The Watchman On The Wall

The Watchman On The Wall
Eph 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Verse 13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

ALERT: Do Not Go Near Downtown Cincinnati On Sunday

Above, a van with gun portals that was in the shooting in Dallas; notice the gun portals; MX Johnson did not act alone; again he was the set up patsy. 

Answer to a reader's question about false flags:
 False Flag Operations / Government Sponsored Terror
As exposed in films like Terror Storm, the majority of terrorism is in fact sponsored by governments in order to stampede their populations through fear towards a predetermined agenda. A key element of government sponsored terror is false flag operations where governments attack themselves and blame the attack on an enemy in order to stampede the population into war or social change that serves the agenda of the global elite. The attacks of September 11, 2001 and the London Bombings on 7/7/2005 are a couple of the most recent false flag operations. In recent years several shooting incidents have been "false flag" incidents in order to take away American's guns. e.g. Aurora, Colorado; Sandy Hook; Waco, Texas, Colimbine  and Oklahoma City where children were sacrificed were sacrificed on a satanic high unholy day of 19 April; This satnaic occult period is called Beltane and runs from 19 April to 1 May This year Prince was sacrificed in an elevator. Prince believed that elevators were from the devil. So his satanic handlers killed him in an elevator and made it look like a drug overdose. The explosion of the USS Maine in Havana harbor was a "false flag" attack to get the U.S. in a war with Spain.     
Agent Provocateurs
Governments throughout history have a habit of hiring agent provocateurs in order to discredit legitimate protest. One example is where the US government hired the Black Bloc to destroy property at the Seattle 1999 WTO meeting protests. Another example is how the Quebec Provincial Police posed as anarchists intent on throwing rocks on the protesters at the 2007 SPP protest in Montebello, Quebec but were caught by protesters and ultimately admitted to by the Quebec police. 
Incrementalism (i.e. Gradualism)
Incrementalism is a process whereby society is slowly engineered and our rights and freedoms are slowly eroded over time so that we don't notice it's happening and are led to believe change is necessary e.g. gun control on only one item and this change is not related to other changes. In the short term the changes are almost imperceptible, but are nevertheless part of a long term campaign to gain control of us all. It is thus a strategy of coercion. This can be observed in every method of control listed and most visibly in education, religion and culture.
Hegelian Dialectics (i.e. Problem/Reaction/Solution)
The Hegelian Dialectic is, in short, the critical process by which the ruling elite create a problem, anticipating in advance the reaction that the population will have to the given crisis, and thus conditioning the people that a change is needed. When the population is properly conditioned, the desired agenda of the ruling elite is presented as the solution. The solution isn't intended to solve the problem, but rather to serve as the basis for a new problem or exacerbate the existing one.
When the newly inflamed difficulty reaches the boiling point of a crisis, it becomes the foundation upon which arguments may again be made for change. Hence, the process is repeated, over and over, moving society toward whatever end the planners have in mind.
Shock / War
Used under circumstances when the public would otherwise object, shock events are used to overcome major hurdles. False flag events such as the Gulf of Tonkin - Vietnam, Pearl Harbor and 9/11 are examples of shock events in action. Such events usually result in wars which are then used to make fundamental transformative changes to society. Currently war in the Ukraine, Syria, Libya and NATO pressuring Russia's border are being used. 
American foreign policy was changed by the NEOCONS so that the U.S. can launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike on other nations.
Simply put they lie and lie some more. The real intents and objectives are hidden from the public and shrouded in secrecy.
Bread and Circuses
As the Roman elite recognized, in order to create a compliant population, it is important to keep them fat (bread) and happy/distracted (circuses) with copious entertainment so they don't do too much thinking. To this end, the television is the greatest method of distraction and mental manipulation ever created.
Dumbing Down of the Population

A well informed and educated population is the last thing they want as they prepare to bring the people through the greatest period of change in human history. To accomplish this they have systematically reduced the quality of education
Reader comment:

The Watchman Report contained a heads-up about a possible false flag event in Cincinnati this evening.  I passed this info - via 160-character text message - to two Christians I know who follow prophecy (but not all that closely) who might be passing through Cincy today.

It occurred to me there could be two possible evening scenarios:

1) NOTHING happens, in which case they think I'm a nut-case, and they ignore future warnings.   


2) SOMETHING BAD happens, after which I envision federal folks knocking on my door, asking just how I knew about it, i.e., what was the "extent of my involvement."

How to avoid those two extreme errors?

It occurred to me that the Weather Channel has a tornado warning system called "TORcon," the tornado condition probability from 0% to 100% (TORcon 1 or 2 or 3... 10) that a tornado could occur within 50 miles of the TORcon area. That system estimates a degree of danger and the area.

Perhaps we should consider a "TERRcon" scale -- (since we have no radar) a criteria based probability that a TERRorist event might occur at or near a certain place.  That might alert the people without numbing them by crying "wolf," ...after Homeland InSecurity ceased using the color code system.

I shudder to think what that TERRcon might be in Cleveland. Ohio next weekend....

Friends and Patriots,


Hundreds are planning an event to begin at 4 p.m. Sunday at the District One police headquarters, (across the street from Music Hall) and then march to Washington Park, 

Four Apache helicopters just flew over my home towards downtown Cincinnati. 

I retired from the military in 08 and came back home. I have never seen such a military presence fly over my home. 

I am assuming those choppers are filled with either specially trained Ohio state troopers and/or military special operators. This could be the prelude to a "false flag" event in Cincinnati. I hope and pray I am wrong. 

Based on the specs below, there will be at least 44 heavily armed special operators in Cincinnati tomorrow.

Keep in mind, we were warned back in the Winter that this summer, the race war would start. 

It is time to arrest Soros and his gang of hooligans. Soros was kicked out of several countries for starting trouble like this.  

Your Watchman on the Wall, retired CW4 U.S. Army intelligence 




US Army


2x 7.62mm machine guns


150 kt


320 nm


2640 lbs (or 11 combat-equipped troops)


4 (2 pilots; 2 crew chiefs)

below, troops exit an Apache chopper

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