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The Watchman On The Wall
Eph 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Verse 13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Rabbits Make An Offer Californians Can't Refuse!

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Reader comment: (Just as Gangs/Corruption/Globalist/Cronyism/False Ideologies/Religions have taken over and caused Terrible Economic and Social Harm to Mexico, many South and Central American countries, etc. California may be next. Read the article or at least part of it. Cal.-Exit, Calexit like Briexit for California to become a separate nation from the US. While that would be good in some ways and many people say good, get rid of the Loon Leftist, they are Self Destructing anyway. 

The main point I want to make is that they are the 'Canary in the Cage'. As the old saying goes, 'As goes California, so goes the rest of the country', years later. Its like going into the future, to see what's coming. The EU is a similar warning of 'things to come'. 

Its not just 'Socialist Economic Debit Crisis' and the 'mind set' of 'give me something for nothing', Subversion. And Globalist Subversion of the Radical'Illegal Immigration Invasion' of people that are 'not comparable' with us, U.N. 'Agenda 21' 'Mean Green' 'Iron Fisted' Oppression of people and businesses, Evil Eugenics Wars and Poisoning, Orwellian Tyranny and sending our jobs and business to China, to make us poor for Communism/Fascism. 

Its even worse. Add to those things outright Racist Gangs and their Communist/Fascist 'Evil Establishment' in an 'Unholy Alliance of Evil'. Not only their 'Social Justice' Terrorism and Torture, BLM Terrorism and Murder, but outright gangster Race War on Blacks by the likes of MS-13 gangs and others,but they are talking about Mass Murdering Whites too. They are largely Muslim Gangs and this is likely largely, if not totally Globalist SSI Jihad. 

This is where they are taking us to, this is their 'Fake Utopia'. Its not just Economic Crisis like in many EU countries and Venezuela, etc. Its not just War Mongering Pigs Death and Destruction all over the place, on countries that are not under their 'Jack Booted' Orwellianism. Its not just 'Race Bating' and Hateful Violence, Torture and Murder.   

No, its more, its Eugenics, its Satanism, its Demonic Racist Gangs inflicting Death and Destruction 'at will', 'to get what they want'. What do they want? 'To do as thy will', as the Satanic Occultist say. They want to do, what they want to do. This is a glimpse of the Orwellian Evil Empire/Anarchy/Hell of the 'anti-Christ Rule' they are trying to have. Venezuela, North Korea, the USSR and others that where or are already there.

But it can get even worse then that, because these Tyrannies had some restraint, in that they had or have to try to hid what Evil Atrocities they are involved in. If the whole world in under their Globalist Tyranny, then there is no where to flee to, no one to criticize their Atrocities

Power Corrupts, Unlimited Power Corrupts Absolutely. With World Rule, they would have Unlimited Power and Absolute Evil of the 'anti-Christ Rule'. 

It looks like this is one of their Methods, to Incrementally Undermine, createCrisis  and Not let a Crisis go to Waste, in forming Tyranny Incrementally. Bring down one State at a time. Their Policies/Ideologies/Religion 'Create the Conditions for these Crisis' that could cause 3rd World Tyrannical conditions. 

This is what the Globalist/'Social Justice'/Socialist/Satanist/Fascist/Communist/Islamic SSI have been doing and trying to do for a very long time and all over the world. Are you Excepting the Mark of Authority of the 'Harlot' 'Peace and Justice' Ecumenical 'World Council of Churches'/Religions, on the 'Beast' 'Globalist Governments', Deceits and Rule'

Revelation 17:13-14 These have 'one mind' (Ecumenical Globalism), and shall give their power and authority unto the 'Beast'. These will fight with the 'Lamb' (Jesus and the true Church of Christ, battles against the falseness of the 'anti-Christ Rule'.)

The 'one mind' shall give the Keys of the 'Bottomless Pit', that Allow them to Hurt people..........J)

Dave Hodges wrote this article.
 California’s “independence movement” has some new friends, surprising friends, friends in need of a place that will protect them from the long arm of the soon-to-be Trump administration. Before I identify the California’s new friends, let’s talk about California’s old friends. You know, the old friends that hijacked the California state government.
California’s Shady Friends
As previously identified on The Common Sense Show, California has been taken over by some very shady characters who are interested in creating an independent country from the Golden State, BY ANY MEANS POSSIBLE!
According to Paul Preston, reports are coming in that numerous state legislators from California, including “California Senate pro tem Kevin de Leon), State representatives from Florida, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Utah and Colorado have been meeting with members of 
1. La Raza (translated "the people" or the "race")
2. the Mexican government (consulate), 
4. California’s violent Mexican gangs 
a. (Nortenos (the northerners) 
b. Sureños/ (While "sur" is the Spanish word for south, among Sureños SUR also stands for Southern United Raza. Sureños use the number 13 which represents the thirteenth letter of the alphabet, the letter M, in order to pay allegiance to the Mexican Mafia.)
5. and religious leaders (Jesuits) to come up with a plan to separate from the United States the above mentioned states”. 
6. Governor Brown, his aides, and the Bank of China have been in attendance in several of these meetings designed to sever California from the US. Further, The Common Sense Show has learned, independent of Paul Preston, 
7. George Soros is bankrolling some of the costs associated with this movement.
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By now, many have heard that Governor Jerry Brown is leading a concentrated effort to become El Presidente of California. Brown’s efforts are supported by international crime figures such as the Sasakawa crime family, in the which the senior Sasakawa, the late Japanese general led the “Rape of Nanking” event in World War II.  He was not prosecuted by the OSS as a war criminal because he had so much money that it was deemed that he could become a valuable asset of the globalists. The Sasakawa  crime family came to run Mitsubishi.
Embedded sources close to the State of Jefferson movement, who have been embedded in Brown’s CALEXIT meetings have reveals that that the Bank of China is helping to bankroll this movement in conjunction with George Soros. The Obama administration has representatives in the same room as these organized criminals. This is treason of the highest order.
In addition to the criminal cabal elements already mentioned in the preceding paragraphs, MS-13 has entered into this equation. Based upon information that I received from Border Patrol and DEA personnel, obtained in the summer of 2014, I learned that MS-13 members were being captured by the Border Patrol and then ordered released by DHS. This is significant because MS-13, as I reported 30 months ago plays the role of political assassins for the cartels in Mexico in which they carry out hits on law enforcement, political leaders, members of the media and their respective family members. Later in this article, I will reveals how MS-13 style of intimidation is already coming into play with recent events directed at the State of Jefferson political leadership. Their presence guarantees the same behaviors in California and perhaps beyond for any and all opposition to this unholy alliance traitors designed to help create the country of California which will be a protectorate of the United Nations.
Basic Operational Details of CALEXIT
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As I previously reported, Paul Preston has embedded sources who have been in attendance at the CALEXIT meetings, along with the nefarious groups, previously identified.
Operational details are still being uncovered at the time of this printing. However, let me re-issue a very severe warning for the citizens of California, particularly the White citizens. One of the topics discussed in front of Preston’s informant was an operational plan that somewhat paralleled what I have learned from my own sources. White people will soon be targeted by this group and their minions, if the move to leave the US is not successful from a legislative standpoint.
The operational plan consists of three options:
  1. The US Congress, convened in a special session grants the withdrawal of California. In this case, California will also be under the control of the United Nations. This is the preferred approach.
  2. Obama may issue an Executive Order which grants Governor Brown the authority to withdraw California from the US.
  3. Extreme violence, which will target black gangs and random White citizens will be executed by the cartels and their allies (e.g. MS-13). One scenario that was discussed at these meeting would be for gangsters to be in cars and converge on large gatherings of citizens and then White citizens will be targeted for murder. It is hoped that the mayhem will convince the country and its governmental officials to allow California to leave. At this point, we are unquestionably talking about the violent overthrow of California.
It should be noted that in his official capacity as a talk show host, a member of the media, Paul received an answer from the Governor’s office about Calexit and the email stated that there would no comment on Calexit that would be forthcoming. That is an answer.
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Also, it is important to remember that the CALEXIT movement has progressed to the point to where they opened an embassy in Russia. This is clear sedition and everyone of these participants should be arrested for treason, but don’t forget, we now live in a lawless America where the rule of law does not apply to the ruling class.
CALEXIT Has New Friends and Allies
Three days ago, I learned the former (disgraced and discredited) Attorney General, Fast and Furious’ Eric Holder has been retained by Jerry Brown to represent the state against the anticipated actions of the Trump administration. Included in the representation duties will the refusal of California to allow the deportation of anyone that the state government does not approve. In other words, California is, in effect, declaring themselves to be a sanctuary state. However, the duties of Holder extend far beyond immigration. By assuming the described duties, he is, by default, the new official spokesperson of the CALEXIT movement.
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I have learned from a member of the intelligence community that Holder is not the only soon-to-be Obama Administration refugee. Many members of the Obama administration may become roadkill in the purge against the most criminal administration in American history. Current members and former members of the Obama administration that are joining the CALEXIT team are as follows:
  1. Attorney General Loretta Lynch
  2. Disgraced and former Obama czar, Van Jones
  3. Former DHS director, Janet Napolitano, who is presently running the California university system.
  4. Present mayor of Chicago and former advisor to Obama, Rahm Emanuel.
The Common Sense Show has learned that CALEXIT has as a target date to exit the country of 2019.
The Clinton’s are rumored to have an interest as well, although their getaway, as previously reported on The Common Sense Show, is Dubai in which the Clinton’s have stashed away $2 trillion of stolen Haitian relief funds, taken illegally by the Clinton Foundation.
The Horse’s Head
Do you remember the classic movie, The Godfather?  There was a scene in the movie in which a reluctant Hollywood producer would not give an upstart (ie presumably Frank Sinatra) a foothold in the entertainment business. The Hollywood producer had a favorite horse. One morning, the producer awakened with the horse’s head in his bed as a warning. The term “horse’s head” became synonymous with intimidation by organized crime in order achieve a certain objective.
The horse’s head has reared its head in California. The drug cartels have begun to leave dead animals (e.g. dead rabbits) on the front porches of the officials who are in the State of Jefferson movement. The State of Jefferson movement is a political effort for several counties from Northern California and Southern Oregon to form a 51st state. The effort is legal and stands an excellent chance of happening. However, this movement flies in the face of the CALEXIT movement. Therefore, the underworld affiliates behind Governor Brown’s treasonous plan have begun the first wave of a reign of terror against these officials. I look for the level of violence to increase as the Jefferson movement gains more momentum. In light of these revelations, one can clearly see that California is clearly a Marxist state that is controlled by organized crime figures, both domestic and foreign.
I have been frustrated by the fact that this monumental story has not gained more traction. However, there are more and more journalists who are now starting to pay attention. One author, Katy Grimes, from is all over this story. Katy traces the inception of the CALEXIT movement to LaRaza and MECHa. She has correctly identified many of the key players and talks about how these groups plan to disrupt (violently) not only California, but the country to force a reorganization of the nation. 

I am calling on the soon-to-be Trump administration to take whatever means necessary and arrest these traitors in what could become the biggest political scandal of all time. Make no mistake about it, these are the seeds of civil war.
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