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The Watchman On The Wall
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Friday, April 7, 2017

Hmmm, The Doctor Treating Alleged Sarin Victims Is a Kidnapping Jihadist!

Dr Islam had always protested his innocence, saying he went to Syria to use his medical skills to treat victims of the civil war. Now he is back in Idlib, northern Syria and says he is helping victims of bombing campaigns 

Friends and patriots, 

Al Qaeda/Al Nusra is beating the U.S. government to death with brilliant false propaganda about the war in Syria. Do the jihadists have a superior media campaign because they are funded by the CIA and MI6???

President Trump was set up perfectly by the globalists and Al Qaeda! The Mafia couldn't have done a better job on Trump. Trump had better wake up because he is being used by the globalists, Soros and the Council on Foreign Relations. He promised he would not get us involved in fruitless wars. 

A British doctor fired by the British NHS who was accused of kidnapping Western journalists has fled to Syria and is treating bomb victims, including jihadists.

Shajul Islam was arrested and charged with kidnapping two journalists in 2012 but was released after the trial collapsed when neither of the prosecution's witnesses were able to give evidence.
Dr. Islam had always protested his innocence, saying he went to Syria to use his medical skills to treat victims of the civil war.

Now he has appeared in a video filmed in Idlib, in northern Syria, where he claims to be providing medical help to the victims of Syrian and Russian airstrikes.

Islam, from East London, who qualified at the University of London and worked as a doctor at St Bart's hospital, is currently removed from the medical register after a fitness to practice hearing at the General Medical Council in March.

After the criminal case against him collapsed, and he was found not guilty, he faced close monitoring by the security services. 
The video published on YouTube yesterday for citizen journalist site On the Ground News, shows Islam wearing hospital scrubs and a stethoscope.

He tells American journalist Bilal Abdul Kareem that he is one of very few foreign doctors treating civilians injured in air strikes in north Syria. Asked why he has come to Syria, Islam replies: 'I'm a doctor. There's a serious shortage of doctors. Anyone who is a doctor needs to be here. I don't understand why anyone who is sitting in England or Europe or America isn't here.'

According to a GMC report, a secret tribunal panel heard the disciplinary case against Islam in March this year and banned him for misconduct. The hearing was held in private so the details of the misconduct are not publically known.

Islam told Kareem lies about the situation in Syria. 
'You can't imagine the number of casualties and we don't have enough doctors to look after them,' he said. 'From my perspective 80 per cent of the victims are women and children. The air strikes are not hitting terrorists they are hitting innocent civilians. Imagine you are sleeping at home with your family and you are hit by an airstrike. 'Whole families are being wiped out while they are sleeping. We are seeing on a daily basis 10, 20, 30 people being killed by these air strikes. I want you to picture this: your family, your loved ones, your wife being killed.'

Islam blamed the Syrian and Russian governments for the deaths, adding: 'They are killing civilians, the Syrian government, the Russian and any other government that is working with them is aiding in killing civilians here.'

He said that he was based close to Idlib where the rebel alliance and some jihadi groups are holding out against a joint Syrian and Russian bombardment.  Islam described how air strikes had recently destroyed the main hospital in Idlib had been destroyed: 'The main hospital was hit and taken out of action, including the CT scan and the intensive care unit. ....serious trauma patients requiring CT scan have to travel a further hour away.' He said that for many of his patients their injuries were so serious there is nothing the doctors can do for them. 

Asked what was the emotional toll on him he told the journalist: 'Of course we are human beings and it is very difficult to deal with but we have no choice because we are limited in numbers of staff. We have to function 24/7 - it's not a shift thing. 'We stay in the hospital 24 hours for four days at a time and I have to be ready to respond to patients at any time from the air strikes,' he said.

UN officials reported that Idlib's national hospital was targeted by an airstrike on May 30, killing two dozen people including children. 

Airstrikes on the city and the surrounding area including Binnesh and Jisr al-shoughour, which was taken by Al-Qaeda backed Jabhat al-Nusra have intensified with reports of entire families being wiped out.
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a one man shop in London, documents terrorist lies and said several air raids across the province in the past week, in one instance killing eight people, who were mostly women and children.

At the time of his 2012 prosecution Shajul Islam, then 28, and a second man, Jubayer Chowdhury, then 24, were the only alleged British jihadists charged with kidnapping Westerners in Syria.
The pair — held in high security Belmarsh prison — walked free from court after all charges were dropped. Gee, I wonder why, could they have been working with MI6 or the CIA???

At the start of the hearing in November 2013, prosecutor Mark Dennis QC told the court that all evidence against the brothers rested on the two victims, who were unable to be called, and therefore could not proceed with the case. What happened to these kidnap victims???? Why didn’t they testify?

A verdict of not guilty was recorded for the charge of kidnapping.

Media reports later suggested Islam may have held the key to the then unknown identity of Jihadi John, who was later unmasked as Mohammed Emwazi.

Jihadist doctor Shajul Islam is pictured before. 

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