The Watchman On The Wall

The Watchman On The Wall
Eph 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Verse 13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

O'bomber's Legacy: War, Poverty, Division, Agitation, Islam, and Debt

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Reader comment: The waning days of the Obama Administration have revealed what has always been evident, had the fake news media not covered it up and Democrats had not supported it: Barack Obama is a Muslim, who was elected president on the basis of a fake birth certificate. Everything he has done in office is a fraud and should be thrown out immediately upon the assumption of power by Donald Trump.

While I have always believed this, it was not too much of an issue with me, since the real problem was and is the fact that the un-American Democrats elected him, the anti-American media covered up his real agenda and the globalist Republicans refused to make it an issue. It is not the fraud of Barack Obama that is the problem, it is that there are so many enemies within the populace that allowed it, encouraged it and continue to support it.

So, I have always engaged the real problem, not the symptom of Barack Obama. George Soros is more of a threat to internal peace than Barack Obama. Obama is largely a failure on any number of issues. He did not destroy the United States of America; he did not inspire the race war he so desperately sought; he did not subjugate the United States to the United Nations. All he has done is a lot of my work for me.

He has awoken the Millennials to the dangers of globalist policies. Yes, he has created a nation wherein Special Snowflakes abound, but that is fine, they have dropped their pretense and have shown themselves for the ugly, intolerant, bigoted, hypocrites and racists they are. Even if we have always known this, it is important that those moderate Republican voters now see the evil for what it is. The media is exposed. The schools and universities are exposed. The few that may have always known the truth have now been vindicated.

It will be much tougher for the "news" to effect opinion the way it has since the invention of the radio. Of course, official news organizations, having seen their demise, have lashed out and Obama has effectively "nationalized" the news. It is all a bit of a curiosity at this point, because big changes are coming and their inevitable self-destruction is already written.

Now, protecting the "nationalist" voice is still important. It is vital that we continue to hammer the fake news media for their irrational and hypocritical stances on the public stage; to humiliate them with their own failures. But, Trump will do a lot of the heavy lifting, because they are his natural and insistent enemy and while they continue to attack him, they will become more ridiculous every day.

Make no mistake, Barack Obama is not done with the U.S. It is my opinion that he will try and create an opposing force of militant Islamists, ex-convicts and special snowflakes to disrupt and cause chaos in society, but most of us are far from the battles to be waged in inner cities. The Community Organizer in Chief (COiC) will fail as he has at everything he has tried. He would need to "build" an organization and he is incapable of building or creating anything of substance. Of course, before this becomes apparent, he will do irreparable damage to his own cause, just as he effectively destroyed the Democrat Party. In the end, of course, he will blame all of his failures on his followers, or Russia.

We have much more to fear from our Republican Senators and House of Representatives, who will fight to maintain the globalist vision in the government against the efforts of Donald Trump. I am still not sold on Donald Trump, but, by his cabinet selections, it seems that he is striving to do away with a number of bureaucracies that have long-vexed the American public. By selecting Rick Perry for Secretary of Energy, he is signaling a likely elimination of the Department of Energy since Rick Perry, during his 2012 bid for President proposed eliminating the Department of Energy as a campaign promise. By selecting Scott Pruitt, he chose someone who, as the Oklahoma Attorney General, sued the EPA several times, challenging its authority. Pruitt might be in a position to eliminate the EPA all together. By selecting Betsy DeVos to head the Department of Education, he chose someone who is a strong believer in school choice and has fought against the Department of Education to implement her agenda. She would be in a position to eliminate the Department of Education, or gut it from within.

Granted, there is no election that solves problems, but this one, the election of Donald Trump, might just facilitate some breathing room and momentum to bring the federal bureaucracy under control. If it can be shown that his few activities work and create a better environment for people to have a greater say in their own lives, it might spark a reversal in the minds of people that many things the government does is not necessary and in fact is a great hindrance to them. I had never hoped to see that in my lifetime, at least not on this side of civil war. Whatever gains we might achieve, before we are drenched in blood and divorced from our own sense of humanity, are true gains.

Now, if any of this can be accomplished before the next economic meltdown is anyone's guess......................P


only 20 1/2 days till the end of the Muslim regime!

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