The Watchman On The Wall

The Watchman On The Wall
Eph 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Verse 13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

Monday, March 6, 2017

The Great Leader's Soviet Style Spying and Surveillance

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Here is an interesting fact, in the first 34 years FISA existed 35,000 warrants were issued and only 12 warrants were denied.

Mark Levin discusses Obama's Executive Overreach "wire tapping" and spying on Trump and his campaign; the FBI, CIA, NSA, Treasury, DNI and Justice Dept. were involved in this matter against Trump.

Larry Johnson, ex CIA, Trump has evidence of "electronic bugging". Clapper and Brennan and Britain's GHCQ involved in the surveillance of Trump.

The Trump surveillance was at "state aka Soviet" level; Let's hope and pray these KGB types are indicted.

Newt says Obama knew about electronic surveillance against Trump

Still reports on Obamagate; Judge Jeanine interviews Judge Michael Mukasey; FBI requests FISA warrants because the FBI has mandate to do domestic surveillance. It is illegal for the CIA to spy on U.S. civilians inside the U.S.

The Deep State rebels against Trump 

Lionel discusses the coup against Trump

Obamagate sends shock waves
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