The Watchman On The Wall

The Watchman On The Wall
Eph 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Verse 13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Operation Blackjack

Gee, it was home grown terrorists who allegedly bombed the Boston Marathon

Notice the insignia of MI5 with the satanic, red hexagrams

Hmm, and we have the Boy Scout Jamboree occurring in July in conjunction with a drill that simulates a mass viral or chemical attack at the location where the Boy Scouts are camping.

The British Prime Minister speaks on the threat. Sounds like Bush after 9/11



The terrorist van is parked in London

The terrorist nuke goes off!

Notice the reference to Boston!

Hmm, and the bomb in Boston came from "The Craft"

Blackjack is, I believe, an Illuminati telegraph signal. Remember, what good are brazen acts if one cannot brag about them. Brazen pride led to Satan’s downfall and his followers suffer from the same disease.

Blackjack was published in the Daily Telegraph in Great Britain and is a replica of a comic book that was also in the Daily Telegraph on 12 January 2009 and bore the title “Operation Blackjack”.  

The Blackjack slide show tells the story about a terrorist nuclear attack against large cities around the world. The date for these concerted attacks, false flag attacks is 22 June 2010.  However, 22 June 1013 is fast approaching.

To begin here when even a small mouthing: So, The Telegraph , Daily British-based information in 1855 that the origin of the publication of this comic is to tell you the reputation of the English newspaper that each publication of articles, videos, Photos are never trivial, especially when the name of the newspaper owners are known: the Barclay brothers , global fortune, media moguls living in social withdrawal, only the author remains unknown to this day. This database is composed of five parts that were unveiled weekly at the beginning of just 2009 years after the stock market crash, the subprime crisis that dragged the collapse of Lehman Brothers on September 29, 2008, as to prevent us, warn or just taunt us. This is clearly an apocalyptic scenario anticipation that initially may make us think that this is the work of an off-axis stuffed and blasé Hollywood disaster movie and wanting to make the buzz. However, looking more closely at the background as the form, both in the script on this artwork graphic production seems to be too highly developed and expected to view the news not to be taken seriously. Instead, we would favor a (an) reporter geek conspiracy wanting to see good works by alerting the public opinion of any cataclysm or why not come and simply the work of a (e) initiated (e) with knowledge of heavy truth, a terrible secret like a Wells ( New world order but also The World Set Free , published in 1914, the French title is liberating Destruction ) or a Huxley ( the Best of the world ) or an Orwell with its inescapable (1984 ) In all good pragmatic optimistic skeptic, I said that this is not the first scenario disaster, and more! It is heavily used with Hollywood over the last fifty years and there will surely be a lot else. Except that all the events denounced, criticized on the net for a decade are combined.  Nuclear-biological and chemical attacks, the crackdown BankRun, and other PumpRun Panic Shop the forced vaccination of RFID chipping the key through the FEMA camps which will be held unfairly, arbitrarily so unlimited and without trial the creation of the political and economic bloc continental: UNA and its single currency the Amero (see Pierre Hillard THE irréssistibe running the New World Order and the Bertelsmann Foundation) Not to mention the selection of Denver as the new capital, with, as I recall the airport has been much ink.

Why BLACKJACK Blackjack is a primarily a game also known as 21 or twenty-one, bastard translation: Black Jack Blackjack appeared in the late eighteenth century under the name "21". This game is basically based on two sets of cards: the railroad and the French firm. It is then played in Paris casinos. It is then introduced in the United States without much success. To try to attract players, the casino invent bonus: Players with an ace of spades and a black Jack earn a bonus which then provides a payment of 10 against 1. The name of the game then comes the "Black Jack" this bonus is "Black Jack" in English. We still call this game so even if this bonus has been changed. Part opposes all players against the bank. The aim is to beat the dealer without going over 21. Once a player has more than 21, it is said that "jumps" or that "bursts" and he loses his initial wager. The value of the cards is as follows: It was on one side the dealer (the Bank) and the other players (humanity), the purpose of the Bank is to make humanity lose. I'm not a fan of numerology, but 21 is our century and then there is Agenda 21 of the UN and there also the Committee 21.

Below is a brief synopsis of what has happened just in the last couple of months alone that ties strongly with Blackjack. See the corresponding links for images with the statements below...

A couple of weeks back Obama stated that the internet is the source of radicalization and lone wolf recruiting. See this... [
link to] Do you want to bet he reinforces this statement after a Blackjack type event to occur soon? Surely it will seem odd if the only time he ever mentioned that type of stuff is after an event. By mentioning it now, it’s like he's gone on record stating what he sees developing.

Syria is being blamed for chemical weapons use. MSM could push See this...... [
link to

In the last month alone, we have seen reports of truck bombs or trucks packed with explosives in Afghanistan. See this..... [
link to

Since Boston and the London beheading hoax, news of homegrown extremists is being pushed by the media. See this...... [
link to

Not only that, they staged these events to get people in an upbeat for revenge......A possible invasion of Syria and Iran of which without a False Flag event to be blamed on these nations, the masses would object such a move, especially  after what happened in Libya. Also, we all wondered how China could get into this Blackjack picture......see this [
link to] but now we know how. In this week alone, we hear report of China stealing US weapons systems on the net. See this...... [link to

Of course more recently the PRISM surveillance system just released yesterday. What role will this play in this. Well, if you understood Blackjack pretty well, you will realize that not only do they tell you of an imminent event, [
link to] but they also had a system of monitoring in it. So, we have seen blackjack play out in a surreal manner in just the last 3 months alone. They don’t need to spell everything out in the slides but anyone with a good level of intuition can connect the dots.

Did I miss out the fact that there is a drill going on in the Middle East until the end of June? The title of the drill is "Eager Lion". Sounds like a lion waiting on it prey to pounce.

We know that The Lord is in control and all this falls into His plan....His return is at the door!  

You'd think the administration has shot itself in the foot with this supposed leak (which is really not) of PRISM surveillance system, don't you? But that isn't quite right! Yes, it's now known that they access and indeed have control over all communications......something that probably should have been kept a secret is now out in the open. Well, the next thing you have to watch out for is the justification for such a broad-range apparatus and that justification is coming very soon. Considering other world events happening now, it's no mistake this information was released when it was.

Now, even the sheeple and Obama supporters are being made to wake up and question what the heck is going on. They are being made to look at the once beloved administration with a critical eye. So, what do you think the administration stand to gain by exposing itself, making the world aware of this program causing distrust in the minds of its supporters? What do you think this PRISM system is all about and where do you think all this is heading?

Well, they've told you they are spying on you. Obviously, most people will be outraged by this and question why they have to be snooped upon. They will ask.....Is this justified? Is this move right? Surely there is no proof this snooping has stopped or prevented any terrorist event. Why is this needed? These are a few of the questions that will be popping up on people's minds and enough to get them in an uproar. They will however soon justify the need for this program. This thing is huge as it covers all people that have anything to do with modern day civilization. We are talking about industries, businesses, multinational corporations with company secrets and all. And all that information they pass around is not safe? We are talking about all these people from various works of life binding together under one umbrella against the administration? And you think the administration is stupid enough to allow people unite against it? I don’t think so.....

Expect an Operation Blackjack-type event to justify this surveillance system and disintegrate this unity being formed. These people will slowly start betraying each other and leaving every man for himself. This way, people will see and say that the government has been right all along.

Operation Blackjack, according to the slides, may go live soon maybe June 21st or 22nd? If not, sometime very soon afterwards.......PRISM ties in with a Syria and an Iran invasion. The False Flag (FF) is what gets the world into Syria and Iran. PRISM is to forewarn you and then clamp down on later government dissent.

This is why you are, perhaps, being told about PRISM or PRISON (when pronounced). It also very funny that PRISM is a PYRAMIDDoes this remind anyone of the pyramid on the back of the dollar bill and all seeing eye at the top of it? Hmmmm! And we are all confined in this PRISM?

This apparatus, although already being used without people being aware of it (at least the people still asleep in the matrix), will come into force after this next staged event and you are only being given foreknowledge of its existence so that you shiver in the aftermath and know you can’t go out of line. This time you actually know it's for REAL and will think twice against acting. This is the launch pad to Pre Crime. Ultimately, it’s all about the fear factor.

Oh, they will also warn you about an imminent event as Operation Blackjack slides depicted. How else could they have known and convinced you that they saw this event coming other than to disclose the presence of such an apparatus and it’s far reaching capabilities. PRISM won’t however stop this event as they need it to happen to advance their agenda.

They will be forewarning you of the next FF event which will be the mother of all False Flag events and they need you to believe them when they do tell you. They claim they will provide you proof that PRISM has stopped a number of terrorist events but you aren’t going to get no proof from them. The only proof you are going to get is a forewarning and then the real thing. And then they will tell you "see.....we saw this coming and our surveillance apparatus detected it." So you will believe that such a system is justified.

This release was to create a televised airtime for the masses to know about the surveillance system. A FF is in the making and could be sooner than you think. The Illuminati are priming the masses for the kill.

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