The Watchman On The Wall

The Watchman On The Wall
Eph 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Verse 13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Illuminati Witness Describes Child Sacrifice At The Vatican

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Child sacrifice, trauma-based mind control. What do these have in common? They are all used by one of the largest cults in the world; the Illuminati. Trauma-based mind control is very seldom talked about even in the alternative media, this is a very important topic as it deals with torture against children and even unborn children according to one of the whistleblowers in this article.

We need to be aware that these things do happen everyday, we have to grow up and face reality, trauma-based mind control is a very real technique that will give us a better understanding on how this world really operates.

Many people scoff at the idea of a group of people are controlling the world, steering humanity and events for their own self-benefit. What I learned is shocking, we do live in a world that is highly-influenced by the biggest cult on earth, this cult is so vast and powerful that it steers economies on a global scale through manipulation of the markets and monetary systems, they hold most of the resources in the world so it’s quite easy for this group to pull the strings.

The ‘Illuminati’ is basically an ancient bloodline of families, many of you might know their symbol hidden in plain sight on the back of the U.S. one-dollar bill (a capstone hovering over a pyramid). Call them Illuminati, Internationalists or Aristocrats, meaning a member of the ‘ruling class’ elite. The roots of this group go back to the Papacy of the Vatican and stem back to the British monarchy, this Illuminati group has weaved many webs across the world infiltrating groups like the Freemasons, they can be Zionists, Satanists or Communists.. the list is quite overwhelming. The real movers are in the private and secret meetings where top figures gather to discuss future plans for the world, they gather in groups (such as Bilderberg Group), clubs, councils, commissions and committees.

The cult has almost every important seat in the world; they are Senators and Congressmen, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Popes and Queens. They are in high places in media, the entertainment industry and etc. Politicians call themselves ‘progressive’, they pretend to be ‘for the people’ but then quickly turn their backs and strive for the progress of ‘the family’ and could care less about the outsiders of the group.

No U.S. president is ever elected by the people, they are always selected. The United States never really won their independence from the British monarchy as the word ‘United States’ means a ‘federal corporation’ to British crown royalty (who are puppets of the Vatican). All corporations have presidents, it is the kings and queens that hold the real power over nations.

These aristocrats have always strived for an agenda called a ‘New World Order’. A New World Order is a utopian world-view that the cult works towards where the ruling class continues to perfect its dominance over the world. A world where just about everything is regulated under the auspices of the United Nations.

According to the elite; humans are considered ‘useless eaters’ (that’s anyone who isn’t part of the aristocracy), the word ‘human’ is another word for ‘monster’, a savage that has ‘uninheritable blood’ and is to be treated like expendable slaves that live a short lifespan and are only ‘allowed to live’ to serve the elite.

A whistleblower of this cult went public about her experience with the organization and its use of trauma-based mind control (also called ritual abuse) that deals with sexual trauma, physical and mental pain on young even unborn children. Trauma-based control is used to create a Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) to tear the subject away from the rest of the world to create a literal robot that is loyal and obedient to a programmer’s every request.

Svali (a pseudonym for obvious reasons) explains it best, she is an ex-Illuminati mind control programmer who was born into ‘the family’, she wrote an excellent book called Breaking the Chain – Breaking Free Of Cult Programming
 that exposes the nature of this cult in great detail.

It is very important if you want to understand how this cult operates is to read Svali’s entire book, get to know the lingo and how they operate. But right now I would just like to point out the 4th chapter of her book where she explains the techniques used on infants who are born into the society.

The programming techniques that I will describe take an incredible amount of effort, time, dedication, and planning on the part of the cult to place in the individual. Only a very motivated group of people would spend the time it takes to do this. These chapters are very hard for me to write, as an individual, since my role in the cult was that of a programmer. So, the very techniques you will be reading about were often those that I used to place programming in individuals that I worked with. I no longer do these things, nor do I espouse doing them; Intentional Programming Intentional programming of an infant in the Illuminati often begins before birth.

Prenatal splitting is well known in the cult, as the fetus is very capable of fragmenting in the womb due to trauma. This is usually done between the seventh and ninth month of pregnancy. Techniques used include: placing headphones on the mother’s abdomen, and playing loud, discordant music (such as some modern classical pieces, or even Wagner’s operas). Loud, heavy rock has also been used. Other methods include having the mother ingest quantities of bitter substances, to make the amniotic fluid bitter, or yelling at the fetus inside the womb. The mother’s abdomen may be hit as well. Mild shock to the abdomen may be applied, especially when term is near, and may be used to cause premature labor, or ensure that the infant is born on a ceremonial holiday. Certain labor inducing drugs may be also given if a certain birth date is desired.

Once the infant is born, testing is begun at a very early age, usually during the first few weeks of life. The trainers, who are taught to look for certain qualities in the infant, will place it on a velvet cloth on a table, and check its reflexes to different stimuli. The infant’s strength, how it reacts to heat, cold, and pain are all tested. Different infants react differently, and the trainers are looking for dissociative ability, quick reflexes, and reaction times. They are also encouraging early dissociation in the infant with these tests. The infant will also be abused, to create fragments. Methods of abuse can include: rectal probes; digital anal rape; electric shocks at low levels to the fingers, toes, and genitalia; cutting the genitalia in ritual circumstances (in older infants). The intent is to begin fragmentation before a true ego state develops, and customize the infant to pain and reflexive dissociation from pain (yes, even tiny infants dissociate; I have seen it time and time again; they will glow blank and limp, or glassy, in the face of continued trauma.) Isolation and abandonment programming will sometimes be begun as well, in a rudimentary sense.

The infant is abandoned, or uncared for by adults, intentionally during the daytime, then picked up, soothed, cleaned up and paid attention to in the context of preparing for a ritual or group gathering. This is done in order to help the infant associate night gatherings with “love” and attention, and to help the bonding process to the cult, or “family”. The infant will be taught to associate maternal attention with going to rituals, and eventually will associate cult gatherings with feelings of security.

As the infant grows older, i.e. at 15 to 18 months, more fragmenting is intentionally done by having the parents as well as cult members abuse the infant more methodically. This is done by intermittently soothing, bonding with the infant, then shocking it on its digits; the infant may be dropped from heights to a mat or mattress and laughed at as it lays there startled and terrified, crying. It may be placed in cages for periods of time, or exposed to short periods of isolation. Deprivation of food, water, and basic needs may begin later in this stage. All of these methods are done in order to create intentional dissociation in the infant.
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