The Watchman On The Wall

The Watchman On The Wall
Eph 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Verse 13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Satanists Flock To Bernie and Communist Un-democratic Party

Democrat socialist Bernie Sanders’ campaign has evidently roused the satanic electorate. In a highly popular pro-Sanders meme group created on Facebook, a post with an image stating, “Satanists for Bernie 2016,” has received over 1,100 likes and more than 200 shares. Democrat socialist Bernie Sanders’ campaign has evidently roused the satanic electorate. Click the link below.

Killary likes to dress like a communist! Click the link below.

Middle East Report Feb. 16, 2016

Syrian sitrep Feb. 16, 2016, click the link below.

Syrian sitrep Feb. 15, 2016, click the link below.

In this video Luke Rudkowski reports on the insane situation between unfolding between Russia and the U.S during the Syrian Munich peace talks. As Russia is about to win the war in Syria we see Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the U.S go to desperate measures in order to stop the Assad and Russian victory.

The True Cause of Microcephali Found

A group of Argentine physicians have discovered another possible link: the larvicide Pyriproxyfen. The larvicide was dumped into the water supplies of Brazi in 2014 in an attempt to stop mosquito larva from forming in drinking water tanks. The physicians said that "Malformations detected in thousands of children from pregnant women living in areas where the Brazilian state added pyriproxyfen to drinking water is not a coincidence" Click the link below.

Cruz Delegate Quits and Huckabee Calls Cruz A Low Life Sleaze Ball

Cruz delegate quits in disgust, click the link below.

I have tremendous respect for Mike Huckabee and I believe he is accurate on Cruz.

Jeb, the Coke Head

According to a new book, Republican Presidential candidate Jeb Bush was a cocaine user while governor of Florida, even as he was backing tough drug laws there. The book, which will be published next week is called: “Jeb: and the Bush Crime Family”. It was synopsized in a political blog called “The Political Insider” and published today. The book was co-authored by two characters who don’t have the best reputations: Roger Stone and Saint John Hunt. 
Stone brags that he was President Nixon’s dirty tricks specialist, and even has been photographed with a huge tattooed picture of Richard Nixon across his back. Hunt is the son of infamous Watergate figure E. Howard Hunt. According to Stone, Jeb’s drug use started when he was in prep school in the late 1960’s at the Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts. Although Bush made the honor by the end of his senior year at Andover and was the captain of the tennis team, Stone claims he was a heavy dope smoker: “… and even a dealer in prep school and college. He started out early on a path many young people do, but what makes him a phony is his tough stance against drugs as an elected official and a politician.” Click the link below.

Economic News, Londoners Line Up To Buy Gold Feb. 16, 2016

Image result for Gold panic

Image result for Londoners que up for Gold

Londoners queue to buy Gold as stock markets plummet and panic sets In, click the link below.

Financial analyst Bo Polny, a Christian, expects big losses in the bond market around the world. Polny explains, “How many countries are going to be happy about that? Now, you want to know why gold goes vertical? People are going to run from paper because the bonds that were safe havens in 2007 and the dollars that were safe havens in 2007, this time around, is the opposite. So, you don’t have safety in paper. You don’t have safety in the dollar. You don’t have safety in bonds this time. So, gold will be the asset class that everybody is going to run to.”
Is gold on the launching pad with the rocket boosters warming up? Polny says, “Yes, yes, there is very little time left. If you don’t act, and your money is in the stock and bond markets . . . a transfer of wealth is going to happen, and the date in October is not a crash. It’s something else. . . . Before all that happens, you are going to have markets collapse. We may have a little bounce in the markets, but that will be the final opportunity to get out. If people have not gotten out of their positions and done something with their stocks before the end of this month, February, it’s going to get ugly.” Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with market cycle analyst Bo Polny of Click the link below.

Famed investor Jim Rogers is warning that financial Armageddon is just around the corner, and it's being fueled by moronic central bankers. Rogers is forecasting ‘horrible times ahead’ because of the ‘incompetence of the central banks’. The Singapore-based American investor said central bankers are doing everything they can to prop up financial markets, but it's all for naught. He predicts their unconventional monetary strategies will lead to a stock market rally in the near future, but deep trouble later this year and into 2017.

Prophecy Update, Mid-East Update and Illuminati Agenda Exposed Feb. 16, 2016

US-Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died at 79, residents of Queensland, Australia trying to combat Zika-Virus, hoax bomb threats for schools in Victoria and New South Wales, stopping islamic migration is a matter of survival because the goal of Islam is to implement Sharia Law, Russia warns of World Warr III if Gulf-States are sending ground troops to Syria, Catholic bishops don't have to report child sex abuse to the police, Pope Francis is meeting with Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch to push for a One World Religion and the Super Bowl half time show was a demonic. Click the link below.

Pastor J.D. talks about important news events that went un-reported or under reported because of the presidential election coverage then explains why understanding Bible prophecy is more important today than it’s ever before been in history. Click the link below.

The secret Illuminati agenda exposed, click the link below.

The video below shows strange events from this past week...Something big is happening prophecy has begun and new world order the truth may scare you. We are living in strange times strange sound sounds loud mystery booms; the Luciferian super bowl halftime show; Illuminati Grammy and other end events from this past week in February.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Truth About The Spanish American War

Although it gets short shrift in the history textbooks, in many ways the modern American empire can find its origins in the Spanish-American War. James talks to James Perloff of about his article on the war, "Trial Run for Interventionism," and how the banksters used their media and political connections to launch the war and introduce foreign interventionism to the American psyche. Click the link below.

Economic News Feb. 10, 2016

Image result for Gold soars in 2016
Financial expert Peter Schiff gives a gold update and says, “The price of gold is going to skyrocket, and it’s going to go up so much more than this because we are just getting started. What is really going to power the rise is not only are we going into a recession in the U.S., but it’s going to be an inflationary recession. When the dollar tanks, because the Fed doesn’t raise rates, then consumer prices are going to take off. Click the link below.

Image result for Plunging bank stocks
An unsettling trend has emerged from the heavy selling that sent global markets tumbling this year: Investors are getting nervous about the world’s biggest banks.
The concerns about the banks are clearly reflected in the stock markets, where shares in banking giants are plunging. But there are also ominous signs in markets that investors use to bet on the perceived creditworthiness of large financial firms.
A crucial benchmark for the banking sector, the KBW Nasdaq Bank Index, was down more than 3 percent on Monday and had lost nearly 20 percent of its value this year.
When investors sell bank shares or bet against the banks in credit markets, it can be a signal that a period of financial turbulence has entered a new, potentially more serious phase. It suggests that banks — meant to act as the gears of an economy, transmitting credit to firms and households — are becoming more vulnerable to the market volatility and any underlying economic weaknesses. In sluggish economic times, banks may suffer higher losses on some loans, while the current low interest rates make it hard for lenders to earn robust profits on other loans.
Analysts noted that the declines in bank shares had occurred as other traditional indicators of fear flashed more brightly. “The fear trades are becoming more obvious — and one of those is dumping financial stocks,” said James W. Paulsen of Wells Capital Management.
The recent plight of bank stocks does not bode well.
On Monday, shares of Deutsche Bank, Germany’s largest bank, plummeted nearly 10 percent in Frankfurt, while those in Standard Chartered, a British bank, fell nearly 6 percent, and stock in Citigroup declined more than 5 percent.
Deutsche Bank and a handful of other European banks are contending with their own problems that could explain the depth of their recent declines. Banks issue debt to raise money for their loans and operations. In recent weeks, investors have paid a higher price to buy insurance against a bank defaulting on such debt. The cost of using so-called credit-default swaps to gain protection for five years on Deutsche Bank’s debt has doubled since the start of this year, according to data from Markit.
Outside of Europe, though, the moves in bank shares are hardly reassuring.
Citigroup’s shares, for instance, are down by more than a fourth so far this year. And its stock trades at nearly half of the bank’s book value, which is a theoretical measure of the value that would be left for shareholders if the bank were liquidated. The discount to book value exists at other large banks and effectively indicates that investors have doubts about the banks’ ability to earn a strong return on their capital.
Still, Citigroup made over $17 billion in profits last year, has stable management and, looking at its balance sheet, possesses the financial strength to weather an economic slowdown.
There is a good chance that investors have become too pessimistic about the big banks’ prospects, and their stocks could bounce back if the wider funk in the market passes. Most banks, after all, are substantially stronger than they were in 2008. And, since then, the banks have managed to earn profits even as they have dealt with a barrage of government lawsuits as well as economic and financial turbulence in Europe and Asia.
Still, the declines in bank shares may not indicate that banks are particularly fragile right now but that investors think they will struggle to earn solid profits in the future, at least in part because of ultralow interest rates around the world.
Central banks have kept interest rates low to stimulate demand for loans. But loans with low interest rates are often less profitable for banks. As a result, banks may then lend less, which may then reduce the overall impact of low interest rates on the economy.

Middle East News Feb. 10, 2016

Image result for david's sling missile

The Pentagon on Tuesday released its budget for the 2017 fiscal year that showed the Defense Department will slash its budget for cooperation with the Israeli defense industry. The US missile defense agency's budget for development of the David's Sling system, pictured above, for interception of medium and long-range missiles, which is being jointly developed by Israel's Rafael and American defense contractor Raytheon, will be cut from $268 million in 2016 to $104 million, while the budget for the Iron Dome missile defense system is to be reduced from $55 million to $42 million. 

Image result for saudi invasion of syria

Possible Turkish and Saudi Arabian Invasion of Syria in March, click the links below.

Israel is surrounded by her enemies. Gary looks at some recent comments that further shed light on popular prophecies. Click the link below.

Syria’s refugee crisis in the north is now repeating itself in the south, with tens of thousands of destitute women, children and elderly people fleeing their homes – not this time from beleaguered Aleppo to the Turkish border, but from the southern region of Daraa towards the Jordanian and Israeli borders.
Unlike the broad coverage of the refugee crisis on the Syrian-Turkish border, the refugee exodus from the south has received scant media attention – even from Israeli correspondents.
With the intensification of attacks in southern Syria, about 50,000 refugees are now streaming toward Jordan and another 20,000 making tracks from Israel’s Golan border at Quneitra.
Since the weather has cleared and Russian air strikes resumed against the rebels holding the northern part of Daraa, tens of thousands of civilians are on the move from the South. About 15,000 to 20,000 have reached the Jordanian border, and more than 30,000 are believed heading that way; while another 20,000 refugees may be making for the Golan town of Quneitra on the Israeli border.
Jordan has taken in 650,000 Syrian refugees in previous exoduses from the five-year old war.
A desperate SOS appeared on social media Wednesday, Feb. 10, in which the rebel-controlled Daraa Provincial Council warned that tens of thousands of civilians were in flight from Russian air strikes and the barrel bombs dropped by the Syrian warplanes and helicopters.
There was no way to bring water, food or medicines to the fleeing refugees.
Military sources monitoring the situation report that the exodus was first touched off by the fall of Alaman, 3 km north of Daraa in the last few days to Syrian and Hizbollah forces. They next cut off parts of Highway 5 from Daraa to Damascus. The rebels were left with only one remaining escape route, the road to the Jordanian border, but that too is under heavy fire, forcing the refugees to go round through rough country.

As in Aleppo, the Darnah district is held by hundreds of assorted rebel militias, ranging from the US-backed Free Syrian Army to groups which have sworn allegiance to ISIS. According to our intelligence sources, it is often hard to determine which groups are taking orders from whom.
Jordan has followed the Turkish policy towards the tens of thousands of refugees massing on its border.  A single crossing is operating at Ramtha, but refugees are not allowed to pass through.
The Israeli government has not yet issued any statements of policy with regard to the Syrian refugees heading for the Golan.