The Watchman On The Wall

The Watchman On The Wall
Eph 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Verse 13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Truth About The Manchurian Candidate McCain 22 July 2015 WR15-202

Alleged ISIS Photo Controversy Engulfs Sen. John McCain

Above, McCain met with Syrian terrorists. The man in the second row on the left (behind McCain) is the leader of ISIS Abu Bakr al Baghdadi. Why is Baghdadi shying away from the camera? What did he have to hide?

Friends and Patriots, 

in the past I defended John McCain but I cannot in good faith defend this fake conservative, globalist, Manchurian Candidate anymore. Perhaps, Donald Trump knows the real John McCain. By the way, I am a retired U.S. Army officer and U.S. Special Agent having served our formerly great republic from 1966 to 2009. I also had the honor to serve on the Matt Maupin (POW) Task Force, searching for Matt, while deployed to Abu Graib, Iraq. Previously to that I was the intelligence analyst covering Muqtada Sadr's Shia Mahdi Militia while deployed to Camp Victory, Iraq. 

I urge you to watch all the interesting videos below. 

McCain lied about meeting with Syrian terrorists, go to the 12:08 mark on the video below.

John mcCain's past that he doesn't want you to know 1 of 2 videos

McCain made over 30 propaganda broadcasts for Radio Hanoi and received special treatment from the North Vietnamese communists. Watch the video below.

Vietnam vets against McCain

Why did McCain and Lindsey meet with top ISIS terrorist?

Below is a video on Operation Zero Footprint

Photo controversy engulfs McCain

McCain met with ISIS terrorists

Image result for McCain plays poker in the senate

Remember McCain Playing Poker?

Trump is not going to be able to close the can of worms he opened. Today, McCain is trying to wrap himself in the POW flag for cover. 

American POWs from Vietnam were the bloody flag Richard Nixon wrapped himself in, on the advice of Henry Kissinger, part of a ploy to divert attention from his endless personal failings which included his agreement with North Vietnam that let them keep and later execute hundreds of American POWs. 1205 American POWs were kept by North Vietnam according to records recovered at the end of the Cold War. President’s Clinton and Yeltsin instituted a search of Russia’s gulags looking for their remains with no success. In 1993, armed with testimony from a former high ranking Czech security official, a U.S. official, proposed a systematic search of archives in Prague that recorded the fate of 200 missing US POWs from Vietnam but was blocked by Senator John McCain.

33 POWs faced execution for treason after Vietnam until Nixon pardoned all POWs. McCain was on the list of the 33, in fact at the head of it.

Here are the facts as we know them:

- According to Colonel Ted Guy, John McCain’s commander as a POW, McCain collaborated with the enemy.
- McCain is accused of giving information that led to the downing of 60 US aircraft
- McCain is accused of training North Vietnamese air defense personnel
- McCain is accused of making over 30 propaganda broadcasts against the US, broadcasts he moved to have classified when he was elected to the senate

The evidence for these acts exists and is substantial. What is stranger still is McCain’s longtime war against veterans, other POWs and their families. When John was a bit younger and better capable of looking after himself, he was often both verbally and physically abusive to POW families, POW activists and veterans. We hear nothing of these brutal outbursts of McCain’s though they continue to this day, now taken as the ravings of a mental defective.

The door Trump opened should be kept open. We need to examine the POW phenomenon. After Vietnam, we allowed Nixon to glorify POWs while abandoning hundreds. The facts came to light during the late 1990s when tapes of conversations between Nixon and Kissinger were made public, for moments, with Kissinger admitting that American POWS held outside Northon Vietnam, in Laos, Cambodia and the South, were purposefully not included in the agreements, a number Kissinger put at over 200.

The following article is courtesy of Freedom Outpost.
The first thing Donald Trump did after declaring his presidential candidacy was to observe that Mexico was not sending their “best and brightest” across our southern border. Instead, in Mr. Trump’s opinion, they are sending their gang members, their druggies, their serial felons and killers. Certainly, the tragic instance in San Francisco, and others elsewhere, have borne out the truth of his statement.
But the Honorable Senator John McCain (R-AZ) picked a fight by calling him, and others like him, “crazies” for criticizing Mexican immigration. I guess when you are worth $10 BILLION of your own making, you feel free to take issue when a politician calls you crazy!
So The Donald retaliated with the statement that getting yourself captured doesn’t necessarily make you a hero. “He’s a war hero because he was captured? I like people who weren’t captured.” With that, all hell broke loose in the mainstream media, as well as the Karl Rove dominated Republican establishment — and the gaggle of GOP presidential wannabes.
But it might behoove us at this point in time to wonder just why would getting captured make you a hero? And why would remaining in captivity make you a military expert, and thus qualified to currently fill the roles of chairman of both the Senate Committee on Armed Services and Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs. And one might ask, how has his leadership in both these strategic positions of responsibility been working out for ya’?
Since Mr. Trump expressed his opinion, there is now a whole group of Vietnam veterans who have come forward with statements that highly question the Senator’s preferential treatment as the son and grandson of Navy admirals, and his loyalty to his country while in captivity. Some even place him in the Jane Fonda category. Among the allegations are:
  1. John McCain was a below average student, getting into the Naval Academy due to his father’s and grandfather’s influence and naval careers. Both were admirals. McCain was a boozing, smoking, womanizing party animal, graduating fifth from the bottom of his class at Annapolis.
  2. John McCain’s arms were broken not from being tortured by the North Vietnamese, as he has claimed, but when he improperly ejected from his plane over North Vietnam. According to his fellow prisoners, he was never tortured by the North Vietnamese.
  3. John McCain’s nickname among his North Vietnamese captors was “Songbird,” as he was eager to tell them anything they wanted to hear to avoid torture. It is claimed that he made 32 propaganda videos for the North Vietnamese in which he blamed the United States for targeting schools, temples, orphanages, and hospitals. McCain has admitted to making one propaganda video.
And from a US Navy Aviator who served with McCain: “His “shoot down” was self-induced, as he DISOBEYED ORDERS and flew well below the ‘floor,’ getting himself shot down. There were several other jets on that particular mission and he was the only one shot down, because the others obeyed their orders.”
But if you think these opinions of Senator McCain are somewhat negative, try this one byTheodore Shoebat, Communications Director for Rescue Christians, an organization that is on the ground in Muslim lands, rescuing Christians from persecution, and the author of two books, For God or For Tyranny and In Satan’s Footsteps: The Source and Interconnections of all Evil.
“John McCain is a giant bag of scum; his mouth is a continual sewer of bile, his heart is a decayed rot of dung, his mind a river of filth, and his soul is amongst the damned. He is nothing but a murderous scumbag. His evils are so great, that the words of Trump don’t even bother me. McCain is ademon incarnate. His service in Vietnam does nothing to justify the evils he has supported and pushed for.”
The late Daniel Patrick Moynihan said it well: “Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not to his own facts.” Mr. Trump expressed his opinion, twice, apparently based upon ample facts.
Was it the politically smart thing for him to do? Perhaps not, but isn’t it refreshing, for once, to see a candidate for political office speaking his mind, instead of having his thoughts evaluated by a panel of political analysts before expressing them?
At least Trump is now branded as a no-holds-barred fighter, a type of leadership our country desperately needs at this time — and could certainly have used in the recent Iranian nuclear negotiations. Can you imagine the outcome had he been there instead of “Swiftboat” Kerry?
The GOP needs for someone to break away from the pack of wilting violets currently running for the 2016 candidacy, and Trump may have just done it! As I write this, the liberally reluctant Washington Post poll shows Trump leading by 24%, followed by Walker at 13, Bush at 12, Huckabee at 8, Rubio at 7, etc., etc.
Fasten your seat belts folks, we ain’t seen nothing yet!

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