls currently show Le Pen qualifying for the second round of May's election where she is forecast to face, and lose to, rightwing Republicans party candidate Francois Fillon.
Few analysts see her taking power, but it has been an unpredictable year in politics and France's sickly economy and immigration are top issues for voters.
The country has unemployment of around 10 percent and rising national debt equivalent to one year's economic output, or 98.4 percent of gross domestic product. It last ran a federal budget surplus in the 1970s.
Le Pen wants to withdraw France from the eurozone and has called for a referendum to pull the country out of the 28-member European Union, a move that might unravel the project.
Socialist Education Minister Najat Vallaud-Belkacem attacked the school proposals as shameful and unworkable, while the minister for children, Laurence Rossignol, called them "inhumane".
Vallaud-Belkacem underlined that France guaranteed free education for all school-age children on its territory under its national laws and the international conventions it has signed.
"I remind you that it's a matter of honour for the French republic to guarantee to children, to all children, the right to an education -- in other words, the right to a future," she said.
A spokesman for the Socialist party, Corinne Narassiguin, said Le Pen had shown the "real face of the FN" after years of trying to softer the party's historic racist and antisemitic image.
The party has a long-standing policy of wanting to expel all illegal immigrants in France.
After a string of terror attacks over the last two years and the biggest refugee crisis in Europe since World War II, hardline rhetoric on immigration is seen as a vote-winner on the right.
Le Pen's proposals have echoes of plans reportedly drawn up by the interior ministry in Britain in 2015 when it was headed by Theresa May, who is now prime minister.
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Alessandro Di Battista, a leader of Italy's populist 5-Star Movement is pressing for a vote on whether the country should keep the euro as its official currency, a pitch for support as the party eyes national power for the first time.
Di Battista, one of the populist party's several leaders, said that "euro and Europe aren't the same thing."
"We want only that the Italians decide," Di Battista said, suggesting the party might push for a referendum on abandoning the single currency.
Movement founder Beppe Grillo has long railed against Italy's membership in the eurozone, the 19 countries where the euro is the official currency.
The Movement, Parliament's second-largest party, is hoping to gain the premiership following Matteo Renzi's resignation Wednesday night as head of Italy's center-left government.
Renzi's tenure came to an abrupt end when voters by a wide margin rejected constitutional reforms he had made an essential goal of his nearly three years in office.
The next national election is not scheduled until 2018, but the 5-Star Movement and other opposition parties have started advocating for voting to take place earlier.
President Sergio Mattarella, as head of state, opened formal talks Thursday as he weighs who should get the mandate to try to form a new government to lead in the meantime.
The heads of both chambers of Parliament left the presidential palace without commenting to reporters about their meetings.
Mattarella is scheduled to start consulting the leaders of Italy's political parties on Friday, beginning with representatives from the parties with the smallest number of seats in Parliament.
He expects to finish the talks on Saturday after meeting with Renzi's Democrats, the 5-Star Movement, the anti-migrant Northern League and former Premier Silvio Berlusconi's center-right Forza Italia.
Some Democrats, whose party is the largest in Parliament, are lobbying for the broadest possible coalition government to guide the country to elections.
Whoever succeeds in cobbling a governing coalition will have overhauling Italy's election law as an urgent first task.
Parts of the current law are being challenged in the Constitutional Court, which plans to rule in late January. Even if the challenges are rebuffed, lawmakers are insisting on new rules for electing the Senate.
The defeated constitutional reforms would have made the Senate of Parliament no longer elected by voters. Unless lawmakers fashion a fresh electoral law for the upper chamber, the country risks going to the polls with one set a rules for electing the lower Chamber of Deputies, and another for the Senate. Many political leaders predict that would invite government gridlock.

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Russia Tests Nuclear Drone Sub

Kanyon UUV / Artist's rendering

Russia conducted a test of a revolutionary nuclear-capable drone submarine that poses a major strategic threat to U.S. ports and harbors.
U.S. intelligence agencies detected the test of the unmanned underwater vehicle, code-named Kanyon by the Pentagon, during its launch from a Sarov-class submarine on Nov. 27, said Pentagon officials familiar with reports of the test.
No details were available about the location or results of the test
Pentagon spokesman Capt. Jeff Davis declined to comment. “We closely monitor Russian underwater military developments, but we will not comment specifically about them,” Davis said.
Development of the new drone submarine was first disclosed in September 2015 and then confirmed by the Russian military two months later. Russian officials said the secret program was mistakenly disclosed.
Russia calls the drone development program the “Ocean Multipurpose System ‘Status-6.’” The developer is Russia’s TsKB MT Rubin design bureau, the defense industry entity that builds all Russia’s submarines.
U.S. intelligence agencies estimate the Kanyon secret underwater drone will be equipped with megaton-class warheads—the largest nuclear weapons in existence, with the killing power of millions of tons of TNT.
The weapon likely could be used against U.S. ports and bases, including those used by ballistic missile submarines.
The two U.S. nuclear missile submarine bases are located at Kings Bay, Georgia, just north of the Florida border, and Puget Sound in Washington State.
Russia’s nuclear weapons development in recent years has alarmed American military leaders in part due to a new doctrine adopted by Moscow that increases its reliance on nuclear forces in a conflict. The new doctrine indicates that Russia will quickly escalate to the use of nuclear arms to compensate for its aging and outdated conventional forces.
U.S. intelligence agencies also have detected Russia’s development of new low-yield tactical nuclear weapons—arms that could be used more easily in regional conflicts.
Former Pentagon official Mark Schneider said the test of the underwater nuclear delivery vehicle poses a new strategic threat.
“The Status-6, a nuclear powered, nuclear armed drone submarine, is the most irresponsible nuclear weapons program that Putin’s Russia has come up with,” said Schneider, now with the National Institute for Public Policy.
“Status-6 is designed to kill civilians by massive blast and fallout,” he said, noting that such targeting violates the law of armed conflict.

According to a Russian document disclosed on state television Nov. 10, 2015, the sub is a self-propelled underwater craft capable of carrying a nuclear warhead up to 6,200 miles. The vehicle can submerge to a depth of 3,280 feet and travel at speeds of up to 56 knots.
A drawing of the drone submarine shows it will be nuclear powered, controlled by surface ships, and supported by a Sarov submarine.
Russia’s Sarov has been described in Russian press reports as a diesel electric-powered vessel for testing new weapons and technology. Sarov also has been described as an intelligence-gathering submarine.
The Russian document said Russia planned to build a Kanyon prototype by 2019 and begin testing that year. The 2015 leak was Moscow’s attempt to warn the United States about its displeasure with U.S. missile defenses in Europe and the deployment of missile defense ships to the region. Watchman, well we woke the sleeping bear up!
Russian presidential spokesman Dmitri Peskov told reporters one day after the leak that classified information had been accidentally disclosed—an unusual public admission of a security error that has raised concerns about false Russian strategic messaging.
The Russian nuclear arms buildup has coincided with what U.S. officials say are unprecedented public statements by Russian leader Vladimir Putin about nuclear weapons in response to Western opposition to Moscow’s military annexation of Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula.
In addition to the nuclear-tipped drone, Russian nuclear modernization includes a new class of ballistic missile submarines, new submarine-launched ballistic missiles, two new land-based intercontinental ballistic missiles, and a new long-range bomber. Russia also is building a new railroad-based missile system.
The U.S. Navy is developing new underwater drones, but none will be nuclear armed. Watchman, if you believe that Jill Stein will sell you a recount in Michigan, Wisconsin and PA.
Schneider, the former Pentagon official who has held a number of positions involving strategic weapons, said reports from Russia indicate the drone sub will be armed with a 100-megaton warhead.
“The Russian government daily Rossiyskaya Gazeta reported that to achieve ‘extensive radioactive contamination’ the weapon ‘could envisage using the so-called cobalt bomb, a nuclear weapon designed to produce enhanced amounts of radioactive fallout compared to a regular atomic warhead,'” Schneider said.
“A cobalt bomb is a ‘doomsday’ weapons concept conceived during the Cold War, but apparently never actually developed,” he said.
Testing of the drone, which is said to be powered by a nuclear reactor with limited shielding, poses environmental risks. A guidance failure could result in an undersea nuclear disaster.
The New START arms treaty requires notification of new offensive strategic weapons in a U.S.-Russia commission.
“We could even propose a ban on such weapons,” Schneider said. 
During congressional testimony in December 2015, Rose Gottemoeller, then the undersecretary of state for arms control and international security, said the Russian nuclear-armed drone is a concern.
“I know we are concerned about it; of course we are concerned about it as a threat to the United States,” said Gottemoeller, now NATO’s deputy secretary general. She noted that the system would pose a great threat if “widely put into operation.”
The Obama administration took no action against Russia’s violation of the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces treaty.
Retired Air Force Gen. Robert Kehler, former commander of the U.S. Strategic Command, has said development of the underwater nuclear strike vehicle is one element of a “troubling” Russian strategic nuclear buildup.
Rep. Mike Rogers (R., Ala.), chairman of the House subcommittee on strategic forces, has said that the Russians assert the nuclear drone submarine will be used to target coastal areas and inflict “unacceptable damage to a country’s territory by creating areas of wide radioactive contamination that would be unsuitable for military, economic, or other activity for long periods of time.”
“What does it say about a country that feels that nuclear weapons are such a significant tool of its military and diplomatic strategy that it discloses systems in this manner?” Rogers asked during a House hearing. “And what does this say about a country that would invest resources in such a weapon? This is just nuts.”
Pavel Podvig, a Russian nuclear forces watcher, stated two years ago that the Status-6 payload “looks like a massive dirty bomb,”—a nuclear device that kills with radiation as opposed to a combination of a nuclear blast and radiation.
“A number of people noted that the description does not necessarily exclude the possibility that the initial ‘damaging’ can be done by a regular nuclear device,” Podvig said. “Which only makes this whole thing even more insane—do they think that a nuclear weapon on its own would not inflict ‘unacceptable damage’?” he said. Below is a diagram of a U.S. drone sub equipped with smaller drones.

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