The Watchman On The Wall

The Watchman On The Wall
Eph 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Verse 13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Screw Starbucks!!!!!

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During the Starbucks annual shareholders meeting, CEO Howard Schultz had a clear message to send to investors who don’t support gay marriage: he doesn’t want your business.
It’s one thing to stick to one’s beliefs, but it’s another thing to allow those beliefs to cross the line and become zealotry. It appears Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz crossed that line during the meeting, mixing his belief system with business.
Schultz went on to claim that Starbucks strives to “embrace diversity of all kinds.” He went on to tell a shareholder who stands behind tradition marriage to sell his shares and invest elsewhere.
Forbes reported that Schultz seemed hostile and intolerant of any shareholders who objected to gay marriage for moral or religious reasons.
During the meeting, shareholder Tom Strobhar (who founded the Corporate Morality Action Center) pointed out that after the company voiced its support for a referendum backing gay marriage in Washington state, a boycott by traditional marriage supporters caused a drop in sales revenue.

As for me, I will no longer patronize Starbucks and I love their hot apple cider.

Songbird Poyet V Rossii

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John McCain and his ties to Russia keep on getting more bizarre. Sen. John McCain was a presidential candidate in 2008 and asked Vitaly Churkin, a Russian ambassador to the U.N., to donate to his campaign, according to Wikileaks.
Fast forward to 2016 and John McCain is now accusing Russia of hacking and meddling in U.S. politics. Even though, McCain solicited Russia to interfere in the 2008 campaign by asking for money.

What makes it even more bizarre is that Ambassador Churkin died suddenly on Monday. According to NBC News, his death is suspicious.
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The Russian government sent the above letter out to John McCain at the time:
We have received a letter from Senator John McCain requesting financial contribution to his Presidential campaign.”
“In this connection we would like to reiterate that Russian officials, the Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations or the Russian Government do not finance political activity in foreign countries.”
The above letter has been verified by Wikileaks, but what does this mean for John McCain? It means that he is a treacherous liar and does not work for the American people.

John McCain is  the Hanoi “songbird” and we cannot trust him. The only people that John McCain has helped out are the neocons, globalists and left wing Democrats. (h/t Wikileaks)

More Lunancy On March 8

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Here’s the left’s next great idea for bringing down President Trump: another women’s march. Which means another public instance of Trump haters shouting slogans to one another and mistaking it for constructive politics.
On March 8, organizers seem to be aiming for a different vibe than the librarians-in-pussy-hats element that made the first women’s march after Trump’s inauguration so adorable.
Instead of milling around Washington, organizers have in mind a “general strike” called the Day without a Woman. In a manifesto published in The Guardian on Feb. 6, the brains behind the movement are calling for a “new wave of militant feminist struggle.” That’s right: militant, not peaceful.
The document was co-authored by, among others, Rasmea Yousef Odeh, pictured above, a convicted terrorist. Odeh, a Palestinian, was convicted in Israel in 1970 for her part in two terrorist bombings, one of which killed two students while they were shopping for groceries. She spent 10 years in prison for her crimes. She then managed to become a US citizen in 2004 by lying about her past (great detective work, INS: Next time, use Google) but was subsequently convicted, in 2014, of immigration fraud for the falsehoods. However, she won the right to a new trial (set for this spring) by claiming she had been suffering from PTSD at the time she lied on her application. Oh, and in her time as a citizen, she worked for a while as an ObamaCare navigator.
You can see why she’s a hero to the left. Another co-author, Angela Davis, is a Stalinist professor and longtime supporter of the Black Panthers. Davis is best known for being acquitted in a 1972 trial after three guns she bought were used in a courtroom shootout that resulted in the death of a judge. She celebrated by going to Cuba.
A third co-author, Tithi Bhattacharya, praised Maoism in an essay for the International Socialist Review, noting that Maoists are “on the terrorist list of the US State Department, Canada, and the European Union,” which she called an indication that “Maoists are back in the news and by all accounts they are fighting against all the right people.” You know you’re dealing with extremism when someone admits to hating Canada.
The International Women’s Strike is meant to be a grass-roots affair, with promising more information about how to participate in local protests across the US. Women around the country are being urged to walk off their jobs and join a demonstration near them.
According to The Guardian piece, women should spend their day “blocking roads, bridges, and squares, abstaining from domestic, care and sex work” and “boycotting” pro-Trump businesses. Also every woman is supposed to wear red in solidarity.
The bristling tone of the manifesto and its call for a “militant” uprising are yet another indicator that liberals are increasingly willing to justify violence in the name of opposing Trump. After the Berkeley campus erupted in flames and violence to protest the planned appearance of Milo Yiannopoulos, many progressive activists took to Twitter to cheer them on. Hollywood stars Debra Messing and Sarah Silverman both tweeted their support, with Messing saying, “RESISTANCE WORKS” and Silverman ranting: “WAKE UP & JOIN THE RESISTANCE. ONCE THE MILITARY IS W US FASCISTS GET OVERTHROWN. MAD KING & HIS HANDLERS GO BYE BYE.”
Progs are equally enthusiastic about the idea that it’s OK to punch people as long as you hate them: “Stranger Things” star David Harbour said at the Screen Actors Guild awards, “We will, as per Chief Jim Hopper [the character he played on the show], punch some people in the face when they seek to destroy the weak and the disenfranchised and the marginalized.” Nice liberal Democrats should be aware that this newer, angrier cohort is just as hostile to their own party. “I have problems with the Democratic Party that is just as linked to the corporate capitalist structure as the Republican party,” Davis said at a rally last year.
Anti-Trump activism seems to have little to do with the political arts required to win elections — finding common ground, forging alliances, making friends. Instead all of these demonstrations are about denouncing enemies, and making yourself feel better about the November defeat by gathering publicly with those who share your rage. This sort of thinking leads to such self-defeating acts as interrupting traffic in places like New York City (where Trump got 18 percent of the vote) or San Francisco (9 percent).

If you want to persuade working-class Trump voters in Wisconsin to join your cause, annoying rich liberal Democrats trying to get to work a thousand miles away is a strange way to go about it.

Fukushima Update Feb. 26, 17

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The Neocons Are Winning

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Above, JFK with intelligence leaders Allen Dulles and John McCone.

I am pleased to announce that my readership has gone over 380,000 people. PRAISE JESUS!!!!!!!
President Trump came to the White House promising a radical reset of US-Russia relations after years of rising tensions under his predecessor.
But barely one month into office, that plan appears to have failed, and Trump's White House team has taken on an increasingly Russophobic face.
After he repeatedly pledged to reach "a deal" with Vladimir Putin while hinting at downgraded relations with NATO and the European Union, Trump has yet to set a meeting with the Russian leader.
Meanwhile Vice President Mike Pence and top cabinet security and defense officials have gone to great lengths to reassure European leaders that Washington is not giving up on its allies.
While Trump still holds out the idea of striking up an amicable relationship with Putin, the administration took a distinct turn away from that stance last week with the replacement of pro-Moscow national security advisor Michael Flynn with Lieutenant General HR McMaster, a hawkish Neocon army general who sees Russia as the primary threat to US interests and global stability.
And next week the Senate is expected to approve the appointment of Senator Dan Coats as Director of National Intelligence, adding another neocon to the president's defense and national security team.
"There has been a major shift," said Bruce Jones, vice president and director for foreign policy at the Brookings Institution think tank in Washington.
"My sense is at least we've seen an evolution to an approach that is more sensitive to the threat Russia poses to Europe and the US."
Jake Sullivan, the former national security adviser to vice president Joe Biden, said the White House policy situation is "still unsettled."
However, he said, McMaster's arrival in Flynn's place "could tip the balance."
Trump has long expressed admiration for Putin and other hard-as-nails Russian autocrats.
But his hope of launching into the presidency with a new approach to Russia has been set back by scandals that have allowed critics to paint him as suspiciously soft on Moscow: the intelligence conclusion that Russia interfered in the US election to hurt Trump's rival Hillary Clinton; alleged links between some of his campaign advisers and Russian intelligence; and the need to fire Flynn over his private discussions on sanctions with Russia's ambassador. Indeed. I believe was a victim of a neocon coup.
The seeming slowdown or shift in his stance was most noteworthy, Jones said, with efforts in the past two weeks to assuage nervous European leaders over the new Washington administration's intentions.
During the campaign Trump had repeatedly criticized NATO and suggested the core Atlantic Alliance may have passed its expiration date.
But last week Pence declared at a high-level Munich security conference, with German leader Angela Merkel in the audience,  that the administration remains committed to strong transatlantic ties.
"The United States is and will always be your greatest ally. Be assured that President Trump and our people are truly devoted to our transatlantic union," he said.
Days earlier new Pentagon chief James Mattis told officials in Brussels that the NATO alliance was "fundamental bedrock" for the United States.
Trump's efforts to strike a new footing with Moscow have not gone away, and he and his close advisor Steve Bannon still set the agenda.
They have suggested a readiness to lighten tough sanctions placed on Russia by the previous administration over its seizure of Crimea in exchange for cooperation elsewhere, particularly in fighting Islamic terrorism.
"If we could get along, it would be a positive thing, not a negative thing," Trump reiterated in a press conference on February 16.
"It would be much easier for me to be tough on Russia, but then we're not going to make a deal."
Taking on anti-Moscow hardliners could help Trump pursue overtures with Putin from a position of strength, analysts say.

Trump can still get on the phone with Putin from time to time and do deals." However, I fear Trump's administration is following the path of John Kennedy's administration that started off with the CIA bungling the Bay of Pigs invasion in Cuba. Globalist Allen Dulles led the intelligence cabal against JFK that ultimately cost JFK his life and his administration.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Is Detente With Russia Dead?

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Among the reasons Donald Trump is president is that he read the nation and the world better than his rivals.

He saw the surging power of American nationalism at home, and of ethno nationalism in Europe. And he embraced Brexit.

While our bipartisan establishment worships diversity, Trump saw Middle America recoiling from the demographic change brought about by Third World invasions. And he promised to curb them.

While our corporatists burn incense at the shrine of the global economy, Trump went to visit the working-class casualties. And those forgotten Americans in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin, responded.

And while Bush II and President Obama plunged us into Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Syria, Trump saw that his countrymen wanted to be rid of the endless wars, and start putting America first.

He offered a new foreign policy. Mitt Romney not with standing, said Trump, Putin's Russia is not "our number one geopolitical foe."

Moreover, that 67-year-old NATO alliance that commits us to go to war to defend two dozen nations, not one of whom contributes the same share of GDP as do we to national defense, is "obsolete."

Many of these folks are freeloaders, said Trump. He hopes to work with Russia against our real enemies, al-Qaeda and ISIS.

This was the agenda Americans voted for. But what raises doubt about whether Trump can follow through on his commitments is the size and virulence of the anti-Trump forces in this city.

Consider his plan to pursue a rapprochement with Russia such as Ike, JFK at American University, Nixon and Reagan all pursued in a Cold War with a far more menacing Soviet Empire.

America's elites still praise FDR for partnering with one of the great mass murderers of human history, Stalin, to defeat Hitler. They still applaud Nixon for going to China to achieve a rapprochement with the greatest mass murderer of the 20th century, Mao Zedong.

Yet Trump is not to be allowed to achieve a partnership with Putin, whose great crime was a bloodless retrieval of a Crimea that had belonged to Russia since the 18th century.

The anti-Putin paranoia here is astonishing.

That he is a killer, a KGB thug, a murderer, is part of the daily rant of John McCain. At the Munich Security Conference this last weekend, Sen. Lindsey Graham promised, "2017 is going to be a year of kicking Russia in the ass in Congress." How's that for statesmanship.

But how does a president negotiate a modus vivendi with a rival great power when the leaders of his own party are sabotaging him and his efforts?

As for the mainstream media, they appear bent upon the ruin of Trump, and the stick with which they mean to beat him to death is this narrative:

Trump is the Siberian Candidate, the creature of Putin and the Kremlin. His ties to the Russians are old and deep. It was to help Trump that Russia hacked the DNC and the computer of Clinton campaign chief John Podesta, and saw to it WikiLeaks got the emails out to the American people during the campaign. Trump's people secretly collaborated with Russian agents.

Believing Putin robbed Hillary Clinton of the presidency, Democrats are bent on revenge — on Putin and Trump.

And the epidemic of Russophobia makes it almost impossible to pursue normal relations. Indeed, in reaction to the constant attacks on them as poodles of Putin, the White House seems to be toughening up toward Russia.

Thus we see U.S. troops headed for Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, NATO troops being sent into the Baltic States, and new tough rhetoric from the White House about Russia having to restore Crimea to Ukraine. We read of Russian spy ships off the coast, Russian planes buzzing U.S. warships in the Black Sea, Russians deploying missiles outlawed by the arms control agreement of 1987.

An Ohio-class U.S. sub just test-fired four Trident missiles, which carry thermonuclear warheads, off the Pacific coast.

Any hope of cutting a deal for a truce in east Ukraine, a lifting of sanctions, and bringing Russia back into Europe seems to be fading.

Where Russians saw hope with Trump's election, they are now apparently yielding to disillusionment and despair.

The question arises: If not toward better relations with Russia, where are we going with this bellicosity?

Russia is not going to give up Crimea. Not only would Putin not do it, the Russian people would abandon him if he did.

What then is the end goal of this bristling Beltway hostility to Putin and Russia, and the U.S.-NATO buildup in the Baltic and Black Sea regions? Is a Cold War II with Russia now an accepted and acceptable reality?

Where are the voices among Trump's advisers who will tell him to hold firm against the Russophobic tide and work out a deal with the Russian president?

For a second cold war with Russia, its back up against a wall, may not end quite so happily as the first.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Greg Hunter Interviews Robert David Steele

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Planet 7X Updated Feb. 23, 17

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James Corbett Arrested For Thought Crime

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Russes Pirater Election Francaise!

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Ex GTMO Detainee Murders Again

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Friends and patriots, 

I remember this thug from my deployment at GTMO. Now you face the one true God, Yeshua!

Was Washington A Deist Or Christian?

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R.I.P. Norma McCorvey

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Curt Weldon Has More Dirt On The Clintons

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Israel's Heartland

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Katy Perry's Illuminati Music

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Reader comment: From Denise Edwards prayer session this morning:  Psalm 140

Folks - keep your spiritual armor on!  Pray against tomorrow's world wide gathering of witches who are going to cast spells, curses and enchantments against Trump and his administration. 

Keep these dates on your calendar - they are dates of witch's gatherings against our government, families, God......They always pray at midnight.

Tomorrow - Thursday,  Feb. 24th

March 26th

May 23rd

June 21

Russia Out of Debt By End of 2017

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Holy Hell Tomorrow!

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James O'Keefe of Project Veritas is set to unleash holy hell Thursday on #FakeNews network CNN. Well, he didn't exactly say it was CNN, but it was heavily implied. Apparently the network has a mole...
O'Keefe is known for undercover sting operations which have led to such bombshells as the DNC's paid agitator network, the outing of "DisruptJ20" / Antifa organizers which took place at comet ping pong - and netted three arrests (including a suspected pedophile), and most recently New Hampshire election fraud.
Yesterday, O'Keefe was interviewed on Sean Hannity's radio show where he revealed that a major network has been "stung"
O'Keefe: In the next 48 hours, Project Veritas, like Wikileaks, will be releasing hundreds of hours of tape from within the establishment media. Our next target is in fact, the media.

Hannity: How long have you been working on this?
In other words, a closeted Trump supporter working deep inside hyper-liberal CNN just gave O'Keefe a ton of behind the scenes footage of "The Most Trusted Name In News." My guess is we're about to hear a bunch of establishment media puppets revealing their extreme hatred for the sitting President of the United States.
Remember that time CNN employees were laughing about Trump's plane crashing? If O'Keefe's release is anything along these lines, popcorn sales are about to go through the roof...
O'Keefe: We've had people on the inside come to us. Just like Julian Assange has people come to him, we've had people, sources come to us and give us information, and we're going to be releasing it "Wikileaks Style" this week.

Hannity: Can you give us a hint what organizations are going to be impacted by this?

O'Keefe: It's one that Trump has really been talking about, you can probably use your imagination.

Hannity: So, it's CNN...

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