The Watchman On The Wall

The Watchman On The Wall
Eph 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Verse 13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Friends and Patriots,

watch the SGT Report video below first.
The price of Gold, notice the surge in volume in April 2013
I will be broadcasting a special program on precious metals today on The Watchman Report.

Perth Mint Demand Highest Since Lehman Brothers Crisis, Works Overtime On Weekend To Refine Coins and Gold Bars 

Australia’s Perth Mint, the largest refinery in Australia and one of the largest in the world, said that demand has jumped to the highest level since the Lehman crisis in 2008. Demand has been robust due to currency devaluation concerns and then the 15% price fall led to a massive surge in demand as store of wealth buyers leapt at the chance to acquire physical bullion at much cheaper prices. This led to the Perth Mint which refines nearly all of the nation’s bullion, having to stay open over the weekend to meet orders. There’s been strong interest, including from the U.S., with buyers confident that the metal will rebound from the decline, Ron Currie, sales and marketing director, told Bloomberg in a phone interview from Perth.  “We haven’t seen levels like this since the 2008 global financial crisis,” Currie said yesterday. “Compared to March sales, April sales have doubled or tripled,” he said. “We worked all weekend to keep the factory running to make more stock and that was only to fill orders,” Currie said from the facility founded in 1899. “We’re being inundated with people buying products.”

If the problem of physical Gold and Silver weren't enough the PMI number of 49 just imploded

Paper Gold has unleashed a run on physical Gold.

The crash of the price of paper gold on Monday has unleashed an unprecedented global frenzy to buy physical gold and silver. All over the planet, people are recognizing that this is a unique opportunity to be able to acquire large amounts of gold and silver at a bargain price. So precious metals dealers now find themselves being overwhelmed with orders in the United States, in Canada, in Europe and over in Asia. Will this massive run on physical gold and silver soon lead to widespread shortages of those metals? Instead of frightening people away from gold and silver, the takedown of paper gold seems to have had just the opposite effect. People just can't seem to get enough physical gold and silver right now. Those that wish that they had gotten into gold when it was less than $1400 an ounce are able to do so now, and it is absolutely insane that silver is sitting at about $23 an ounce. If the big banks continue to play games with the price of gold, we are going to see existing supplies of physical gold and silver dry up very quickly. And once reports of physical shortages of gold and silver become widespread, it is going to absolutely rock the financial world. But this is what happens when you manipulate free markets - it often has unintended consequences far beyond anything that you ever imagined.

The following are 10 signs that the takedown of paper gold has unleashed an unprecedented global run on physical gold and silver...

#1 According to Zero Hedge, the U.S. Mint set a new all-time record for the number of gold ounces sold on Wednesday...

According to today's data from the US Mint, a record 63,500 ounces, or a whopping 2 tons, of gold were reported sold on April 17th alone, bringing the total sales for the month to a whopping 147,000 ounces ormore than the previous two months combined with just half of the month gone.

#2 Precious metals dealers all over the United States are having a really hard time keeping up with demand right now. According to Chris Martenson, many are warning customers to expect waiting times of five to six weeks at this point...

In the U.S., all of the dealers I talk to are reporting huge demand and brisk buying. Silver in any form is quite hard to come by unless you want to pay premiums of 20%+ per ounce above spot price. Delivery times are 5 to 6 weeks out now – that's an unusual situation. If this recent slam was designed to scare people away from gold, it did not have that desired outcome; in fact, just the opposite.

#3 Individual dealers all over the country are confirming that we are seeing a voracious appetite for precious metals at the moment. For example, the following is what a spokesperson for JM Bullion had to say...

We still have certain things in stock, like 10 oz bars, while others, like Silver Eagles, are a bit of revolving inventory.

The shipments are going out as soon as inventory comes in.

Our main challenge right now is actually getting the silver into the boxes and shipped out – we have been experiencing astounding volume.

This appears to be a widespread phenomenon. Just check out what other dealers are reporting...

“There has been a marked increase in demand since the plunge,” said Mark O’Byrne, executive director at Dublin-based investment and bullion specialist GoldCore, referring to the drop in gold prices seen Friday and Monday. Gold futures lost more than $200 an ounce, or over 13%, on those two days. They were at $1,392 an ounce, moving higher ahead of the close on Thursday.

GoldCore has seen more buying than selling on Wednesday and Thursday, with buy orders “lumpier and from high net worth clients, and with most of the selling in small orders of less than 50 ounces, said O’Byrne.

On Wednesday, David Beahm, executive vice president at Blanchard & Co., said his precious-metals investment firm has seen “2008-like demand” for gold since Monday.

#4 Large international banks are also experiencing tremendous demand for physical gold and silver by customers right now. The following is what Keith Barron told King World News about what he is hearing...

At the Bank of Nova Scotia in Toronto the gold window has been absolutely swamped. I have confirmed there were people lined up in droves recently for multiple-hours at a time to buy gold and silver bars and coins....

I then confirmed with UBS today in Zurich, Switzerland, that they are experiencing exactly the same thing. They told me people are waiting in long lines for bullion related bars and coins. The physical market is incredibly tight, and there is a huge buying opportunity right here.

The damage in gold will not be long-term because physical supply is already drying up. Asian countries have been aggressively buying gold. This really is an unprecedented opportunity for investors. This takedown in the metals has created incredible demand for both gold and silver, and anyone who wants to unload dollars or euros and put them into gold because they don’t trust the currency, now is the time to do it.

#5 The demand for physical gold and silver is heating up over in Europe as well. For example, the following is from an emergency message posted on the website of a precious metals dealer in the UK...

Due to the unprecedented demand triggered by the recent fall in the Gold Price we are currently not able to guarantee Next Day Delivery of orders.

We anticipate that all orders will be delivered within 7 days of receipt by us.

Whilst we appreciate that these delays are frustrating for our customers we would like to stress that all accepted orders are guaranteed at the order price and will be dispatched as soon as possible.

It is necessary for all of our staff to be utilised in fulfilling orders and we ask for your cooperation by not calling us to query delivery times. If you do need to contact us, please do so by e-mail and we will endeavour to respond within 48hrs.

#6 On the other side of the globe, demand for precious metals is skyrocketing as well. According toBloomberg, people are "running through the gate" to get gold in Australia...

Gold sales from Australia’s Perth Mint, which refines nearly all of the nation’s bullion, surged after prices plunged, adding to signs that the metal’s slump to a two-year low is spurring increased demand.

“The volume of business that we’re putting through is way in excess of double what we did last week,” Treasurer Nigel Moffatt said by phone, without giving precise figures. “There’s been people running through the gate.”

#7 Reuters is reporting that customers are waiting for up to three hours to buy gold in Japan...

A week ago, as the yen-denominated price neared a new peak, jewelry stores and gold merchants across Japan saw long lines of mostly older Japanese looking to cash in on unwanted jewelry and other items that they had held for years.

But on Tuesday, buyers outnumbered sellers by a wide margin. At Ginza Tanaka, the headquarters shop of Tanaka Holdings, gold buyers waited for as long as three hours for a chance to complete a transaction.

#8 According to a Chinese article quoted by the Blaze, there is a mad rush to buy gold in China right now...

People have to rush to buy gold … gold bullion out of stock yesterday, investors yesterday to spend as much as 600 million yuan to buy 20 kilograms of gold bars

The mad pursuit gold insufficiency is not just a game for the rich. Yesterday, the Yangcheng Evening News reporter learned from the East flowers to Bay store, many growers, pork traffickers, fishmonger recently put down his job went straight to the mall to buy gold.

#9 According to Reuters, dealers in Singapore are having significant trouble finding enough of a supply to keep up with the intense demand for gold that has erupted this week...

"People are actually buying everything, gold bars, gold coins. People are rushing to get a hand on it. We have a problem meeting the demand because we are unable to get new supply," said Brian Lan, managing director of GoldSilver Central Pte Ltd in Singapore.

#10 Bloomberg is reporting that over in India people are "flocking to stores" to purchase gold jewelry and coins...

Gold buyers in India, the world’s biggest consumer, are flocking to stores to buy jewelry and coins, betting a selloff that plunged bullion to a two-year low may be overdone.

“My daughter is just six months old, but I think it is never too early to buy gold,” said Sharmila Shirodkar, a 28- year-old housewife, while displaying a new pair of earrings she bought from a store in Mumbai’s Zaveri Bazaar. “I had been asking my husband every day if prices will go down more. I couldn’t wait anymore.”

If the big banks were trying to scare people away from gold and silver by crashing paper prices for those metals then they have utterly failed.

Instead of being frightened away, the global appetite for physical gold and silver is now more voracious than ever.

If the prices for gold and silver stay this low, we are eventually going to start seeing some very serious shortages in the marketplace.

And once reports of shortages of the actual physical metals become widely circulated, it will cause an "adjustment" in the marketplace that will shock everyone.

So hold on to your hats. We are entering a period of time when there will be unprecedented volatility for the prices of precious metals. It will be quite a roller coaster ride, but if you can handle the ups and downs it will be worth it in the end.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Where Is Your Bible?

By Coach Dave Daubenmire

America is in a world of hurt because of the condition of the church. I use that term, church, lightly, because it is hard to know what to expect when you walk into one.
It’s not like Wendy’s, or McDonalds where consistency is what makes them popular. A “Big Mac” in Columbus, Ohio is just as fattening as one that you would find in San Francisco. You don’t even have to look at the menu when you walk in the door because experience tells you what you can expect.
But churches aren’t like that. They are more like a salad-bar…or smorgasbord…where you can pick and choose what you would like to ingest, and be assured that you don’t have to eat what your palate can’t handle.
If you look around long enough you are sure to come across a church with a menu that you can feel comfortable eating and, in most cases, leave the building without the least bit of indigestion from the “bread” that the chef served up that day.
Church has become safe…comfortable might be a better description…because you know that the food-tester has already removed most of the salty stuff.
Maybe it is just that I like my food a little spicier than the average Joe. I often tell my friends that if you leave church feeling better than when you went in then you must have “spiritual diabetes.” I want to feel worse when I leave…with my stomach growling over the opportunities I missed to stand up for Jesus the previous week.
So, I decided that I needed to do something.
Instead of constantly railing against the shortcomings of the church I thought it might be best if I carried a little bit of the Gospel back to the lost. Surprisingly, over the years, I have come to the realization that there are flocks of lost sheep bleating in the pews.
It is not so much that they are goats…purposefully unsaved opponents to the Gospel…but more like chameleons…able to change stripes to blend in with their surroundings. Chameleons are funny animals, you know. It is almost like they don’t know what they are really supposed to look like.
They are a lot like Christians…able to change appearances to match their environment. They’re not bad people…they are just lost people. Jesus told us that we would be able to find them hiding in our churches…disguised as sheep…but a leopard cannot change his spots.
So, some of my friends and I have decided to start going to church on Sunday morning. What’s so unusual about that, you might be thinking. Well, it is not “our” church that we are visiting.
Let me explain.
A few months ago Michele and I were returning home from a week of on-the-street ministry when I was smacked with an epiphany. I couldn’t figure out how such a “Christian” nation could re-elect such an obvious non-Christian President. (If you think he is a Christian then maybe we need to come to your church.)
The reason, once my eyes were opened, was something I learned on the playground as a young ruffian. “It takes one to know one” was a response we all used when we were called names on the playground. “It takes one to know one” applies to Christianity. The reason so many “Christians” voted for such a non-Christian President is because they aren’t one…Christian. “It takes one to know one.”
Riding in the car on the way home I came to understand that I was wasting my time taking the Gospel to the streets when the Gospel wasn’t even in our churches. “Judgment begins in the house of God”…and it was obvious from surveying the culture that those sitting in the pews were not very good judges, or witnesses, of Truth.
If we can’t get it right in our churches how can we possibly get it right in the world? If Truth has been exorcised from the God’s house how can we expect it to reside in the White House? If God’s people don’t honor God’s laws how can we expect the Supreme Court to? If our Pastors don’t believe in the inerrancy of Scripture how can we expect the social engineers to believe and follow the Truth? If your church elder’s are willing to ignore God’s law, how can we expect our political leaders to follow it?
Pretty simple stuff, eh?
That’s why we must take the Bible back to the church.
So, I am going to take the Bible back to church as well. It is time that we called the church to repentance. As goes the church, so goes America.
Can I give you some Truth? Jesus’ earthly ministry was a little more than three years. He and His disciples travelled throughout the land preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom. The Apostle Paul, a Torah scholar, turned the known world upside down with his preaching.
But there was no New Testament that they were preaching from…their lives would become the New Testament. They all taught from the front end of the Bible…for “the law is the school master that drives one to Christ” we are told in the New Testament. Most Christians today apologize for the law as judgmental and hateful… they reject it…or change it.
The law is harsh. Violation of the law leads to punishment. The price for breaking the law is death. Jesus died in our place. That is the Gospel. He didn’t die for you to embrace your sin. He died to give you victory over it. The church today teaches the people to love sin and those who are trapped in it. I wonder when was the last time “Repent” was preached from most of our pulpits.
2 Timothy 2:19 "Let every one that nameth the name of Christ depart from iniquity." How can you depart from sin if no one tells you what sin is? Loving them all the way to destruction is not love…it is indifference. Indifference is worse than hate. Indifference is lukewarm.
The people reject the Truth. They don’t hate street preachers, they hate when he speaks the Word.
2 Timothy 3:1-5 "This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God."
It is time to take the Bible back to church.

Lord, Liar Or Lunatic

Have you ever seen the 'Lord Liar Lunatic' logic tree? If not, consider the 'Lord Liar Lunatic' logic tree below.
Lord Liar Lunatic

Unlike the founders of other religions, some of whom were clever politicians, Jesus claimed to be God who created the universe (see 
John 1 and Colossians 1). Follow the arrows to their theoretical possibilities, as follows:

Jesus' claim can only be true or false. If it's true, then Jesus is God - i.e., 
If Jesus' claim is false and he knew it was false - then he is a 
If Jesus' claim is false but he sincerely thought it was true, then he is a 

There is no possibility other than 
Lord, Liar or Lunatic, is there? In particular, Jesus could not have been just someone clever because clever people don't walk around claiming to be the Creator of the universe. Given the unprecedented nature of Jesus' claim, Jesus can only be one of the three logical possibilities above: Lord, Liar or Lunatic.*

So do your own research** and upon conclusion either condemn the claimant for having been a big 
Liar, or pity him for having been a hopeless Lunatic, or worship Him as Lord Creator of the universe. The one thing you cannot do is dismiss Jesus as just a clever man. His unprecedented claim about himself precludes that possibility.

* The Lord, Liar, Lunatic logic tree was first reasoned by C.S. Lewis, an English theologian, during a series of radio broadcasts he gave during the Battle of Britain German aerial bombings of England in the Second World War.

** Your research can start with 
The Case for Christ, a book, or The Case For A Creator, a video, both by a journalist who presents the logical and scientific evidences for Jesus' deity and creation, including the proof of Jesus' resurrection. Better yet, read the Bible for yourself. If the entire Bible seems daunting, read the Gospel of John, available online for free with a guide (see Bible Verse Study) or without a guide (see or Bible Gateway).

Have You Lost Your Religion?

Recent research indicates that the number of people who do not consider themselves a part of an organized religion is steadily on the rise.
Interestingly enough, though the number of those religiously unaffiliated is increasing, there is little to no trend in the number of those who express atheist or agnostic beliefs. People aren’t saying they don’t believe in God. They’re saying they don’t believe in religion. They are not rejecting Christ. They are rejecting the church.
This begs the question, “Why are we losing our religion?”
The growing number of people who don’t identify as part of an organized religion speaks to an increasing wariness of labels in our culture.
Some may be losing their religion, but I challenge the notion that faith in general is waning.
I believe, instead, the trend of people who don’t identify as part of an organized religion speaks to an increasing wariness of labels in our culture. Those labels carry baggage for many who might have been hurt by the Church or let down by religion.
You see, religion alone can only take a person so far. Religion can make us nice, but only Christ can make us new. Religion focuses on outward behavior. Relationship is an inward transformation. Religion focuses on what I do, while relationship centers on what Jesus did. Religion is about me. Relationship is about Jesus.
In order to become a new person, we need Christ. Only through an active ongoing relationship with Jesus can we become transformed and overcome the labels that bind us.
In fact, I’ve struggled with what people think of my label: pastor. For many, this label carries emotional baggage. 
When I meet someone new, I get to talk to him or her like a regular person. We joke around, talk about our families, and then the inevitable happens. “What do you do for a living?” When I answer this question, I typically get one of two responses. I either get an onslaught of Christianese phrases -- “Oh, praise the Lord! What a blessing, brother Craig!” or I get stonewalled, and the conversation dies as quickly as it started. 
One time when this happened, the person I was talking with politely shared that he didn’t like religious people. I chimed in that I didn’t like religious people either. His mouth nearly dropped to the floor. I explained that religion is about rules, but being a Christian is about relationship.
Now I’m not saying is that religious organizations are useless. Obviously, I’m a part of one. I am the pastor of a church and truly believe what Bill Hybels asserts: “The local church is the hope of the world.” But in order to reach the current generation and generations to come, we must change the way we do things. That’s why we like to say, “To reach people no one is reaching, we have to do things no one is doing.”
As churches, we don’t have the liberty to change the message, but we must change the way the message is presented. We have to discover our "altar ego"—and become who God says we are instead of who others say we are.
Peeling off the labels that cling to our reputation brings great freedom for us as individuals and as the global body of believers known as the Church. Only when we push past those artificial constraints can we truly become who God created us to be.
For example, many people think churches are “all about money.” The think that churches just want people to give to them but that they rarely give back. 
Besides investing in our communities and helping the poor, our church moved beyond the labels and status quo to embrace generosity in a way that some have called crazy. We’ve created and given away millions of YouVersion Bible Apps every month—more than 85 million to date. We give away our weekend teachings to hundreds of churches every week, for free. Rather than selling products our church creates, we give away as much as we can. More than 100,000 pastors and leaders downloaded more than three million resources last year.
Despite the lack of religious affiliation the research shows, the interest in these spiritual resources has never been greater. As a church, we don’t see these research trends as a threat, but as an opportunity for us to do more.
Craig Groeschel is the pastor of the nation’s second largest church, in Edmond, Okla., and the author of several books. His latest is "Altar Ego: Becoming Who God Says You Are" (Zondervan, February 2013).

The End Times Trumpets

The video below is interesting but fails to acknowledge the Rapture.

Illuminati Cards

The video below covers some of the Illuminati cards that came out in 1995.

9-11 Follow The Money And See Where It Leads You

Beam from the WTC cut at an angle by Thermite charges, notice where the beam's metal melted downward.

The video below is excellent, it traces the money and people involved in the 9/11 conspiracy.

Below is a letter about Attorney General Ashcroft's failure to act on the 9/11 plot.

An Internal War Waging Inside Our Government

Cmdr. Job W. Price, I pray that this man knew Yeshua as his Savior and that he is in heaven

I do not know how I missed this man's death last December but it seems to me, and I have said this before, that there is an internal war going on inside our government. 
SEAL Team 4 Commanding Officer Job W. Price allegedly committed suicide. He was best known for finding and then killing Osama bin Laden.
Cmdr. Job W. Price, 42, died Saturday, Dec. 22, of a non-combat-related injury while supporting stability operations in Uruzgan Province, Afghanistan.
The suicide of Cmdr. Price, an officer of this grade and stature raises many questions. Seal Team 6 was best known for killing Osama Bin Laden that assaulted his compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan on May 1, 2011.
Price, 42, of Pottstown, Pa., was in charge of coordinating all Team 4 missions.
Price was in Afghanistan supporting stability operations in Uruzgan Province. He was assigned to an East Coast-based Naval Special Warfare unit based in Virginia Beach, Va.
SEAL Team 4 is among eight SEAL team deployments. SEAL Team 6 is best known among them for finding and then killing Osama bin Laden.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

What Peter Ruckman Believes Part II

Looks like a human being to me

Here are some of Peter Ruckman's statements from this video below:
"I teach that a baby is not a living soul until it breathes...  I don't teach that abortion is murder like the brethren do, but I'm an old dog and I've been around for a long time.  (No references are given from the Bible, but just his being old as a reason to trust him.)
He talked afterwards about "...fundamentalists who get so hung up on short skirts, they spend half their ministry talking about how women look...if a girl is right she'll dress to attract attention..." (I am not sure what he meant by this statement at all!)
Then from this subject, he turns back to abortion saying,
"Some of the brethren get so hung up on this thing (saying)...abortion is murder, abortion is murder, showing you pictures...What are they trying to prove?  They are trying to prove that the thing looks like a person.  That's what Darwin taught.  You got to watch that business.  (He is totally unclear relating Darwin at this point or what it means to watch that business.)
"You can take an embryo of an animal and prove it looks like an embryo of a person, that doesn't make it a person...Watch that business.   The child is an organism...maybe alive in the sense of animal living soul until  the Lord breathes into his nostrils the breath of life..."   Then he makes a joke about a baby's cry when entering the world, and you hear these men laughing...
He continues and says, "If you teach the other, you are going to have some real problems..."  He talked about 800 women who should have aborted in a certain situation.  Not one verse is cited when he said he was speaking the truth.
I do not agree with this person who edited this youtube when he used words such as twisted, warped, vile, and evil in describing Peter Ruckman.  

Lord, I pray that the followers of Peter Ruckman would have their eyes opened to this man and how he teaches now.  Perhaps he was not this way before, but this is apparently recent since he says he is an old dog.  We pray that You give wisdom and discernment to people so they will no longer put Peter Ruckman or any man or his teachings on a pedestal, so as to avoid putting too much faith in one person.  Please open their eyes and help them to be logical and not emotional in deciding to be under this man's influence to the point they have been.  We pray that there would be more oneness and more humility and caution as well in being too quick to follow one person's teaching.  In Jesus' name. Amen
Below is the video that lasts 9 minutes.


One picture is worth a thousand words

April 30/May 1 - Walpurgis Night/Beltane

May 1 (Highest day on the druidic/witch calendar) [Beltaine] (May Day)

May 1 - (Illuminati's 2nd highest human sacrificial day)

Friends, I think we can expect another satanic murderous incident. As we approach the Rapture the satanists are coming out "guns ablazin!!!!"  This quote is from Al Pacino who plays satan in the movie "The Devil's Advocate."

19 April 1993 The siege at WACO ended with children being burned to Moloch
19 April 1995 Oklahoma Bombing, children in the day care center sacrificed to Moloch.
20 April 1999 Columbine shooting, children sacrificed to Moloch
19 April 2013 Boston Marathon Shootout; will the second suspect die in a fire at a crossrods?

May Day 2012 violence