The Watchman On The Wall

The Watchman On The Wall
Eph 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Verse 13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Obama's Satanic Links

The Obama's big Haloween bash

Part of the Altar of Satan

The Seat of Satan, the altar of Zeus

Friends and Patriots,

Go to the end of the article to view videos about the Altar of Zeus/Seat of satan from Pergamon

Note the removal of face on the statue above a common practice by Muslims vandals.

This is a long post but I feel it is important to know Obama's background and beliefs. The information below is an update on Obama's link to satanism and incorporates some of my past reporting on this subject.

I have suspected for some time that Obama and his wife are satanists and my suspicions were buttressed when the news broke of the Obama's hush hush Halloween Party in 2009. Haloween is an occult holiday and the photos of the party reinforced my suspicions. Now, I will grant you this is circumstantial and subjective evidence. However, why did the Obama’s try to hide the existence of this party?

Then, another piece of evidence surfaced for me and is contained in the video below.

Obama's Altar to Zeus

East Shore Unitarian Church in Bellevue, Washington

It noted that Obama's grandparents traveled half way across the country to Bellevue, Washington to join the East Shore Unitarian Homeschool Cooperative (ES) (Church). Local people in Bellevue called this church the Little Red Church because the membership supported Red China and was populated with communists including Frank Marshall Davis. Davis was Obama's mentor. Now, you and I know communists are atheists and some are also satanists. ES boasted about its "no Christian bias whatsoever". It had an earth religion group that focused on the earth's rotation. The church literature pointed out that the membership of the church felt spirituality had many paths. The membership did not like to mention Jesus Christ and were not Bible based. They offered secular classes & were not based on a Biblical world view. They welcomed Wiccan and pagan families.
In fact, the ES was listed in the Witches of World Directory (under Covens), a world wide Wiccan Networking Resource. That was the icing on the cake for me. I feel that members of the occult have trained & schooled Obama since he was little to prepare him for his service to Satan. Obama's mother may have brought Barack back to Washington from Hawaii to attend ES. Finally, the Pagans and Wiccans organization endorsed Obama when he ran for president.

I have watched a video of Obama quoting the Bible and he did it in a tone that mocked God’s word.
Personally, I think my suspicions about Obama's satanic past have been confirmed. Obama says, acts and does like a Wiccan would, but make up your own mind. Below is the link to the Obama video. Finally, one can be a Muslim and worship Satan. The Azzizis (phonetic) are a sect of Islam that live in Iraq and worship Satan.
Does the evidence help explain why Michelle said her role in the White House is Hell? These pictures reveal the change of the White House and the continuing change in America. Satan is very pleased.

Pagan gods and Mystery Babylon religion

The butterfly is a Bablyonian mystery symbol of wicked transformation, change and hope. The false gods involved in the Haloween party were the Greek mythology goddess Psyche, ancient Egypt pagan goddess Isis, New Age - collective religion and universal sacred paganism. All of these beliefs lead to global transformation to a one world government, one world religion and one world economy. Intolerant atheistic pagans hate our God based U.S. Constitution and have as their goal its elimination. They are dedicated to the creation of man’s utopian society. Unfortunately, as Bill Ayers says 25 million Americans must be eliminated to create man's utopia. These pagans hate the true creator God, the Bible and ultimate truth. Satan is the great deceiver and great counterfeiter.

Butterfly : Mystery of Transformation - YouTube
(Matthew 7:15) Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheeps's clothing, but are inwardly they are ravening wolfs.

The fallen angel Victoria in Berlin, satan's charioteer

Hitler speaks to the crowd at Nuremberg
It was in Berlin, Germany at the Fallen angel Victoria's Column, the altar of Zeus from Pergamon that Hitler planned to enthrone himself as German emperor after his victory in WWII. Further, Hitler modeled Nuremburg after satan's seat/Zeus's altar.
Nurember, stie of massive Nazi rallies

(This is another piece of evidence that Hitler was linked to satanic cults.) America and its allies, of course, disrupted Hitler’s grand satanic plan.
Revelation 2:13 refers to Pergamo. It is one of the 7 churches God talks about in the book of Revelation.
On July 24, 2008 as a candidate, Obama delivered a speech at the location of "Satan's seat" - The altar of Zeus in Pergamon. The altar was taken from Turkey to Germany and painstakingly reconstructed in Berlin. Obama originally wanted to give his Berlin speech at this exact location.
The Democratic party built a facsimile of the Great Altar of Zeus in Pergamon to serve as a backdrop to Obama's nomination acceptance speech at Invesco Field in Denver (reported by Michael Barone, US News, August 29, 2008).
God in Revelation reveals Pergamon as "where Satan dwelleth", Yeshua told his disciples in Matthew 24:4, "Take heed that no man deceive you." It may already be too late for our constitutional republic. 

Here is background information on the Zeus Altar in Pergamon. The Zeus Altar was constructed by Eumenes II (197-159 BC) as a memorial of Pergamum's victory over the Galatians under Attalus I. In Byzantine times, the temple was neglected and eventually dismantled. Fragments of marble from the altar were built into the Byzantine defensive walls. In 1871, the Zeus Altar was rediscovered by the German engineer Carl Humann, who took it back to his home country. It is now exhibited at the Pergamon Museum in Berlin. The Turkish government is in the process of trying to get the artifact back from Germany. Contrary to popular belief, the Pergamon Altar is not a temple, but probably the altar of a temple, although altars were generally located outdoors in front of their temples. It is supposed that the Athena temple located on the acropolis terrace above it may have been its cultic point of reference, and the altar possibly served solely as a place of sacrifice. This theory is supported by several statue bases (By the way, many times one observes statues in Islamic lands or in former Islamic nations with the heads missing. This is a deliberate Islamic practice. Keep in mind that the anti-christ and Islamic 12th Imam will both behead their opponents.) and consecrating inscriptions found in the vicinity of the altar and whose donors named Athena. Another possibility is that both Zeus and Athena were jointly honored. It could also be that the altar had an independent function. In contrast to a temple, which always had an altar, an altar did not necessarily have to have a temple. Altars could, for example, be quite small and placed in houses or, less commonly, have gigantic dimensions as in the case of the Pergamon Altar. The few remnants of inscriptions do not supply enough information to determine to which god the altar was dedicated. Below are videos on Satan's Seat - Pergamon

(I was shocked to find so many pagan deities tied to the altar of Zeus in Pergamon. The following pagan dieties were exemplified in the Altar of Zeus in Pergamon. (By the way, when Alexander the Great was born it was thought he was the son of Zeus. As Alexander conquered the known world of his time god ideas solidified in his mind and he came to believe at the end of his life that he was a god. This caused friction between him and his generals.) There are a large number of pagan entities represented in the Altar of Zeus.

Heracles as a baby
1. The struggle of the Olympian gods, supported by Heracles.
The symbol of Heracles
2. the astrological deities governing the days and hours and originating in the ancient race of the Titans.
The Titans
3. personifications of the forces of war and fate.
4. sea creatures.
5. Dionysus with his followers.
6. artistic image metaphors depicting the struggle between the good and just principle — the Olympian gods and their helpers — and evil — the chaotic forces of nature in the form of the earthbound giants.
7. The scanty remnants of the dedicatory inscription also seem to indicate that the altar was consecrated to the gods because of "favors" they had bestowed.
Zeus with lightning bolts
Athena - Zeus's daughter
8. The divine addressees could be especially Zeus, father of the gods, and his daughter Athena, since they appear in prominent locations of the Gigantomachy frieze.

9. The Gigantomachy frieze depicts the struggle of the gods against the children of the primordial goddess Gaia, who were snake-footed giants.

10. After the new gods under the leadership of Zeus and with the help of Gaia had overcome the old gods led by Cronus, Zeus then opposed several of Gaia's children, contrary to his promise. Gaia accordingly incited several of her chi could only be victorious with the help of mortals. For this reason, Heracles and Dionysus, both of whom had been born of mortal mothers, took part in the battle.
Cronus, the child eater
11. The gods are depicted in the frieze in accordance with their divine nature and mythical attributes. For example, gods who lived off their strength and dynamics, such as Zeus, the father of the gods, are shown in an appropriately powerful way. Others, who lived off their skillfulness, are shown differently, like Artemis with bow and arrow.
Artemis, goddess of the hunt

12. As mentioned above, visitors first saw the eastern side as they entered the altar area. Here was where almost all of the important Olympian gods were assembled. On the left the presentation begins with the three-faceted goddess Hecate. She fights in her three incarnations with a torch, a sword and a lance against the giant Klytios. Next to her is Artemis, the goddess of the hunt; in keeping with her function she fights with a bow and arrow against a Giant who is perhaps Otos. Her hunting dog kills another Giant with a bite to the neck. Atemis’ mother Leto fights at her side using a torch against an animal-like Giant; at her other side her son and Artemis’ twin, Apollo, fights. Like his sister, he is armed with bow and arrow and has just shot Ephialtes, who lies at his feet.

13. The next relief panel has barely survived. It is supposed that it showed Demeter. She is followed by Hera, entering the battle in aquadriga. Her four winged horses are identified as the personifications of the four winds, Notos, Boreas, Zephyros and Euros.
14. Between Hera and his father Zeus, Heracles is fighting, identified only by a frieze fragment showing a paw of his lion pelt. Zeus is physically especially present and agile. He fights by hurling lightning bolts, sending rain and massed clouds not only against two young Giants but also against their leader, Porphyrion.
15. The next pair of fighters also shows an especially important battle scene. Athena, the city goddess of Pergamon, breaks the GiantAlkyoneus’ contact to the earth, from which the mother of the Giants, Gaia, emerges. According to legend, Alkyoneus was immortal only as long as he touched the ground, where the power of his mother could flow through him.
16. The eastern frieze concludes with Ares, the god of war, who goes into battle with a chariot and pair of horses. His horses rear up in front of a winged Giant.
17. The depiction of the fighting begins here with the great mother goddess of Asia Minor, Rhea/Cybele. With bow and arrow she rides into battle on a lion.
18. On the left can be seen the eagle of Zeus holding a bundle of lightning bolts in his claws.
19. Next to Rhea, three of the immortals fight with a mighty, bull-necked Giant. The first, a goddess, has not been identified; she is followed by Hephaistos, who raises a two-headed hammer aloft. He is followed by another unidentified, kneeling god who thrusts a spear into the body.
20. Next come the gods of the heaven. Eos, goddess of the dawn, rides sidesaddle into battle. She pulls back her horse and is armed with a torch which she thrusts forward.
21. She is followed by Helios, who rises up from the ocean with his quadriga (a chariot drawn by 4 horses abreast) and enters the battle armed with a torch. His target is a Giant standing in his way. He has rolled over another Giant.
22. Theia follows, amidst her children. She is the mother of the day and night stars.
23. Next to her mother and with her back to the viewer, the moon goddess Selene rides on her mule over a Giant.
24. In the last third of the south frieze an unidentified young god, possibly Aither, is fighting. He is holding in a stranglehold a Giant with snake legs, human body, and the paws and head of a lion. 25. The next god is obviously elderly. It is supposed that he is Uranos. On his left is his daughter Themis, goddess of justice.
26. At the end (or beginning, depending how the frieze is viewed) is the Titan Phoibe with a torch and her daughter Asteria with a sword. Both are accompanied by a dog.
27. The ocean gods are gathered together on the north risalit of the altar. On the western wall (risalit front) Triton and his mother Amphitritefight several Giants. Triton's upper torso is human; the front half of his lower torso is a horse, the back half a dolphin.
28. On the inside wall (stairway) are to be found the couple Nereus and Doris as well as Oceanus, and a fragment supposed to be Tethys, all of whom are engaged in fighting Giants.
29. West frieze Several gods of nature and mythological beings are gathered on the south risalit. On the risalit front, Dionysus, accompanied by two young satyrs joins the struggle. At his side is his mother Semele, leading a lion into battle.
30. Fragments of three nymphs are shown on the stairway side. Here, too, is the only artist's signature found, THEORRETOS, on the cornic
31. North frieze Aphrodite starts off the line-up of the gods on this side, she is to be found next to her lover Ares, who concludes the east frieze. The goddess of love pulls a lance out of a dead giant. Next to her,
32. her mother, the Titan Dione, is fighting, as well as her small son, Eros.
33. The next two figures are uncertain. They are most likely the twins Castor and Pollux. Castor is being grabbed from behind by a Giant who bites him in the arm, whereupon his brother hastens to his assistance.
34. The next three pairs of fighters are associated with Ares, the god of war. It is uncertain who they depict. First, a god is about to hurl a tree trunk; in the middle a winged goddess thrusts her sword into an opponent, and third, a god fights a Giant in armor.
35. The next god was long considered to be Nyx; in the meantime
36. It is assumed that it is one of the Erinyes, goddesses of revenge. She is holding a vessel wrapped in snakes, ready to hurl it. Next, two other personifications are fighting. The three Moirai (goddesses of fate) kill the Giants Agrios and Thoas with bronze clubs.
37. The next group of fighters shows a "lion goddess" said to be Ceto. This group does not immediately follow the Moirai;
38. There is a gap which probably held another pair of fighters. They may have been Ceto's children, the Graeae. Ceto was the mother of several monsters, including a whale (Greek: Ketos) who rises at her feet.
39. The north frieze closes with the god of the sea Poseidon, who rises up out of the ocean with a team of seahorses. The next scene in the sequence is the north risalit with the ocean gods.

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