The Watchman On The Wall

The Watchman On The Wall
Eph 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Verse 13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Middle East Report 31 Dec. 2105, War Alert In Middle East

The IDF and all of the armies involved in the Syrian civil war, namely those of Russia, Syria and Iran, went on their highest war alert on Thursday, Dec. 31 when all their intelligence organizations reported that Hassan Nasrallah could not be stopped from attacking Israel, in revenge for the assassination of Samir Quntar in Damascus on December 20.
More than one intermediary visited Beirut to avert the Hizbollah attack and its deadly fallout, including a former senior officer of the German BND foreign intelligence service. Gerhard Conrad, pictured above with Netanyahu, late of the BND and incumbent director of the European Union’s Intelligence and Situation Center, was given this urgent mission by Chancellor Angela Merkel.
He came away from a meeting with Nasrallah on Dec. 29, with the news that the Hizbollah chief was not open to persuasion and the attack was already underway.
Conrad has excellent connections in the Arab world, especially in Syria and Lebanon. Seven years ago, he acted as intermediary between Israel and Hizbollah for negotiating the recovery of the bodies of two fallen IDF soldiers, Eldad Regev and Ehud Goldwasser, in exchange for the handover of that same Hizbollah high-up Samir Quntar and other jailed and convicted Arab terrorists.
The German spy-diplomat then established personal connections with a shadowy figure, Wafik Safa, who is in charge of Hizbollah’s intelligence and security network and a close crony of Nasrallah.
Conrad used those connections again in 2011 to broker the release of Gilead Shalit from Hamas captivity.
It was Safa he arranged for him to meet Nasrallah in Beirut Tuesday. He found the Hizbollah chief unshakeable in his determination to make Israel pay for Quntar’s death, even at the cost of a painful backlash against the Shiite group's terrorists in Syria and Lebanon.
He was unmoved by the warning issued by Israel’s chief of staff, Lieut. Gen. Gady Eisenkott, on Monday, just hours before the Conrad mission.  Eisenkott said, “Just as we have proven in the past, we know how to strike anyone who wishes to harm us. Our enemies know they will suffer grave consequences if they try to undermine our security.”
Upon receipt of the German emissary’s report on the meeting, Eisenkott, his deputy, Maj. Gen. Yair Golan, and OC Northern Command, Maj. Gen. Aviv Kochavi, inspected the preparedness of the IDF’s northern border defenses for all contingencies.
They took into account a scenario, whereby Nasrallah would take advantage of the stormy weather forecast for the weekend in Syria, Lebanon and Israel, to strike Israel, in the knowledge that the heavy rain and snow would impede Israeli air force activity and give the Hizbollah operation a tactical edge.
Russian military and Iranian Revolutionary Guard forces in Syria have taken into account that a Hizbollah attack will not go unanswered by Israel and that the IDF would most likely hit back at Hizbollah on Syrian soil, thus ushering in the New Year with a new whirlwind.

According to the prophecy of the holy Greek Orthodox elder Paisius from Greece, Turkey will disappear from the face of the earth as a state.

A spokesman for Iran's Foreign Ministry on Thursday condemned US plans to impose new sanctions over Tehran's development of ballistic missiles, terming the plans "arbitrary and illegal" and denying any linkage between the missile development and the country's nuclear program. The sanctions are to be imposed via the US Treasury Department on 12 American and foreign companies and individuals conducting trade that assists Iran's ballistic missile development. A government spokesman in Tehran said supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei would view the sanctions as an American violation of the nuclear agreement between Iran and Western powers.
Image result for Emanuel Lutchman,

The FBI announced on Thursday that it has arrested a 25-year-old American Muslim convert, Emanuel Lutchman, on suspicion of planning to carry out a New Year's Eve terrorist attack at a restaurant in Rochester, New York, on behalf of ISIS. He is also suspected of providing material support to the terrorist organization.
Image result for putin and netanyahu meeting

In a New Year greeting to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu posted on the Kremlin website on Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed satisfaction that bilateral ties "retained their positive dynamics" and even improved over the past year. Putin also said he is resolved "to make every effort in the coming year to enhance the entire range of bilateral ties for the benefit of the people of Russia and Israel and in the interests of ensuring stability and security in the Middle East." The message was among a large number of messages from Putin to heads of state around the world. 

India and Israel develop a new long range surface to Air missile; watch the video below.

The Scary Truth About Chemtrails

SoulJa of God has produced an excellent video, below, on gro-engineering/chemtrails.

The blatant and in plain sight experimentation on the US population continues unabated. A recent "press release" letter from 5 US congressmen sends a very clear message, they want a minimum of 10 new C-130J air tankers to continue "specialized spraying missions".
Though the "solar radiation management" (SRM) spraying around the world is done by jet aircraft, the C-130s are also a part of other ongoing toxic experiments on planet Earth and all life. We are told that this fleet of massive aerial tankers are: 
Even the "officially" stated use of the C-130s is alarming, but what is the real story? Below are a few quotes from the letter issued to the DOD by US senators Rob Portman (R-OH), Sherrod Brown (D-OH), Tim Ryan (D-OH), Bill Johnson (R-OH-6), and Dave Joyce (OH-14).
Dear Lt Gen Jackson:
We urge you to replace the Youngstown Air Reserve Station’s 910th Airlift Wing’s current fleet of C-130H aircraft with a minimum of ten C-130J aircraft to ensure that the 910th’s Department of Defense (DoD)-mandated specialized aerial spray mission continues safely and without interruption. The Fiscal Year 2016 House of Representatives’ Appropriations Subcommittee on Defense  Report  includes  language regarding the Air Force Reserve’s specialized missions, specifically that: “The Committee encourages the Chief of the Air Force Reserve to review the requirements to ensure that specialized units are allocated sufficient training hours to successfully perform both their specialized and tactical missions and are allocated equipment upgrades necessary to address safety concerns associated with these missions. The Committee also supports efforts to build partnerships between units performing specialized missions and other government agencies when practical.”
“It is critically important that we maintain the C-130 missions carried out by the Ohio Air National Guard units across Ohio,” said Johnson. “The Youngstown Air Reserve Station (YARS), in particular, plays an important role in America’s national security capability, and provides jobs vital to the Mahoning Valley. I’ll continue working with my Ohio colleagues to do everything in our power to make sure the YARS has the necessary resources to continue carrying out its important missions.”
For these reasons, we request your consideration for recapitalization of the 910th Airlift Wing’s current fleet of C-130Hs with C-130Js at the soonest possible time, to ensure their continued and safe support of DoD’s only aerial spray mission.
  A recent incident that occurred in Arizona appears to paint a different picture. Arizona resident Cori Cunnells took this photograph (at the link below) of the three aircraft that she witnessed passing overhead in the skies of Arizona over her home just before strange fibrous airborne filaments covered the landscape.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Middle East Report Dec. 30, 2015

Syria sitrep Dec. 30, 2015

(Sheikh Maskin-Syrian Army’s 82nd Brigade base)
Israel’s military and political leaders became intensely anxious Tuesday, Dec. 29, when they saw how concentrated Russian air strikes were swiftly dislodging anti-Assad rebels from southern Syria and beginning to open the door for the Syrian and Hizbollah armies to come dangerously close to the Israeli border.
Russian air strikes in other parts of the country have tapered off. Instead, heavy Russian bombardments are giving the combined Syrian-Hizbollah force its first chance to recover Sheikh Maskin, the southern town housing the Syrian Army’s 82ndBrigade which has been passing from hand to hand for months. If the terrorists lose that fierce battle, the way will be clear for the combined pro-Assad force to advance on the two key southern towns, Deraa and Quneitra on the Golan.
The rebel groups assaulted by the Russian air force Tuesday included moderate, pro-Western, pro-Israeli militias, such as the Southern Front and the First Column. Both suffered heavy casualties.
IDF unease as a result of Russia’s aerial intervention in the fighting in southern Syria is rising in proportion to the current military tensions with Hizbollah. If the Lebanese Shiite terrorists manage to get the late Samir Quntar’s anti-Israel terror Front for the Liberation of Golan up and running, the Israeli air force would be severely hampered in launching its own strikes against this enemy by the dozens of Russian bombers using the same patch of sky without pause.
On the face of it, Moscow and Jerusalem make a show of their smooth air force collaboration in Syrian air space. But this picture is wide of the situation: The Russian air force omitted to notify Israel ahead of its massive bombardment close to its border Tuesday.
Some Israeli official circles suspect that Moscow is deliberately bringing Israel under pressure to accept a deal for southern Syria. One of President Putin’s main objects from the outset of Russian’s military buildup in Syria was to eradicate the rebels in the South and the threat they posed to the Assad regime in Damascus.
More than once, Putin suggested to Prime Minister Netanyahu that they work out a Russian-Israeli deal for that part of Syria. The Israeli leader was unresponsive, mainly because Israel is bound by prior understandings to coordination with the US, Jordan and moderate Syrian rebel groups. A deal with Moscow would counter those understandings.

However, The concentrated air strikes in the border region is intended by the Kremlin, according to some views, not just to push the terrorists out, but to twist Israel’s arm for settling the issue with Moscow.

In response to Saudi Arabian attacks on Houthi rebels, Yemeni army soldiers loyal to the Houthi Ansarullah organization fired Qaher-1 ground-to-ground ballistic missiles at Saudi Arabia's Rajlah, Qana and al-Hayz military bases near the Saudi border city of Najran on Wednesday.
Meanwhile, dozens of Al Qaeda fighters were killed in clashes with Yemeni army forces in the area of Dhi Na'im, located in Bayda province in the southern part of the country. Also, the Saudi air force carried out airstrikes on rebel targets in the capital, Sanaa, and in Hajjah and Omran provinces along the Saudi border. 

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Occultist Economist 2016 Magazine Cover

Bix Weir discusses the latest occult imagery from the Rothschild owned 'The Economist' magazine. In 1988 The Economist predicted 'a world currency' by 2018. And the 2015 cover of the elite magazine certainly contained more than its share of disturbing occult imagery. So what will the world look like in 2016 according to the Rothschild 'The Economist'? 
Watch the video below.

How Big Oil Conquered The World

Above, John D. Rockefeller's father "Devil Bll". Friends, this is a must view on the secret history of the "Oiligarchy". James Corbett has produced another excellent video report.

Middle East Report, Dec. 29, 2015

Syria and Iraq sitrep Dec. 29, 2015

Charaffe al Mouadan, pictured above, was killed in a US drone strike in Syria on December 24, Baghdad-based US military spokesman Colonel Steve Warren confirmed Tuesday. The French ISIS member was linked to the ringleader of the Paris attack, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, which left 133 dead. He was reportedly plotting additional attacks against the West when he was killed.

Above, the Mugniyeh family photographed in Iran in 1987. According to rumors circulating in Beirut, Hizbollah’s security services Monday night detained Mustafa Mughniyeh, designated in summer as the group’s Golan Front commander, on charges of spying for the CIA and Israeli intelligence. The rumor, if confirmed, would represent an earthquake for Iran’s Lebanese proxy.  Mustafa is a son of the iconic Hizbollah chief commander, Imad Mughniyeh, who was assassinated in Damascus in 2008. He was given the Golan command in place of his brother, Jihad, who was killed in an Israeli air strike on Jan. 18. 

Image result for netanyahu

In an apparent response to threats from Hizbollah and ISIS leaders in recent days, Prime Minister Netanyahu said Tuesday: “Our enemies should know that we will aggressively retaliate to any attack against us.” Speaking at an awards ceremony for outstanding Mossad personnel, Netanyahu said: "Because of the rise of extremist Islam, we find a world war against two large factions of extremist Islam which spread across the globe.We are obligated to deal with these threats," the prime minister stated. "These two threats are linked to one another." 

Monday, December 28, 2015

Orthodox Jews Look At Yeshua

Image result for orthodox Jewish rabbis
More than 25 prominent rabbis from Israel and abroad recently issued a statement calling for a renewed look at Jesus, Christians and the New Testament faith. Quoting from their own sages, these outstanding  Orthodox rabbis are not ashamed to exalt the name of Jesus, welcoming the carpenter from Nazareth back into the Jewish fold.
“Jesus brought a double goodness to the world,” declare the group of well-known rabbis.  “On the one hand he strengthened the Torah of Moses majestically…  and not one of our Sages spoke out more emphatically concerning the immutability of the Torah,” and on the other hand “he removed idols from the nations.” 
Saying that Jesus, even more that any other Jewish Sage, honored, strengthened and protected the “immutability of the Torah,” is an extraordinary acknowledgement. These leading rabbis are turning the tides of history by removing one of the main stumbling blocks in the path of a major Jewish reclamation of Jesus!
You will recall, that religious Jews rejected Jesus from the beginning, with the accusation that he did not obey the Torah, therefore he could not be the awaited Messiah. In the New Testament, we find the Pharisees arguing with Jesus over Sabbath rules, dietary laws, ritual cleanliness, marriage regulations and more. They insisted that Jesus cannot be the Messiah because “he is teaching everywhere not to obey Moses.” (Acts 6:14) 
What we are now witnessing is the undoing of 2,000 years of Jewish rejection and animosity towards Jesus, a miracle by any estimation. For the out-and-out refusal by Jews to accept Jesus is slowly, but surely, coming to an end, as growing numbers of prestigious Orthodox rabbis welcome Jesus back.
And there is more. “After nearly two millennia of mutual hostility and alienation, we Orthodox Rabbis who lead communities, institutions and seminaries in Israel, the United States and Europe… seek to do the will of our Father in Heaven by accepting the hand offered to us by our Christian brothers and sisters,” the statement reads.
Two thousand years of Christian Anti-Semitism, Crusades, Inquisitions and a Holocaust can not keep the Star of Bethlehem from rising again in Israel. This call by these distinguished rabbis to embrace Christians as “brothers and sisters” is no less a miracle. For Jews to accept Christians with such endearment, after so much misunderstanding and anti-Semitic ugliness, can only be understood as a divine work of heavenly grace, the likes of which I find unfathomable.
For as this group of Orthodox rabbis points out, it is their “Father in Heaven” who is calling the Jewish people to lay down the past, put aside the enmity, and willingly embrace Christians and their faith in Jesus. That, my friends, is the deeper work of the Holy Spirit as spoken about throughout Scripture. 
As Rabbi Dr. Eugene Korn, Academic Director of the Center for Jewish-Christian Understanding & Cooperation points out, “This proclamation’s breakthrough is that influential Orthodox rabbis across all centers of Jewish life have finally acknowledged that…  Christianity and Judaism have much in common spiritually and practically. Given our toxic history, this is unprecedented in Orthodoxy.”
In their statement, the rabbis want to find a way to acknowledge the differences between Christian and Jewish beliefs, without taking, or giving, offense. “As did Maimonides and Yehudah Halevi, we acknowledge that Christianity is neither an accident nor an error, but the willed divine outcome and gift to the nations. In separating Judaism and Christianity, G-d willed a separation between partners with significant theological differences, not a separation between enemies,” the statement concludes.
These so-called “significant theological differences” between Christianity and Judaism are really about Jesus. He is the stumbling block. Jesus may be Messiah, Son of the Living God for the Gentiles, but my Jewish people are still not quite sure just who he is for them. So while these rabbis are making major and unprecedented strides in bringing my people closer to Jesus, they are still far from the truth. For if Jesus is the Messiah for the Gentiles, how much more must he be for the Jews?

Perhaps Jesus will not quite be at home this Christmas in Israel, or Jewish homes around the world, but he is certainly knocking on the door.

Middle East Report Dec. 28, 2015

Tehran Monday, Dec. 28, further ramped up the tension between its Lebanese proxy Hizbollah, whose leader Sunday threatened to avenge the death of Samir Quntar, and Israel, which is conducting a military exercise along its northern borders. Four days after Quntar was assassinated in Damascus, Tehran appointed a successor to carry on building a new terrorist network for striking Israel from the Golan.
This successor is a Lebanese man called Raafat Al-Bakkar, about whom very little is known. The Iranians spotted Al-Bakkar as promising talent earlier this year, shortly after the Israeli air strike which on Jan. 18 killed Iranian Gen. Ali Dadi and the high-profile Hizbollah leader Jihad Moughniyeh, pictured above. They were caught touring the Golan around Quneitra in search of a site for a terrorist base. Al-Bakkar was sent to Tehran at that time for a course in building and running terrorist networks, and this week he was given charge of the new “National Resistance on the Golan” organization for deep strikes inside Israel.
When Nasrallah boasted Sunday that his jihadists were already on their way to punish Israel, he was looking forward to the arrival of Quntar’s successor.
IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Gady Eisenkott explained why it was necessary to bring forward the launching of the new Commando Brigade by two months, when he addressed the formation ceremony on Sunday, Dec. 27, at the Ein Harod National Park: “The Commando Brigade is more necessary than ever in light of the threats from Hizbollah and the Islamic State,” he said, in reference to the boasts heard in the last 48 hours from Hassan Nasrallah and Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi.
The Chief of Staff introduced Col. David Zini as the first commander of the new Brigade.
The ceremony took place shortly after the Hizballoh chief Hassan Nasrallah said, “Revenge for the death of Samir Quntar is on the way… The orders have been given and execution is in the hands of resistance fighters on the ground… The Israelis are worried and rightly so - those on the borders [soldiers] and those inside the country…. We shall not let the blood of our Jihadi fighters and brothers to be spilled anywhere in the world,” he said.
Analysis of the kinds of threats posed by Hizbollah (and ISIS) at this time, which are likely to focus more on terrorism than on tank or infantry border incursions, persuaded IDF leaders of the need for a new framework for bringing under one roof some of the top-notch, highly-trained, experienced, well-armed and determined fighting men who are willing to take on new challenges.
The self-styled Islamic State's “caliph” Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, also devoted special attention to Israel, or rather “the Jews,” in his first audio speech in seven months Saturday, Dec. 26, the day before Nasrallah sounded off. His message was similar to that of his Shiite enemy, albeit in his own inimitable style:
The Islamic State would soon be in Palestine to establish an Islamic state there, he said, "Jews, soon you shall hear from us in Palestine which will become your grave… The Jews thought we had forgotten Palestinian… Not at all, Jews…The pioneers of the jihadist fighters are getting closer every day.”
If and when the Shiite Hizbollah and Sunni ISIS make good on their similar but separate threats - or sooner - they will encounter Israel’s new Commando Brigade. Its fighting men are trained for combat in miscellaneous conditions of terrain, day or night, under deep cover. They are equipped with high-tech equipment, most of it classified, for gathering visual and electronic intelligence, communications, photography and targeting. They may either kill terrorists or take them captive.
In a word, these elite troops will hit the enemy in his back yard or at home, and blow the threats heard from Hizbollah and ISIS leaders’ back on their own forces.
The 89th Commando Brigade is composed of four battalions:
Duvdevan specializes in operating amidst an Arab population under deep cover for locating and arresting terror suspects.
Egoz is a special kind of infantry battalion, whose commandos operate solo or in very small teams behind enemy lines, especially across the Syrian and Lebanese borders.
Maglan is skilled in the use of weaponry designed for precision operations against high quality enemy targets. These elite fighters go deep inside enemy territory to gather intelligence and use their specialized technology, exclusive for the use of this unit, for devastating assaults.
Rimon members are desert fighters who gained their experience in the terrain of the Gaza Strip and Egypt. Their experience as back-up for operations against drug smugglers is invaluable for urban combat in civilian environments.

Excluded from the new brigade are the separate IDF commando units: Sayeret Matkal, Shayetet 13 (Navy), the Oketz unit which trains dogs for anti-terror work, and Yahalom, of the Engineering Corps.
Syria sitrep Dec. 28, 2015

Iraqi troops clear Ramadi of ISIS

Yair Ramati, head of the Homa administration (missile program) at Israel’s defense ministry, was asked to resign after classified information was found on his personal computer. During his four years at this post, Ramati was responsible for managing and developing Israel’s groundbreaking three-tier missile defense system composed of Iron Dome, David’s Sling and Arrows 2 and 3. He was cited by the ministry as responsible for “exceptional achievements on a world scale for the active, multi-layered missile defense.”

Under a UN brokered ceasefire, dozens of Syrian terrorist fighters are being evacuated from the village of Zabadani near the Lebanese border and taken to Beirut. Hundreds of families from the towns of Kefraya and Fuaa in the northern province of Idlib were also rescued and taken to Turkey and from there to Lebanon.  Zabadani has been under siege by Syrian army and Hizbollah forces for nearly a year who never broke through toe capture the village, while the two towns lived under the siege of Sunni terrorists.

For the second time in three days, Russian intelligence Sunday marked a group of Syrian rebel commanders for assassination. Syrian commandoes booby-trapped buildings at a farm in Kfar Shams near Deraa in southern Syria and detonated the bombs during a general meeting of local rebel commanders. At least 17 are reported dead. Friday, the radical Jaysh Islam founder Zaharan Allouche and several other rebel commanders were killed by a Russian air strike while conferring at a secret venue outside Damascus. The liquidation of two large groups of commanders in three days is a mortal blow for the Syrian terrorist movement and its various branches.