The Watchman On The Wall

The Watchman On The Wall
Eph 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Verse 13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Knesset Approved Bill To Annex Jordan Valley

Russia Today reported on December 29, 2013 that Israeli ministers have approved a bill to annex Jordan Valley settlements to the Jewish state, threatening US-brokered peace talks with Palestine. The proposed legislation would apply Israeli law to settlements and Israeli territory in the Jordan Valley. No restrictions will apply to construction in the area, unless officially approved by the Knesset Israel’s parliament.

The ministers know how strategically important the Jordan Valley is to the military security of Israel. In the past few weeks, Israeli military generals have stated that Israel must retain control of the Jordan Valley in any agreement which forms a Palestinian State. Even with the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) controlling the Jordan Valley, Israel’s soldiers might not be able to defeat Islamic hordes invading Israeli.

The author of the bill, Knesset member Miri Regev, said she submitted it “solely for diplomatic and security reasons.”
Regev stressed that the Jordan Valley is the “safety belt” on Israel’s eastern border. Regev added, “The ministerial committee's approval of this bill now, when there are talks with the Palestinians, is a clear statement by the government that the towns in the Jordan Valley are a strategic and security asset of the State of Israel that must stay in our hands”, she said.

President Richard Nixon once remarked that Israel could never give into the Arab demands to establish a Palestinian sovereign state within Israel, for that would be tantamount to living with the tip of a sharp sword just inches from Israel’s heart!

A Congressional Report dated January 31, 1997 stated, "If the Arab battle plan successfully destroys Israel, then we might be a little surprised to discover that the Arabs do not plan on honoring the Palestinian Arabs, nor even thanking them; rather, we discover that they plan on turning on their Palestinian brethren, to annihilate them!”

The Jordan Valley is in just above center right of the above map

The Arab war plan does, indeed, call for the annihilation of the Jewish State, but there are other targets as well. The Palestinian Arabs have been hated by most of the Arab world. Arab leaders used the Palestinian Arabs as a terrorist front to recover Arab pride for past battlefield defeats, however, they never allowed them to settle as citizens in their nations. They believe that once these clever, hostile people have an operating state, they can and will cause havoc in the Arab world. They will constantly demand money, using the 'or else' blackmail, as in the past.

The Jordan Valley

Therefore, during this coming war, I believe there will be several targets: Jews, secular Palestinian Arabs, Messianic Jews and Palestinian Christians.

Does the Palestinian leadership understand that they are likely to be annihilated by fellow Islamic forces, even if they can successfully lead the war to annihilate Israel? I believe they may understand this stark reality.

Scripture tells us that a true functioning Palestinian state will never be formed. Bible-believing Christians know that prophecy declares that the Princes of Edom (Palestinians today) will one day declare a State, but nothing shall come of that declaration. Listen: "They shall call its nobles to proclaim the kingdom, but nothing shall be there, and all its princes shall be no more." (Isaiah 34:12)

In other words, the closest the Palestinians will ever get to a real nation is an empty proclamation of a state, a declaration which shall be quickly followed by her total destruction. In fact, Obadiah 15-18 prophesies that Israel will one day annihilate the Palestinians

The time period leading up to the proclamation of a Palestinian State must be filled with threats and rumors of war. Listen to the voice of a very well informed Luciferian, Bill Lambert of the House of Theosophy who stated, "The impetus toward this type of settlement is made possible only because of a general fear of war. This fear of war must be maintained until the desired political and religious changes have been instituted." (Bill Lambert, House of Theosophy Director, New England, seminar for members only, August, 1991)

Armies are positioned all over the Middle East, from Syria, Israel, Turkey, Iran, Egypt, Lebanon etc. I am a trained  military analyst and I react to the situation I see on the ground. The military buildups in the Middle East and Persia scream war, and soon. Yet, these armies have not marched and missiles have not flown. The Illuminati has simply implemented rumors of wars that are designed to move Israel into position to accomplish their satanic goals. These evil people are simply following the plan God has devised for their total destruction. Remember Jesus talked about wars and rumors of wars.

The prophetic scriptures like Isaiah 17, Isaiah 19, Psalm 83, Joel 2 and 3, Obadiah 15-18, Isaiah 34, and Ezekiel 38-39 most definitely tell us that these rumors of wars will one day explode into real war.

The world can expect to be continually put through the meat grinder of rumors of wars, missile attacks and acts of terrorism so that we shall allow Israel to temporarily give up some of her Biblically-mandated land. I do not know when these wars will commence, but they will not begin until the rumors of war and the time of the Gentiles be fulfilled. The Illuminati is simply following their master satan’s plan who hates and wants to annihilate Israel

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