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The Watchman On The Wall
Eph 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Verse 13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

Friday, August 29, 2014

al Qaeda fighting in Lebanon on the border with Israel

"Operation Zero Footprint 2" in Syria

Exclusive: Obama authorizes secret U.S. support for Syrian rebels

By Mark Hosenball
WASHINGTON Wed Aug 1, 2012
President Barack Obama has signed a secret order authorizing U.S. support for rebels seeking to depose Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his government, U.S. sources familiar with the matter said.

Obama's order, approved earlier this year and known as an intelligence "finding," broadly permits the CIA and other U.S. agencies to provide support that could help the rebels oust Assad.

This and other developments signal a shift toward growing, albeit still circumscribed, support for Assad's armed opponents - a shift that intensified following last month's failure of the U.N. Security Council to agree on tougher sanctions against the Damascus government.

The White House is for now apparently stopping short of giving the rebels lethal weapons, even as some U.S. allies do just that.

But U.S. and European officials have said that there have been noticeable improvements in the coherence and effectiveness of Syrian rebel groups in the past few weeks. That represents a significant change in assessments of the rebels by Western officials, who previously characterized Assad's opponents as a disorganized, almost chaotic, rabble.

Precisely when Obama signed the secret intelligence authorization, an action not previously reported, could not be determined.

The full extent of clandestine support that agencies like the CIA might be providing also is unclear.

White House spokesman Tommy Vietor declined comment.


A U.S. government source acknowledged that under provisions of the presidential finding, the United States was collaborating with a secret command center operated by Turkey and its allies.

Last week, Reuters reported that, along with Saudi Arabia and Qatar, Turkey had established a secret base near the Syrian border to help direct vital military and communications support to Assad's opponents.

This "nerve center" is in Adana, a city in southern Turkey about 60 miles from the Syrian border, which is also home to Incirlik, a U.S. air base where U.S. military and intelligence agencies maintain a substantial presence.

Turkey's moderate Islamist government has been demanding Assad's departure with growing vehemence. Turkish authorities are said by current and former U.S. government officials to be increasingly involved in providing Syrian rebels with training and possibly equipment.

European government sources said wealthy families in Saudi Arabia and Qatar were providing significant financing to the rebels. Senior officials of the Saudi and Qatari governments have publicly called for Assad's departure.

On Tuesday, NBC News reported that the Free Syrian Army had obtained nearly two dozen surface-to-air missiles, weapons that could be used against Assad's helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft. Syrian government armed forces have employed such air power more extensively in recent days.

NBC said the shoulder-fired missiles, also known as MANPADs, had been delivered to the rebels via Turkey.

On Wednesday, however, Bassam al-Dada, a political adviser to the Free Syrian Army, denied the NBC report, telling the Arabic-language TV network Al-Arabiya that the group had "not obtained any such weapons at all." U.S. government sources said they could not confirm the MANPADs deliveries, but could not rule them out either.

Current and former U.S. and European officials previously said that weapons supplies, which were being organized and financed by Qatar and Saudi Arabia, were largely limited to guns and a limited number of anti-tank weapons, such as bazookas.

Indications are that U.S. agencies have not been involved in providing weapons to Assad's opponents. In order to do so, Obama would have to approve a supplement, known as a "memorandum of notification, to his initial broad intelligence finding.

Further such memoranda would have to be signed by Obama to authorize other specific clandestine operations to support Syrian rebels.

Reuters first reported last week that the White House had crafted a directive authorizing greater U.S. covert assistance to Syrian rebels. It was unclear at that time whether Obama had signed it.


Separately from the president's secret order, the Obama administration has stated publicly that it is providing some backing for Assad's opponents.

The State Department said on Wednesday the U.S. government had set aside a total of $25 million for "non-lethal" assistance to the Syrian opposition. A U.S. official said that was mostly for communications equipment, including encrypted radios.

The State Department also says the United States has set aside $64 million in humanitarian assistance for the Syrian people, including contributions to the World Food Program, the International Committee of the Red Cross and other aid agencies.

Also on Wednesday, the U.S. Treasury confirmed it had granted authorization to the Syrian Support Group, Washington representative of one of the most active rebel factions, the Free Syrian Army, to conduct financial transactions on the rebel group's behalf. The authorization was first reported on Friday by Al-Monitor, a Middle East news and commentary website.

Last year, when rebels began organizing themselves to challenge the rule of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, Obama also signed an initial "finding" broadly authorizing secret U.S. backing for them. But the president moved cautiously in authorizing specific measures to support them.

Some U.S. lawmakers, such as Republican Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham, have criticized Obama for moving too slowly to assist the rebels and have suggested the U.S. government become directly involved in arming Assad's opponents.

Other lawmakers have suggested caution, saying too little is known about the many rebel groups.

Recent news reports from the region have suggested that the influence and numbers of Islamist militants, some of them connected to al Qaeda or its affiliates, have been growing among Assad's opponents.

U.S. and European officials say that, so far, intelligence agencies do not believe the militants' role in the anti-Assad opposition is dominant.

While U.S. and allied government experts believe that the Syrian rebels have been making some progress against Assad's forces lately, most believe the conflict is nowhere near resolution, and could go on for years.

"Operation Zero Footprint", America's Dirty Work In Libya

the logo of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group

It looks like the evil axis is the U.S., Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. I would throw in Saudi Arabia into the mix also.    

I know some of the "good" people involved in Libyan situation and their loyalty to our country and their integrity is impeccable.

Libya's Qaddafi threatened the fiat U.S. currency by establishing an African gold currency........Qaddafi, a U.S. ally, hence had to go. 

I would speculate that our Libyan ambassador was deliberately put in harm's way because he knew too much about U.S. arms transfers to al Qaeda and Libyan Islamic Fighting Group terrorists.

I can only conclude, and this is just my personal opinion that H. Clinton and John Mccain are either traitors or abject fools for their Libyan involvement.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Hamas, Hamas

My good friend, Roger, wrote this poem

Hamas, Hamas – Why must you cry?
Hamas, Hamas – Why must you make so many die?
Hamas, Hamas – Did I not give Ishmael his land?
Hamas, Hamas – Will I not cause Jacob to stand?
Hamas, Hamas – Why don’t you stay within the borders?
Hamas, Hamas – Why must you act--- AS THE EARTH HOARDERS?!?!?  !!!!!!!!!
Hamas, Hamas – I am the King
  When will you learn to listen - as I sing?

Hamas, Hamas – You know the story of Abraham’s song,
  You know the story will live life long

Hamas, Hamas – If you will not bow and bend,
              You will find out ---WHERE I WILL SEND!!!

Hamas, Hamas – Accept my Son the Risen One,
 Or there is no hope for you - and you’ll be done!!!

Hamas, Hamas – Into the fires of Hell, you’ll not be heavenly bound,
  Jezebel is the liar, this is her sound.

Hamas, Hamas – I call you to repent,
 Change your allegiance to the Son I sent.

I am the Father, you are to follow me,
Your religion blinds all you see.

My son died on the cross to remove your sin,
This is the greatest blessing – please begin.

Time is growing short - as things come to a head,
You want to make sure - you’re being Holy Spirit lead.

The devil is a seducer of all who don’t see,
 Please open your heart to JESUS OF NAZARETH AND BE FREE!!!!!!!!

Free from the lies of the witchcraft beat,
 I desire all I love to reign with me – A Holy seat.

I’m coming soon please listen to me,
Don’t be deceived - I’ll help you see.

 I dare you to call on the name of my son,
 And you will find out who has won.

 I am the Father calling you,
 You must repent of this vicious zoo!

 This religious kingdom is not mine,
  I am the creator, in charge of time!

 I’m coming soon - please REPENT to the Holy One - the One I sent!
 The King of kings will rule and reign - in the land of Jerusalem – My domain.

 With a wooing heart - I am calling you,
 Hamas, Hamas – What will you do?

Jesus of Nazareth is calling you,
To a live a life that’s true blue.

Allah, Allah -    Cannot save you!!!!!!!
 Pray to Jesus – The One that’s true!!!

 Look at the cross where Yeshua invested all,
 This is the truth - this is the call.

Hamas, Hamas – Come out of her,
  Jezebel’s lies are quicksand for sure!

  Come to Jesus my Holy Son,
  Come Hamas and stand with the Risen One!!!
             I AM the Creator – warning you,
  Unite in my love – this is true.

  Humble your hearts unto My Throne,
  You will find a Holy Home.

  Welcome, welcome – into the family,
              We’re so happy you now can see.

                  I AM the Creator of the Universe
I AM the Great I AM
I AM the One who sent Moses to warn Pharaoh
I drowned the Egyptians in the Red Sea for not listening!!!
Listen to me – Allah can’t save you!!!
I AM Yahweh - -accept my son and live forever in my Kingdom!!!!

Romans 10:13  For whosoever shall call upon the name of JESUS shall be saved.

The War of 2015

This article has been re-printed from the Shock Letter by John Little. The Watchman on the Wall, like the writer of the Shock Letter, has also been a professional writer for over 30 years. The writer of the Shock Letter has been writing close to twenty years. We both quickly came to the cynical conclusion that we did not write for my readers. I wrote for the person who signed my paycheck. Even now, I am writing for the One who currently has His signature on my life – God.
If you get ANYTHING out of what we write, you only have God to thank for that.
Unfortunately, most writers have a different kind of paymaster and are beholden to a different god. And, like myself, they know the power of words, and use them to great effect. So, as you watch the propaganda machine rev up, just remember who the writers and broadcasters are really working for.


The War of 2015 – Part 2 – The Propaganda Machine

One of my many favorite quotes about truth, is this one:
“Truth,” it has been said, “is the first casualty of war.”
 Philip Snowden, 1st Viscount Snowden
And, we’ve been at war for a very, very long time.

Intellectual Prostitution

Another of my favorite quotes is about journalism, and the news business in general. It comes from John Swinton.
By the 1880s, he’d been in the journalism business for more than 20 years. He’d been the head of the editorial staff for the New York Times for ten years and head of the editorial staff for the New York Sun for eight more, before going on to publish his news sheet, John Swinton’s Paper. In fact, he was so well respected that the journalist community held a banquet in his honor (in 1880).
Someone who did not know Swinton or journalism stood up and offered a toast to the independent press. Swinton replied, to the outrage of many in the audience:
There is no such thing, at this date of the world’s history, in America, as an independent press. You know it and I know it.
There is not one of you who dares to write your honest opinions, and if you did, you know beforehand that it would never appear in print. I am paid weekly for keeping my honest opinion out of the paper I am connected with. Others of you are paid similar salaries for similar things, and any of you who would be so foolish as to write honest opinions would be out on the streets looking for another job. If I allowed my honest opinions to appear in one issue of my paper, before twenty-four hours my occupation would be gone.
The business of the journalists is to destroy the truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to vilify, to fawn at the feet of mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread. You know it and I know it, and what folly is this toasting an independent press?
We are the tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. We are the jumping jacks, they pull

the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes.
(Source: Labor’s Untold Story, by Richard O. Boyer and Herbert M. Morais, published by United Electrical, Radio & Machine Workers of America, NY, 1955/1979. via John Swinton on the independence of the press.)
Those of us who are professional writers know how easy it is to fall into intellectual prostitution. We know how to twist words and phrases to ‘adjust’ the truth to reflect what WE want the truth to be.
Well, for more than a hundred years, we’ve allowed unprincipled men and women to ‘adjust the truth’ for us. We not only allowed them, we believed them.
By the way, I pulled the above from an article
that I wrote over a year ago:


I’ve watched the bright-eyed and bushy-tailed journalism graduates rush out into the world, so that they could write about truth and justice… and change the world.
I would run into such journalists after twenty years – or more – in the business, and would shake my head at the dried-up shadows of their former selves. Being stationed in Jerusalem was second only to Washington D.C. in a journalist’s career, but they got there by selling their soul to the company store. And, they didn’t know how to buy it back.
I guess that I never got caught up in all of that, because I never wanted to be a writer. I never wanted to be a journalist. I did NOT (and still don’t) care if my name appears anywhere – on any byline. Being famous is as useful as… I’m trying to think here …a coin dropped in the middle of an ocean.
All of what you are reading here is an accident – assuming that you are willing to call the Hand of God such a thing. Why God would use an irritable idiot like myself, is a mystery.
But, let’s get to this propaganda machine that I mentioned in the title.

The CIA Propaganda Machine

The CIA is one of the most evil organizations on Earth. I didn’t always believe that. In fact, I only really came to this conclusion over the past few years.
Are there good people working for the CIA?
Absolutely. Many are even Christian and believe that what they are doing is fighting against the forces of evil that threaten America.
But, no one with a conscience rises above a certain point in the hierarchy of the Central Intelligence Agency. No one.
And, within the CIA are black operations groups that are known to only a few people within the CIA, itself. This compartmentalization has allowed evil to live and thrive, and it is the CIA that is a

big part of what is happening with ISIS.


There are multiple operations groups handling ISIS, and you won’t know who most of them are – until it is too late. But, there is one operations group that you MIGHT know about, and it’s called MOCKINGBIRD.
It was originally set up to neutralize the Soviet propaganda that was making its way into the US media. It was commendable that the CIA was fighting fire with fire, but what started out as a good thing became… something else. In fact, as the CIA changed into a darker, more sinister organization in the 1960s, Operation MOCKINGBIRD began to change also.
Digging into the evil inside of the CIA would require a whole new website, so I will leave the revelation of all that to others. My concern right now is with Operation Mockingbird, and similar operations groups active within the CIA.
It’s all about propaganda, and propaganda is all about the careful delivery of information that will change the course of how people think – so that they will make the decision that you want them to make.
As you may surmise from how I began this article, we have been the victims of propaganda for hundreds of years. The CIA is just the most recent purveyor of such carefully administered information. In fact, we have become such ardent consumers of propaganda, that we don’t know that it IS propaganda.
So, why am I saying this now?
Because we are witnessing a wave of propaganda – from people who honestly believe what they are telling us.

The Best Propaganda

Here is Lt. General McInerney (ret.) on what he believes is the truth:

YouTube shortlink:

By the way, my inclusion of this comment by General McInerney is no sign of any disrespect. It is clear to me that he truly believes what he is telling us, and the people who told HIM probably believe it too. And, I suspect that General McInerney is a great man with pure intentions.
In fact, it may even be the absolute truth.
The best propaganda is factually correct information delivered by people who passionately believe that what they are saying is truth.
Please. You must understand that. The most powerful lies are those told by good people who passionately believe in what they are saying. Never allow someone else’sconviction and passion to change your mind about ANYTHING.
And yes, that includes me.

Another 9/11 Attack?

Is there going to be a 9-11-14 attack?
I don’t know, but the fact that this information is being broadcast, at this moment in time, tells me that this is a distinct possibility.
Again, Susan Duclos of,
came through
 with yet another excellent article. 
Her website is turning into a must-read. 
You can read the article where I got the above video, here:

The Current Wave Of Propaganda

So, let’s take a look at the current wave of propaganda that is washing over us, right now:
When you suddenly see a wave of headlines like that hit you, you know that you are being

prepared for something. And, whatever it is, it will be so bad, that you will not want to believe that it was all set up by the very people you have been trusting to protect you.

Discern The Truth

So, the next time you open your paper, ask yourself:
What is it that they are trying to make me believe in, NOW?
It’s hard to discern the truth, until you understand who is lying to you, and why. And, you will never understand the truth, unless you know the Author of The Truth.

You will never know the truth, if Jesus isn’t your Lord and Savior.

The War of 2015 – Part 3 – Nuclear False Flag

There is no doubt in my mind that the globalists feel the absolute need to take us to war. It is the only way that will reliably allow them to cover their tracks, direct your attention away from what they’ve been doing, and keep you focused on something other than the real problem – THEM. They also know that it is the surest way to make the changes in society that they want made.

World War 1 brought us the IRS and The Federal Reserve. World War II brought us socialism. The Vietnam War brought a massively increased the Military Industrial Complex, the CIA heroin trade and a darker, more sinister intelligence community.
I could go on, but one thing that all of those wars have in common is a false flag attack.

The War of 2015 – Part 3 – Nuclear False Flag

America has a long, long history with either using a false flag attack to start a war, or luring an opponent into attacking the US – which is just another version of a false flag.

An American History Of False Flags

The following wars were started via some form of ‘false flag’:
§  Both Mexican Wars
§  Spanish-American War
§  World War I
§  World War II
§  Korean War
§  Vietnam War
§  Gulf War I – Desert Storm
§  The War on Terror
§  Gulf War II – Iraqi Freedom

And, those are just the wars that I know about. And yes, each and every one of them was started by a false flag attack. I could go on and on about how and why these wars were started by a such an attack, and I could elaborate further on false-flag attacks that actually failed. But, I won’t.
If you need a quick primer on US false flag operations, this web page might help:
And, each one of those wars saw a dramatic erosion of the rights and liberties of the American people. It saw the growth of government and a huge increase in corruption. And, it was all run by the banksters and the Illuminati.

Why We Need False Flags

But wait, why do we need a false flag attack to start a war?
The answer is easy. Ninety nine percent of all human beings actually hate war – at least, those who know what war actually is like. I’ve spent a lot of time studying war and living in war zones, and I hate war with a passion.
But, when you feel attacked and threatened… when you feel violated by a foreign power …you want vengeance. It is a natural feeling that came as a part of our eating of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. In our fall, we received a vital and necessary reaction to danger and evil.
We didn’t have it before Adam and Eve sinned, because we didn’t need it. But, we certainly needed it, once sin entered the world. And, that ‘Fight or Flight’ mechanism inside each of us is easily manipulated by the psychopaths in charge.
Yesterday, I described the propaganda that washes over you, each and every day. And, you would think that such psychological operations by the US government and bankster elites would be enough. But, we are made of sterner stuff, and that means that the elites always need to resort to the ‘false flag’ – to bring us to the point of war.

The War That They Want

What war are they wanting to start?
Yet another American invasion of the Middle East. But, even with all the propaganda that you’ve been consuming over the past year, you still don’t want to do it. So, the US government will arrange an attack by ISIS, to get it started.
Unfortunately, the 9/11 attack in 2001 raised the bar really high. The attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon set a new standard for such attacks, which means that the next one will need to be much, much bigger. America is tired of war, so this will need to be an enormous shock to the American system – to rouse Americans with the kind of energy needed to invade the Middle East, again.

When It Will Happen

Do we know what that attack would be?
Well, the interesting thing about propaganda and the necessary preparations for a False Flag attack, is that they need to tell you SOMETHING that will focus your mind on the direction that they want you to go. Once they have your attention, they can then launch the false flag attack – which will then result in the fear, anguish and outrage that they are looking for.
So, where are they setting our focus?
YouTube shortlink:

It Must Be Bigger Than 9/11

That gives us a date, but doesn’t really tell us what that attack will be, although he DID mention that missing plane, MH370.
Of course, such an attack would be REALLY tough, but with Saudi Intelligence and the CIA involved… well, almost anything is possible.
But, would flying an airplane into a building do the trick?
I doubt it.

The Nuclear 9/11 Story

I continue to be much more concerned when it comes to our security with the prospect of a nuclear weapon going off in Manhattan.
Then, in June, we had Dick Cheney put this out:
YouTube shortlink:
In THAT video, he talks about a nuclear attack on Washington and martial law. Of course, he said ‘within a decade’.
But, he got your attention, right?
But, he didn’t stop there:
YouTube shortlink:
There he talked about Pakistan.
And, where did MH370 supposedly land?
But, Dick kept busy on this topic – like here:
YouTube shortlink:

A Million Dead

Now, that was a couple of months ago. And the rhetoric needed to be pumped up again, because this year’s September 11th was approaching fast. So, here is Dick, just six days ago, at it again:

YouTube shortlink:

He said that the murder of James Foley will be repeated a million times over.
Wait, a million times?
… as in a million people dead in a nuclear 9/11?

Two Birds With One Bomb

If a nuclear weapon explodes over Manhattan or Washington D.C., at LEAST a million would die. And, either target would solve a thorny problem for the Illuminati. They would get to start with a new government, if Washington D.C. was taken out. And, if Manhattan was nuked, they could blame the crash of the world financial system on it.

How Their Story Works

Now that ISIS has a Syrian Air Force base under their control, the globalists now have the ability to show off how ISIS could attack the US using a Boeing 777-200ER. The maximum range of this version of the Boeing 777 is well over 6,000 miles and within range of flight from that base.
This means that they now have a plausible story to tell, when a nuke goes off over New York City or Washington. Furthermore, they wouldn’t even need MH370.
There are over 400 Boeing 777-200ERs officially in operation around the world – just like MH370. All that they would have to do is load up a big nuclear weapon on such a plane, give it the right transponder codes for a legitimate flight into JFK airport or Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, and it would be all over.
So, you get the picture.
Big, big attack coming.
Or, not.

Plans B To Z

Remember that the globalist elites fail with regularity. God is always putting a thumb in Satan’s eye and messing up such plans. So, if September 11 rolls by this year without an attack… breathe a sigh of relief. But, remember that the globalists will always have a plan B and C – and, enough backup plans to fill the rest of the alphabet.
Others have warned about other possible terrorist attacks on the United States, and if the death toll gets high enough, an invasion of the Syria and Iraq will be certain. And, I believe that this coming war in the Middle East is already a ‘done deal’ – whenever it happens.

But, It Will Happen

Because of our rejection of God and His protection… well …I believe that God will eventually let the globalist elites have their war. It will reorganize the Middle East and lay the foundation for the fulfillment of an important prophecy – a prophecy that can only occur once the Middle East has been ‘pacified’.
Please take this seriously. September is days away, so you should be ready for what might happen – if it happens. If September passes without an attack, please understand that the threat is still there – because the reasons for WHY they want this attack WILL STILL BE THERE.

May God be with you all.

As human beings go, the Illuminati globalists are reasonably intelligent. They know that the best way to get something done, is to convince others to gladly do it for them. They also like to pack in as many achievements as they can, into a single effort.

That single effort will be the next war. If their plan for this coming September 11th is successful, a war will start in 2015 that will change America forever, murder millions in the Middle East, collapse the global financial markets, and leave America in direct control of the best source of crude oil in the world.
It will be the kind of bloodbath that these Satanists love most.

The War of 2015 – Part 4 – Middle East

The poor Satanic elites have a problem. The old system of finance and corruption is teetering towards a complete collapse. They’ve been artificially propping up this putrefying mass for years, but it finally has to go. But, they want to do it in such a way that it ushers in a new system that THEY still control.
By the way, the new system that they want us living under isn’t ready yet, so they’ll put in a system designed to fail, so that our dear leaders will throw their hands up and say that they tried – before forcing us to go with the Number of the Beast. But, that’s an article for a different series.
Unfortunately, you can’t usher in new systems without a lot of fuss-and-feathers. That’s where a really big war comes in. You get everybody all upset about something, show ‘em who they should beat up, and then make the changes that you want – while everyone is distracted. Everyone will be so worn out by the ‘Big War’ that they won’t raise a fuss over what you did.
As I told you yesterday, that has been America’s story for two hundred years, and that story is repeating itself – again. They have shown us where the bogeyman is, and when the bogeyman does a nice big attack, you will know exactly what to do. While you are off beating up the bogeyman, the Satanic elites will have taken everything that you have, set up a new financial system, a new political system and turned all of you into slaves.

Crushing The Bogeyman

Also, since the bogeyman that you will crush is a part of the old system that they are trying to replace, it will knock down two birds with one stone. The globalists will have gotten everything that they wanted, and will show their gratitude by placing you deeper into slavery.
It’s five thousand years of history – on repeat.
So, who is this bogeyman?
Well, the propagandists are telling you that it’s ISIS. So, that is where the war will take you. Of course, mission creep will change the focus towards anything that they also want knocked down.
This will mean the complete destruction of Syria and Damascus (and the fulfillment of Isaiah 17). ISIS and the other Sunni fighters have already done quite a bit of work towards completing this objective. If this year’s 9/11 passes without incident, then you can expect more money, training and weapons to be given to them by the Americans, Turks and Saudis – to help ISIS get as much of the job done as possible.
Once a successful false flag attack occurs on the US there will be the inevitable ‘who dunnit’ search, and people will be quick to find ISIS responsible. The world will also be recoiling in shock and horror, and will pretty much give the US carte blanche to do whatever they want.
The US will spend time building another coalition of the willing – which will essentially be NATO plus a few extras.
Airstrikes will start almost immediately, but will be ineffective – by design. Planes will be shot down by missiles, so troops will be sent in. (And, you know where ISIS got the missiles.)
Syria and western Iraq will be completely taken over. What’s left of Damascus will have been leveled, and US troops will yet again be on the border with Saudi Arabia and the gulf Arab states.

The Petrodollar

Now, let me take a moment here to point out another thorny problem that the Satanic elites have:
The Petrodollar System
Oil makes the world go ’round, and if you want to control how it goes around… well …you need control of the oil. And, if you want to control the oil, you need to start with the Middle East.
However, the Middle East is a problem because it’s full of Arabs, and Arabs don’t like being controlled – by anybody. And no, it’s not just about Islam. It’s about the culture and background of the Arab people. Islam is a reflection of that culture, but Islam is only one facet of it.
The-enemy-of-my-enemy-is-my-friend concept lies at the heart of Arabic culture and tradition. And, America has exploited that tradition to the hilt. But, that exploitation has run into trouble.

The Collapse Of The House Of Saud

The Saudi kingdom is teetering on the verge of collapse. The line of succession is unclear, and there are too many princes with a claim to the throne. And, we are seeing more and more rich Saudis look at this situation and flee their country for Spain and southern France.
Furthermore, the average Saudi peasant is distinctly unhappy with their rulers. They are seen as corrupt, and that does not sit well with your average Wahhabi cleric. Add in a years-long decline in the economic conditions for the average Saudi, and that means revolution is in the air for an area that contains the most important oil fields in the world.
This next war in the Middle East will place the United States and NATO in the right place, at the right time, to make sure that the right person sits on the throne of the Saudi Kingdom.
The Saudi people and the Iranian government won’t like that, so there will be a revolution and fighting within Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Gulf. The US and NATO will crush that revolution and may even wind up with a far more direct control of the Middle East.
Pax Americana will descend upon the Middle East with a vengeance. All internal conflicts will be ruthlessly suppressed, and the money fueling those conflicts will be cut off – which will be easily done, since the CIA and Saudi intelligence has been doing the funding.
How long this peace will last, is hard to say.

The Anti-US Alliance

In the meantime, the US will be changing into something even darker and more sinister. The anti-US alliance will grow and strengthen. Russia and China will draw even closer together.
What will Russia do when America invades the Middle East again?
Nothing – at least, on the surface.
Russia will make the same response to America’s invasion of the Middle East, as they did with Ukraine – a far more serious event. They will look at their options, and allow the US to wear herself out – before choosing the right moment, at the right time, to regain the advantage. Russia is not militarily strong enough to do much about the United States and NATO, so they will wait for this coalition to weaken.

The US Destroyed

In the meantime, China and Russia will continue reaching out to countries alarmed by American aggressiveness and bring them into a closer alliance. Iran will quickly fall deeper into their camp – as will the ex-Soviet republics.
Eventually, something will need to be done about the US. And THAT is where our EMP/Nuclear War/Bio-Weapons scenarios come into play. But, that’s a discussion for a different time.
The point is that the propaganda machine of the CIA has begun to point us towards a war in the Middle East, and they will make that war happen. We are not going to change the course of these events. The fact that people are starting to talk about this might delay their implementation, but it will not be stopped. However, any delay will be a highly welcome outcome. The longer the delay, the more time that you have to prepare for what is coming.


If you haven’t already begun to prepare, you must start now. As I said in last week’s Weekend ShockCast:
The bigger issue is that we are right at the end game of this phase of the New World Order takeover. If the globalist elites screw up, and fail to get a war started, complete financial collapse will probably come, sometime over the next four months. The elites are running out of tricks up their sleeves and rabbits in their hats – and, they know that.
If the elites ARE successful in getting another war started, this might give us a bit more time, but it would also mean a massive decrease in your ability to prepare for what is coming. You MUST start preparing for the inevitable, now.
This is what preparing for the inevitable means:
§  Get as close to God as you can. Without Jesus as your Lord and Savior, you have no hope.
§  Get out of the US, ASAP.
§  Sell your house and get all assets out of banks and institutions.
§  Get away from cities.
§  Prepare living space, food and water for as many people as you can think of.
§  If there is anything left, buy as much silver as you carry and as much gold as you can afford.
§  If you aren’t moving, do everything else – but forget the part about gold and buy silver.
Please do all of this now, the amount of time that you have may only be measured in weeks or months – or, even just days. It is always possible that our current situation could extend out for a little bit longer, and I would dance for joy over that.
But, are you willing to gamble on the future?
I’m not, and you shouldn’t either.
Events are accelerating, and how much time that we have left to prepare is unclear. What is clear, is that we have far, far less time than we had before. It would be far better to be months early, than minutes late.
You don’t need to be afraid, but you do need to prepare. And, you may only have a few days to do it.