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The Watchman On The Wall
Eph 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Verse 13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

The War Against the U.S. Constitution; La guerra contra la Constitución de los Estados Unidos.

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Are You A Populist Conservative? Oletko populistinen konservatiivinen?

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It is too bad that Harper cannot run for our Presidency. Watch the interesting video below.

Venezuela Repartriated $11 Billion In Gold! Venezuela repartrió $ 11 mil millones en oro!

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This is strange, the article below is dated Jan. 30, 2019 yet they quote a dead Hugo Chaves in August???? 

I think Venezuela began repatriating Gold in 2011 while Chavez was alive.

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Who Is Lusting For Venezuela's Gold?

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We have an old saying in the intelligence world, follow the money!
A person with direct knowledge of the matter told Bloomberg News Tuesday that 20 tons of gold have been set aside in the Venezuelan central bank for loading. Worth some $840 million, the gold represents about 20 percent of its holdings of the metal in Venezuela, the person said. He provided no further information on plans for those bars.
With strongman President Nicolas Maduro losing control of the country’s already-scant finances and reserves thanks to U.S. sanctions, who can put his hands on the nation’s estimated 200 tons of gold at home and abroad has become a key question. The nation owes billions to its patrons Russia and China as well as bondholders, and also needs hard currency to buy food for its starving people.
Venezuela has been trying for years to increase its gold reserves by encouraging mining, putting the military in charge of vast territories that yield the precious metal. State gold processor Minerven melts the ore into bars, which military aircraft take to airbases around Caracas. Soldiers regularly unload it into armored vehicles bound for the central bank and beyond.
The U.S. has been working to put National Assembly head Juan Guaido, who says he is the nation’s rightful president, in charge of Venezuelan finances and starve the regime. Last week, the Bank of England denied Maduro officials’ request to withdraw $1.2 billion of gold stored there after top U.S. officials, including Secretary of State Michael Pompeo and National Security Adviser John Bolton, lobbied their U.K. counterparts to cut off the regime from its overseas assets.
On Monday, a plane belonging to Nordwind Airlines, a popular Russian charter operator based in Moscow, landed at the international airport near Caracas, according to flight tracking website FlightRadar24. A Nordwind spokesman declined to comment Wednesday on the purpose of the flight. Boy, I smell the globalist thieves at work.
Finance Minister Simon Zerpa declined to comment on the nation’s gold and also said there was no Russian plane at Simon Bolivar International Airport.
“I’m going to start bringing Russian and Turkish airplanes every week so everybody gets scared,” he said.
Russia’s Foreign Ministry has no information about the charter jet, spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said in a message Wednesday. There are no plans to evacuate Russians from Venezuela, she said.
Kremlin Support
“Nordwind does a rather large number of these flights to order,” said Oleg Panteleyev, head of AviaPort, a Moscow aviation consultant. “As a rule, there aren’t a lot of orders for Venezuela, so this country can’t be called a popular destination among Russians,” though there’s no official ban on chartering an aircraft there, he said.
The Kremlin has lavished support on the Latin American country in recent years, making it one of the biggest recipients of Russian loans and investment and an outpost of Moscow’s influence in a region dominated by the U.S. But Russia has been reticent about committing more capital, especially because opposition officials have said they might not honor all the Maduro government’s obligations.
Russia vowed to “do everything” to protect Maduro against U.S. efforts to oust him as the Trump administration issued new sanctions against Venezuela on Monday, without elaborating what steps it would take.
A top Russian finance ministry official, meanwhile, warned that Venezuela could have trouble meeting payments under a $3.15 billion debt-rescheduling deal reached in 2017. The next installment of $100 million is due in March. The ministry said later that Russia expects Venezuela to meet its obligations, according to an emailed statement.

The U.S. Taxpayer Is Paying for ISIS and Al Qaeda Weapons; Le contribuable américain paie pour les armes ISIS et Al-Qaïda

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ISIS tanks

These Pictures Speak For Themselves; Queste immagini parlano da sole

Planned Parenthood spent $30 million to help the Democrats win back the house Yet we still give them $500 million in taxpayer funding each year If they have that kind of cash and engage in that blatant partisan activity, why am I forced to fund them with my money?

When the partial government shutdown ended I visited the Smithsonian and saw RBG stuffed next to the Wooly Mammoth! 
RBG is a talking exhibit and was entitled "The Jewish Hitler, she killed millions of American babies mainly black babies without using ovens! RBG killed so many black and Jewish babies that Hitler designated her a honorary Aryan!"

 A sign said the RBG exhibit was being moved to the Supreme Court of the United States. It will be on loan for the next 6 years!

Friends, I think it is high time we start calling out the abortionists for what they really are: eugenicist baby killers. Margaret Sanger, the Nazi, would be very proud of RBG 

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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

ALERT: Neocons Have Trump Surrounded; ALERTE: Les Néocons ont Trump entouré

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Above Juan Guaido, Bolton's and Abrams man! He is the "self declared" Neocon president of Venezuela. Oh, by the way,  Juan Guaido was Jesuit educated at Andrés Bello Catholic University

Patriots, this is very sad to report. Every day Donald Trump is pounded and isolated by the Neocons, Deep Staters, Dems and the Lame Stream Media. It appears he is caving in to the pressure. I can't blame Trump considering what he and his family go through. The "surrounding" is the same thing the Neocons did to Ronaldus Magnus! 

Bolton and Elliott Abrams (the convicted Neocon war monger) now have their "False Flag" in Venezuela. I guess it is time for the Neocons to steal Venezuela's oil and gold. 

President Trump, please listen, if the U.S. gets involved in Venezuela it will be another Neocon "cluster f......." and turn Latin America more anti-American. This of course, plays into the hands of the latin American communists, Cuba and the Russians and the globalist Illuminati. 

By Pat Buchanan

"Pay the soldiers. The rest do not matter."

This was the deathbed counsel given to his sons by Roman Emperor Septimius Severus in A.D. 211.

Nicolas Maduro must today appreciate the emperor's insight.

For the political survival of this former bus driver and union boss hangs now upon whether Venezuela's armed forces choose to stand by him or to desert him and support National Assembly leader Juan Guaido.

Wednesday, Guaido declared Maduro's election last May to a second six-year term to be a sham, and had himself inaugurated as acting president.

Thursday, the defense minister and army chief General Vladimir Padrino Lopez, with his top brass, dismissed the 35-year-old Guaido as a U.S. puppet, and pledged allegiance to Maduro.

Friday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told the U.N. Security Council: "Now it is time for every other nation to pick a side. ... Either you stand with the forces of freedom, or you're in league with Maduro and his mayhem."

By Friday, however, the world had already taken sides.

Russia and China stood by Maduro, as did NATO ally Turkey, with President Erdogan phoning his support. Mexico, Nicaragua, Cuba and Bolivia were also with Maduro.

Backing Guaido are Venezuela's neighbors Ecuador, Brazil and Colombia, the U.S. and Canada, and the Organization of American States.

Britain, France, Germany and Spain have sent Maduro a diplomatic ultimatum: Agree in eight days to new elections or we back the 35-year-old Guaido, who, until this year, was an unknown.

All options are on the table, says President Donald Trump. But Russia called Guaido's action a "quasi-coup" and warned that intervention could result in "catastrophic consequences." Vladimir Putin also phoned Maduro with his support.

The stakes for all sides here are huge. Russia has contractors in Venezuela and has lent the regime billions. In a show of solidarity, Putin recently flew two strategic bombers to Venezuela.

China has loaned Venezuela tens of billions, with Caracas paying Beijing back in oil.

Cuba has sent military and intelligence officers to maintain internal security. Hugo Chavez had seen in Fidel Castro a father figure and modeled his new Venezuela on Castro's Cuba — with similar results.

Where hundreds of thousands fled Castro's revolution in the 1960s, three million Venezuelans have fled to Ecuador, Brazil, Colombia and other South American countries and the USA.

The economy is in a shambles. Though Venezuela has the largest oil reserves on earth, production is a fraction of what it once was. Cronyism and corruption are endemic. Inflation has destroyed the currency. There is poverty, malnutrition and shortages of every necessity of modern life.

Yet, still, the crucial question: What will the soldiers do? And if the military stands with Maduro, and Maduro refuses to go, what do the Americans do to force him out?

Invade? That would invite disaster. Venezuela is not Panama, Haiti or Grenada. Larger than Texas, its population is more than 30 million. And U.S. forces are already committed around the world.

A blockade and sanctions would magnify and deepen the suffering of the people of Venezuela long before they would bring down the regime. Would our allies support a blockade? And if years of suffering by the Venezuelan people have not shaken Maduro's hold on power, what makes us believe more of the same would persuade him?

Maduro and his army are being offered amnesty if they peacefully depart. But what would Maduro's fate be if he flees?

If he gives up power under U.S. threat, he is finished and disgraced as a coward. Would he not prefer to go down fighting?

And if the leadership of the army should abandon Maduro, there are younger ambitious officers who would surely see a rewarding future in fighting to save the regime.

Are we inviting a civil war in Venezuela? Should the shooting start in Caracas, what do we do then?

Did anyone think this through?

Maduro is an incompetent brutal dictator whose ideology has helped to destroy a nation. But if he can change the narrative from a confrontation between a tyrant and his persecuted people to that of an embattled defender of Venezuela being attacked by Yankee imperialists and their domestic lackeys, that could resonate among the masses in Latin America.

And from all indications, Maduro intends to defy the U.S. and rally the radicals and anti-Americans in the hemisphere and the Third World.

Guiado's constitutional claim to the presidency of Venezuela was a scheme cooked up in collusion with Washington, made in the USA, with Secretary of State Pompeo, John Bolton and Sen. Marco Rubio signing on, and President Trump signing off. This was Plan A.

But if Plan A does not succeed, and Maduro, with America's prestige on the line, defies our demand that he yield, what do we do then? What is Plan B?

"Assad must go!" said Barack Obama. Well, Assad is still there — and Obama is gone.

Will the same be said of Maduro?

Watch the interesting videos below.


In reference to one young Bearkitten in the interview: Hey Bearkitten, my family was forced to change their name during World War 1 from Wilhelm to Williams because of persecution from fellow non-German Americans. The Kaiser and Germans were not liked by our fellow Americans mainly because of British propaganda about "babies on bayonets". See the Corbett Report excellent documentary series on World War 1. 
Also, I have seen illegal aliens carrying Honduran and Mexican flags. My family would have been very angry with me if they saw me carrying a German flag.  My mother did not want me to learn German or speak it and refused to converse with me in German. Despite the persecution my family went through we are red, white and blue through and through! Four sons served in the military and our cousin was a POW in Korea. I am retired from the U.S. Army and loved serving the American people.
Overall, I was proud of what my fellow Bearcats and Bearkittens had to say.
GO BEARCATS! 12 and 2 in football and 18 and 3 in basketball.
Watch the interesting video below.

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Have You Heard of ERPO state laws?

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These laws are called "Extreme Risk Protection Orders"

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This Could Be "Huge"! Cela pourrait être "énorme"!

Friends and Patriots, 

This political development has the Democrats worried because Howard Schultz will split the Democrats if he runs as an independent. I do not think Schultz will get the support of the mega powerful Lubavitch Chabad Jews over Donald Trump, the hero who recognized Jerusalem as the true capital of Jerusalem and moved the U.S. there.

You know why Democrats might be jealous. The big story on their side of the aisle in this presidential election is a candidate, “Fauxcahontas” widely viewed to be both a prohibitive frontrunner and sort of boring—even by her backers, and even if her candidacy is historic because she is a woman. Meanwhile, the Republicans have that “waskley wabbit, they won't see me comin” Donald Trump!
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There’s no reason that Democrats can't have their own Trump. What it would take? Let's look at some Democratic requirements.
1. The candidate needs lots of money. Say, about $3 billion dollars
2. He or she would need to have spoken out on political issues in the past, but never have actually run for office or been seriously involved in politics.
3. This person would also have donated money to candidates of both parties
4. Ideally, the candidate should have some controversial comments about race and gender
5. Ideally, the candidate would have to be from one of New York’s outer boroughs
7. A progressive Jew would be good.
Well, here for your viewing pleasure is Howard Schultz, the CEO of Starbucks. Net worth? $3 billion. Check. Political dabbling? Check. Donations to both parties? Schultz hasn’t done much for Republicans, but he did give to “never Trumper” John McCain in 2000, so it counts, so check that box.
Unwise comments about race? Schultz’s “Race Together” campaign wasn’t inflammatory but it was widely panned. Check.

Place of birth? Brooklyn. Check.

Sports venture? Sure—Schultz used to own an NBA team in Seattle, so check that box. 

Schultz calls for “servant leadership,” including “putting others first and leading from the heart.” In your heart you knew Barry Goldwater was right, oh I digress and personally, I have noticed leading from the heart when I get my winter apple cider at Starbucks, tongue in cheek.  He says leaders need to appeal to civility and humility. Those are just the sorts of initiatives Schultz has trumpeted. Remember Starbucks’s “Come Together” campaign during the the 2013 government shutdown? Or “Race Together,” the well-intentioned but ill-fated post-Ferguson push for a race conversation? check that box. And finally, Scultz is a progressive Jew, check that box.

Well, the Democratic Party is in flux as the centrist legacy of Bill Clinton seems to give way to a party enthralled by “Fauxcahontas” and multi-millionaire socialist Bernie Sanders. Today’s Democratic Party is more confrontational, and more concerned about economic justice and social justice, and more willing to pick fights with Trump and corporate America. It’s easy to see why that direction wouldn’t appeal to someone like Schultz, an executive who sees himself bringing people together. So check that box for Howard.

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Schultz perfectly represents a portion of the Democratic Party that risks being left behind in this shift: big-city progressives, who are socially liberal, fiscally corporatist, and rhetorically sleazy. In other words, he’s the fantasy candidate of groups like AmericansElect, the failed 2012 attempt to select a Michael Bloomberg-style third-party alternative. The key word there is “failed”: Efforts like this always seem to come up short, in part because what’s on offer is really just an attempt to “repackage” and conceal the true progressive/socialist/communist Democratic Party platform Can you say Barack Obama and our big-city progressives fond of gauzy rhetoric about uniting? 

Moreover, politics is extremely hard work and "newbies" like Schultz are unlikely to quickly master the tricks. Schultz would bring one crucial skill to a campaign, he has shown he has the ability to build and manage a huge nationwide network, involving physical locations, an ability to get people to turn over perplexing sums of money, and a fan base that  is addicted to his product. check that box for Howard.
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The same is true for Schultz and Starbucks. In his first tenure as CEO, Schultz turned a tiny company into an international giant by doggedly contending the world was looking for a $4 cup of coffee. That concept may seem obvious now, but it certainly was not when Schultz bought the company in 1988, given that the coffee business in America had been in serious decline for decades.
A highly able executive in virtually every dimension of his business, Schultz also innately understood from the beginning that successfully managing his business depended on successfully managing his story. Long known as an irrepressible salesman, Schultz has always applied that same determination to engaging the news media, learning that his willful, winning personality could overcome many obstacles that would stop others.
Schultz has always been good at leveraging symbolic non-events into news. Do you remember when Schultz then famously chose to close Starbucks stores for three hours to "retrain" the baristas. Simple and concrete, the clumsy publicity stunt quickly aged.
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And then, after the Starbucks reset, as the business results began to turn positive, Schultz wasted little time in trying to dictate the narrative. Then Schultz went on a campaign to save the country from its politicians. He blended capitalism and activism. He called for a temporary boycott of corporate contributions to politicians, and selling plastic bracelets to bankroll small businesses and create jobs. 
While some speculate that those efforts reflect Schultz's desire to enter politics, the more likely explanation is that Schultz is doctor of the clever spin. Remember Schultz is your ultimate salesman, I wouldn’t trust my family or my country to this “slick salesman”.

The more he talks, the more scrutiny he invites, and on the wrong things.

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Starbucks is to be ethical and progressive in its business practices, particularly with its procurement programs.
But when it comes to political reform and job creation, Starbucks must be careful to not flaunt one of the fundamental rules of 21st Century communication: The louder you talk, the more you are asking for the world to take a close look at your walk.
And the company is particularly vulnerable on the jobs issue, where its efforts have been anchored around the media-sexy bracelet program. While Schultz would inform shareholders only that the program has generated "millions of dollars" and created "significant new jobs," the most recent reports say the company has currently sold $2 million of bracelets, in addition to its initial $5 million donation.
That's fine, but it's approximately $58 million less than Starbucks paid Schultz in 2011. Even worse, Starbucks now employs, 149,000 people, compared with its high of 176,000 in 2008, the year Schultz returned as CEO. It's one thing to shrink your workforce to get more efficient, but it's another thing to hold yourself up as a champion of job creation and ethical progressivism while you're doing it. I believe Schultz talked the talk but he did not do the walk at Starbucks.
If the company really wanted to use its scale to create jobs, the most natural and sustainable way to do that would be by restoring the number of baristas typically on the floor to the pre-reset levels. That would shorten the wait-time for customers and keep the tabletops cleaner, improving the Starbucks experience and brand, which would ultimately pay off for shareholders. Like most of today's corporate capitalists Schultz boosted Starbucks net profit by sacrificing his people.
While some people love the Davos-lite concept of meshing capitalism with side-project philanthropy, it rarely sticks in the real world. 
Schultz has slammed Trump’s tax law, which slashed the corporate tax rate to 20 percent from 35 percent, calling it “fool’s gold” that wouldn’t help “create a level playing field and more compassionate society.”
Starbucks attempted to do just that by giving employees raises in light of the company’s tax windfall from the new law. But Schultz said his previous criticism, that most companies would forward the majority of the benefits to their shareholders, still held water.
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“I didn’t give the administration credit” for the bonuses, “I gave credit to the fact the leadership of Starbucks did the right thing,” Schultz said.
“When you’re building a great enduring company, not every business decision should be, and is, an economic one,” he said, I bet Schultz did not say that when he cut Starbucks labor costs or when he was the top national salesman!


In 1982, Schultz married Sheri Kersch; they have two children: Jordan and daughter Addison Schultz. Jordan married Breanna Hawes in September 2011; their civil ceremony was followed the same day by a Jewish religious ceremony. By the way, Howard Schultz endorses same-sex marriage.

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Before there was Jill Stein, there was Ralph Nader. Before there was Nader and of course there was Ross Perot.
None of those people won and all argued that the Republican Party and the Democratic Party were basically the same, and the only way to make real change was to ditch them both. Each was blamed for siphoning off enough votes to throw the presidential elections.
These days, the difference between the parties is starker than it’s ever been in modern times. Yet here comes Howard Schultz, a Starbucks billionaire who feels that he might be the answer to American politics, and that he’d run for president as an independent.
Schultz, the former Starbucks CEO, says that he is thinking very seriously about a presidential run.
He makes clear, however, that if he moves forward, he will do so as an independent.
Already top Democratic operatives working for presidential candidates and beyond say they’re worried that the only thing he’ll accomplish is making sure Donald Trump gets re-elected. It’s more than just sniping at a prospective opponent; word that he might invest in an independent run has many of dems clearly worried about how Schultz would split votes in a general election.
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Schultz has seemed to be moving toward a run for months, with interviews and speeches around the country about the inclusive policies that he says he pioneered while in charge of the company in two stints, totaling 24 years. He also talks about his vision of America, much of it informed by a trip he took to Auschwitz, which he discusses in an emotional story.

Schultz has called our era “a most fragile time” and he has said “not only the fact that this president is not qualified to be the president, but the fact that both parties are consistently not doing what’s necessary on behalf of the American people and are engaged, every single day, in revenge politics.” Aides to Schultz did not respond to requests for comment.

“Trump’s strategy has always been divide and conquer, and this plays directly into his hands,” said one Democratic strategist, who was wary of taking on Schultz openly ahead of any announcement. “He’s Ralph Nader without any of Nader’s redeeming qualities. What’s his value proposition for America? Make America like a corporate chain?”As we can see some Democratic strategists are anti-capitalism, hence the predicament of the socialist/communist Democratic party.
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Democrats aren’t the only ones who see Schultz as potentially helping Trump win a second term. Bill Kristol, the Never Trump, neocon Republican who is most active both in media appearances and private conversations representing the GOP “resistance” to the president, said he wouldn’t support an independent run either.
“One reason my colleagues and I are focused on a Republican primary challenge to Trump, apart from the fact that we’re Republicans, is that it doesn’t present any of the problems of inadvertently helping him by being a spoiler,” Kristol wrote in an email.
Image result for howard schultz and same sex marriage
Schultz, a lifelong Democrat, would run under the theory that the answer to the political division in the country right now is moving away from party politics. There’s little evidence to support that, as people report being more polarized and partisan, devoted to their own party and demonizing the other. For all the prominent Republicans who say they don’t like Trump, the president’s overall approval numbers among voters within his party remain sky high, according to polls. Schultz would have to persuade millions of them to abandon the party to vote for him, while drawing enough Democratic votes away from a party that is energized and excited about taking out the president. Trust me, Trump’s base is not going to support the leftist/progressive same sex proponent Howard Schultz once his thoughts and feelings are made known.
And at 65, he’d have to do that as an "old white man" who’s never run for office before and has zero national name recognition. It is not good in progressive circles to be an "old white man, they are an endangered species in America" 

“There’s a lot of things I can do as a private citizen other than a run for the presidency of the United States,” Schultz said last June when he said he was stepping down from Starbucks. But he spoke in that interview about fighting for dignity, a topic he was particularly vocal about after the incident in Charlottesville, Virginia. He also said he’d delayed his own exit from Starbucks to deal with the fallout from the incident last year when two black men in Philadelphia were asked to leave one of the chain’s stores.
For the past year, Schultz has been investing in burnishing his image and strategizing by hiring a number of experienced consultants, most prominently Steve Schmidt, the 2008 campaign manager for John McCain. Schmidt has spent the past 10 years on a mea culpa tour for his hand in Sarah Palin’s selection as McCain’s running mate, which took him first to being an MSNBC contributor, then to leaving the Republican Party, and now to guiding Schultz’s effort.
Schultz wrote a book, For Love of Country, co-written with Rajiv Chandrasekaran, a former Washington Post reporter who’s been on staff with him for years and continues to be in his inner circle planning the run.
Tina Podlodowski, the Washington State Democratic chair, blasted the idea of Schultz running as an independent in the press last week. She underscored her point on Friday in a fundraising email sent to donors, with the subject line “Howard Schultz could secure Trump’s re-election.”
“This worst-case scenario keeps me up at night. I want to spend our resources fighting for Democrats up and down the ballot, not fending off Howard Schultz’s independent bid,” she wrote.
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Podlodowski has said publicly she’d like to meet with him to discuss the presidential campaign, but so far has not heard from him or his aides, according to a state-party spokesperson.
Bill Kristol, the “washed up neocon lame stream” pundit wrote that he sees a silver lining to a run that doesn’t seem to be the billionaire’s intention: “For 2019 at least, the fact that serious people like Howard Schultz are considering an independent race might help bring home to more voters, including independents and some Republicans, how important it is to replace Trump. So in that respect it’s a good thing.”

Image result for howard schultz quotes